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The last several years have been the best ever for biotech startups. Thousands of venture capital firms devoted their attention to breakthrough artificial intelligence, cancer-detection technology, mental health treatments, digital doctor visits, diagnostics, and other areas of biotech and health care during the pandemic.
Looking at the list, these are the top biotech investors that we’ve populate. Looking to connect with top biotech investors? Crowdcreate is a growth marketing agency that helps companies and creators get more exposure, increase sales, create buzz, acquire users, and grow their online community in the gaming industry.

Who is the Best Biotech Investor?

Boston-based RA Capital Management and New York-based OrbiMed ranked first and second, respectively, on the two lists compiled using Crunchbase data.

BioTech Investors

Top BioTech Investors

Polaris Partners is an investment firm that has partnered with entrepreneurs in the fields of healthcare and technology. The firm has partnered with enterprises in various stages of development. Polaris has offices in Boston, Massachusetts and San Francisco, California.
RA Capital Management
RA Capital Management® (“RA Capital”) is a multi-stage investment manager dedicated to evidence-based investing in public and private healthcare and life science companies that are developing drugs, medical devices, and diagnostics. The flexibility of its strategy allows RA Capital® to provide seed funding to startups and to lead private, IPO, and follow-on financings for its portfolio companies, both facilitating the crossover process and allowing management teams to drive value creation with fewer capital concerns from inception through commercialization.
Index Ventures
Index Ventures is a European venture capital firm with dual headquarters in San Francisco and London, investing in technology-enabled companies with a focus on e-commerce, fintech, mobility, gaming, infrastructure/AI, and security.
OrbiMed invests globally across the healthcare industry, from start-ups to large multinational corporations, through a range of private equity funds, public equity funds, and royalty/credit funds. OrbiMed seeks to be a capital provider of choice, providing tailored financing solutions and extensive global team resources to help build world-class healthcare companies.
Northpond Ventures is a multi-billion dollar science-driven venture capital firm based in Cambridge, MA; San Francisco, CA; and Bethesda, MD. Northpond has been named one of the three most active lead biotech investors in 2021 by Crunchbase, and the most active lead investor in life science solutions and molecular diagnostics by Silicon Valley Bank. I
Bessemer Venture Partners is an American venture capital firm. The firm has over $10 billion under management and invests globally, with offices in San Francisco, Redwood City, New York City, Boston, Israel, India, and London.
New Enterprise Associates is an American-based venture capital firm. NEA focuses investment stages ranging from seed stage through growth stage across an array of industry sectors. With ~$25 billion in committed capital, NEA is one of the world’s largest venture capital firms
Atlas Venture is an early-stage venture capital firm that invests in life sciences startup companies in the U.S. Atlas is headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where the majority of its investments are located.
MPM Capital is a world-leading biotechnology investment firm with nearly three decades of experience creating and investing in companies that seek to translate scientific innovations into cures for major diseases. With its world-class team and deep experience in scientific research, clinical development, and company-building, MPM strives to power novel medical breakthroughs that transform patients’ lives. MPM invests across the biotech landscape with early-stage venture capital funds, and with impact and public equities products through its affiliate BioImpact Capital.
Venrock is a venture capital firm formed in 1969 to build upon the successful investing activities of the Rockefeller family that began in the late 1930s. It has offices in Palo Alto, California, New York City, and Boston, Massachusetts.

What is biotech investment?

Biotechnology firms use living organisms to manufacture products. Biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies both produce medicines, but products of pharmaceutical companies typically have a chemical basis. Biotech stocks have the potential for significant investment gains if a product is deemed effective and safe.

Looking to connect with Biotech investors?

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They invest in fast-growing, revenue-generating healthcare companies in attractive markets with significant growth potential, where our capital and expertise can accelerate their growth trajectory and value creation. We target companies with revenues ranging from $20M to $200M that are EBITDA-positive or soon to be positive, led by proven management teams who seek to build leading healthcare businesses for the long-term.
Frazier Healthcare
Founded in 1991, Frazier Healthcare Partners is a leading provider of growth and venture capital to healthcare companies. With over $7.1 billion total capital raised, Frazier has invested in over 200 companies, with investment types ranging from company creation and venture capital to buyouts of profitable lower-middle market companies. The firm’s Growth Buyout team invests in healthcare and pharmaceutical services, medical products and related sectors.
Mohr Davidow Ventures is a venture capital firm in California that focuses on early stage technology-based startups. Founded 1983 in San Mateo, California, United States by Bill Davidow and Lawrence G. Mohr Jr., it invests in early stage ventures and late stage ventures.
Alta Partners is a venture capital firm investing in the healthcare and life sciences sector. Their diverse and integrated team brings together a powerful depth of knowledge and experience, delivering tangible results for their companies and their investors.

Should you invest in Biotech Stocks?

Investing in the biotechnology industry can prove to be overwhelmingly lucrative. Most clinical-stage stocks in this sector trade at prices under $5 per share. However, the successful launch of a new treatment option can send the stock soaring in many multiples.
SV Health Investors is a specialist healthcare fund manager, investing across stages, geographic regions, and sectors, with expertise spanning biotechnology, dementia, healthcare growth, healthcare technology and public equities.
SR One
SR One is the corporate venture capital arm of GlaxoSmithKline. The firm invests globally in emerging life science companies that are pursuing innovative science which will significantly impact medical care. Since 1985, SR One has invested approximately 800 million in more than 180 companies.
Since our founding in 1976, Sofinnova has been active in life science investing and has primarily focused on therapeutic drugs over the last decade. We are a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical investment firm with approximately $3.0B in assets under management and committed capital.* We invest in both private and public equity of therapeutics-focused companies
Flagship Pioneering conceives, creates, resources, and grows first-in-category ventures to transform human health and sustainability. They accelerate Flagship Pioneering’s advances in biology, engineering, medicine, energy, and beyond. The firm harnesses science and entrepreneurialism to envision alternative futures, beginning with seeminglyunreasonable propositions and navigating to transformational outcomes through an evolutionary methodology.
5AM Ventures is a venture capital firm that offers seed- and early-stage investments to its clients. The company’s client portfolio consists of firms in the biopharmaceutical, life sciences, medical technology, and research instrument industries. 5AM Ventures was founded in 2002 by John Diekman and Andrew Schwab and is based in California.

How are Biotechs Funded?

IPOs are a critical source of funding for young biotech companies and give their backers a return on their investment. Beginning in 2013, public markets became more accessible to life sciences startups, luring more to form than ever before.

Looking to connect with Biotech investors?

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How do I Get into Biotech investing?

Complete a degree in medicine, biology, or a related field, and gain research experience. Learn accounting and finance on the side. Win a healthcare finance role at a bulge bracket or elite boutique bank. If you can’t do that, go for a corporate finance role at a pharmaceutical or healthcare company.
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