Top Celebrities into NFTs

Top Celebrities into NFTs

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There are many celebrities who are not only loving the benefits of NFTs, but also promoting them. Whether it’s Gwyneth Paltrow and her macrobiotic diet or Gisele Bundchen’s vegan diet, celebrities are leading the way in the healthy living world. Celebrities are also using their social media platforms to spread the word about NFTs and how they can help people. Take a look at some of the many celebrities who are promoting NFTs and how they can help you achieve your goals.
I know, you’re thinking, “Who cares about NFTs?” Well, there are many celebrities that are into NFTs and are invested in the future of the industry. One famous person who is invested in NFTs is Leonardo DiCaprio. He has invested in a company called Stem Cells Inc. which uses stem cells to create NFTs. Leonardo DiCaprio has also invested in a company called AndroTech which creates 3D printed human organs.

Why are Celebrities into NFTs?

Most celebrities with their own NFTs see the tokens as a way to deepen their connection with fans. Snoop Dogg, for example, created digital art that harkens back to the imagery and themes that defined the earlier stages of his career.

Celebrities into NFTs

List of Top Celebrities into NFTs

Logan Paul launched a new company in the nft space called ‘,’ where he’s bringing fractionalization to non-fungible tokens to give everyone a chance to own top-tier digital or physical assets.
Aoki is a creator as well as a collector. He not only owns a number of Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) NFTs, he’s worked on a Solana-based NFT marketplace. And now, he’s launching Aokiverse—a membership club based on NFTs that will “coexist with the real world.”
Professional football player Lionel Messi has jumped on board the non-fungible tokens (NFT) trend with the launch of “Messiverse”. The project was jointly launched with Ethernity, a blockchain platform offering access to officially licensed NFTs. Messiverse will feature a collection of crypto artworks designed by Australia-based digital designer BossLogic, who is known for his works with Marvel and Disney. In a Medium post by Ethernity, BossLogic explained that the collection is a set of pieces.
Earlier this year, Snoop announced his plans to turn Death Row Records, a record label that he acquired from Blackstone MNRK Music Group, into an “NFT label.” Shortly after, one of his first NFT collections called “Journey of the Dogg” saw one token sell at auction for over $100,000.
Mike Tyson
Mike Tyson, has partnered with Animoca to launch new Iron Pigeons non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the Solana blockchain. Mike also launched a collection of mystery box NFTs on Binance.
Paris Hilton
In collaboration with designer Blake Kathryn, Hilton created a series that featured three unique pieces, titled “Hummingbird in My Metaverse,” “Legend of Love,” and “Iconic Crypto Queen.” As of April 2021, Hilton sold the entire collection for just over a million dollars and she has introduced two new real-life pets, “Crypto Hilton” and “Ether Reum,” which are an ode to Hilton’s NFTs obsession.
Canadian singer Shawn Mendes came together with avatar tech company Genies to launch an NFT based on his latest album, Wonder. The singer launched digital wearables—guitar, vest, a signed t-shirt and more—on OpenSea, an NFT marketplace. The total sales volume currently amounts to nearly US$10M.
Lindsay Lohan will issue “experiential nonfungible tokens (NFTs)” on the Superfandom platform. The Hollywood star will also act as an advisor to the platform to help it attract more artists and entertainment figures.
Hadid is releasing a massive range 11,111 unique works, to be exact—of shoppable online art pieces based on her own image in a platform called CY-B3LLA. These NFTs are digital assets, essentially cybernetic souvenirs or collectibles.
Tony Hawk
Tony Hawk is entering the world of NFTs with ‘the biggest skatepark in the metaverse’ After conquering the X Games and video games, Tony Hawk has set his sights on his next frontier: the metaverse.
The artwork which is now the profile picture of Eminem’s official Twitter account was apparently owned by Twitter user @Gee__Gazza, who tweeted over the weekend (January 1) that he had sold the NFT to Eminem himself. This was picked up by cryptocurrency news site Decrypt, who reported that Eminem bought the Ape for 123.45 Ethereum, which translates to around $450,000.
Moss and Mitnft created a NFT series which includes three short videos capturing the renowed supermodel driving, walking, and sleeping. Regardless of their simplicity, the clips are meant to provide a real insight into Moss’ personal life.

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Who is the Biggest NFT Influencer?

Gary Vaynerchuk, also known as Gary Vee, is a social media entrepreneur who has also gotten into the cryptocurrency space. His most recent venture, called VeeFriends, is an NFT project he’s created.

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Top Celebrities into NFTs

Cara Delevingne Is Auctioning an NFT About Her Vagina. Cara teamed up with the artist Chemical X where she addresses the camera, apparently nude, and declares, “My first word was ‘mine.’ To me, that means something that is most mine — my vagina. I own it. It’s mine and no one else’s. I choose what I do with it. And no one can take that away from me.”
An NFT of “Buying Myself Back: A Model for Redistribution” just sold for $140,000. The non-fungible token is linked to a photo of model of Emily Ratajkowski, standing in front of an Instagram post showing a photo of herself shot for Sports Illustrated that was blown up and mounted on canvas by Richard Prince.

Top Celebrities into NFTs

Justin Bieber
Famous musician Justin Bieber has not only swooned fans with his numerous hits but also his NFT collection. Bieber got into the NFT space by purchasing his first NFT, Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) #3001, for 500 ETH, worth $1.29 million dollars. In the space of two weeks, he bought his second NFT, BAYC # 3850, for $470,000.
Madonna and Beeple collaborated to give birth to mother of creation, an nft triptych. The NFT collection offers three, one-minute long videos of a digitized Madonna and the life forms coming out of her body. For example, the first NFT, called “Mother of Nature,” shows the birth of a tree in a lab setting.
Grimes releases her debut NFT collection ‘WarNymph’. WarNymph is the Goddess of Neo-Genesis. She battles the destructive force of obsolete ideas and systemic decay that threatens the future. She embodies the power of perpetual regeneration that manifests in a state of infinite infancy where she sheds her old skin of corruption.
Jim Carrey bought his first NFT for nearly $40,000. The piece of art is entitled “Devotion” and is from the 13-piece “The Wild Within” series. Created by artists Alice Wexell and Ryan Koopmans, the series captures abandoned buildings from the former USSR. Carrey purchased an additional NFT titled “Nuclear Taco Trucks” later in the year.
The 2,974 Collection” featured a series of individually numbered NFTs offered through the FTX platform, with each NFT highlighting a specific made 3-pointer and game date from throughout his 12-year career.
By the time Fallon bought his BAYC NFT, it was roughly $216,000, the LA Times reported, in a piece that also notes the value might be even greater on resale given his “hyping it up on the show.” (Though, depending on your Fallon feelings, you could also argue his interest in BAYC will eventually decrease its value.

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Why Do Celebrities Make NFTs?

Most celebrities with their own NFTs see the tokens as a way to deepen their connection with fans. Snoop Dogg, for example, created digital art that harkens back to the imagery and themes that defined the earlier stages of his career.

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