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What is a Bug Bounty?

A bug bounty programme someitmes known as a vulnerability rewards programme, is a crowdsourcing project that pays people for finding and reporting software defects. In order to augment internal code audits and penetration testing as part of an organization’s vulnerability management strategy, bug bounty programs are frequently started.
What is a Bug Bounty?

What is a White Hat Ethical Hacker?

The term “ethical hacker” (also known as “white hat hacker”) refers to a specialist in information security to find flaws and vulnerabilities in a company’s systems. Companies that utilize ethical hackers must ensure that they are technically proficient and use their abilities to strengthen security rather than create danger or harm. While ethical hacking may be a highly efficient way to uncover problems, such programmes can also be controversial. Some businesses provide invitation-only, closed bug bounty programmes to reduce possible risk.

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Bug Bounty

Top Bug Bounty Platforms

One of the top security platforms powered by hackers, HackerOne was introduced in 2013. This company’s website’s nine separate domains are included in this bug bounty program.
Hackrate is one of the top bug bounty programs for businesses looking to lower cybersecurity risk. Additionally, it effectively makes use of the power of the world’s hackers. This platform was created by the Hackrate members to allow users to perform ethical hacking, bug bounties, and penetration tests efficiently.
The coordinating platform for Bug Bounty and Vulnerability is called HackenProof. Users engage with the world’s hacker community and their consumers to find security flaws in all of their products.
Create an itigiriti program lifecycle where you need to make your program by defining the scope of the program in order to define your bug boundary program. Every bug bounty will support and honor you in this endeavor if you decide the rewards and rules.
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Bug Bounty

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