Top Asian VCs For Start-Ups

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What VCs Look for in Startups?

VCs look for a competitive advantage in the market. They want their portfolio companies to be able to generate sales and profits before competitors enter the market and reduce profitability. The fewer direct competitors operating in the space, the better.

How do I VC a Startup?

How to Get Venture Capital: 16 Things Startups Must Do Beforehand
Decide on Your Goals.

  • Set up as a Delaware C Corporation. 
  • Patent your Intellectual Property.
  • Consider First Raising Money from Crowdfunding, Angel Investors, or Friends and Family.
  • Know How Venture Capital Firms Make Money.
  • Be at the Right Stage.

Top Asian VCs For Start-Ups

These Top Top Asian VCs For Start-Ups share their expert insights on many of the most frequently asked questions in the industry.

What is VCs startup?

What metrics do VCs look for in startups?

How do you pitch a startup to a VC?

What does a VCs do?

Why do VCs invest in a startup?

What VCs look for in founders?

How do VCs analyze startups?

List of Top Asian VCs For Start-Upss

East Ventures believes in responsible and sustainable ownership decisions across our practices. This report lines out robust progress and a range of initiatives among the firm and its ecosystem in engaging the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) frameworks and practices in achieving a more sustainable and inclusive future.
Established in September 2005, Sequoia Capital China is a private equity firm, focusing on venture capital in China. Sequoia China has offices in Hong Kong, Beijing, and Shanghai, and invested in more than 300 portfolio companies in China employing a diversified investment strategy. Sequoia Capital China predominantly focuses on 4 four sectors: TMT, Healthcare, consumer services, and industrial technology. The firm seeks investment opportunities from early-seed stage to late stage ahead of IPO.
Wavemaker Group is a multi-faceted cross border venture capital firm founded in 2003. The firm is dual headquartered in Los Angeles and Singapore and has raised over $600M across multiple funds. We currently have a team of more than 80 people across our various practices.. Wavemaker is one of the most active early-stage investors in Southern California and Southeast Asia and has invested in over 400 companies in the last 18 years.
Founded in 2006, Qiming Venture Partners is a leading China venture capital firm with offices in Shanghai, Beijing, Suzhou, Hong Kong, Seattle, Boston and the San Francisco Bay Area. Currently, Qiming Venture Partners manages ten US Dollar funds and six RMB funds with over $6.2 billion in AUM capital raised. Since our establishment, we have invested in outstanding companies in the TMT and healthcare industries at the early and growth stages.
Gobi Partners
Gobi Partners is the most interconnected Pan-Asian venture capital firm with US$1.5 billion in assets under management (AUM) across North Asia, South Asia, and ASEAN. Headquartered in Kuala Lumpur and Hong Kong, the firm supports entrepreneurs from the early to growth stages and focuses on emerging and underserved markets. Founded in 2002, Gobi has raised 13 funds to date, invested in over 310 startups and nurtured 9 unicorns. Gobi has grown to 13 locations across key markets in Bangkok, Beijing, Dubai, Ho Chi Minh City, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Karachi, Kuala Lumpur, Lahore, Manila, Riyadh, Shanghai, and Singapore.
Since its inception in 2005, Brand Capital has helped build several iconic brands and create immense enterprise value. But most of all, Brand Capital has enabled the discovery of ‘Brand Value’. Brand Capital was established with the mandate to provide first point of critical leverage for brand-led growth and value discovery for young businesses.
CyberAgent Capital is an investment enterprise leading global innovation jointly with unicorn startups. The company has been constantly pursuing global innovation. We invest in internet-related startups that are led by entrepreneurs with excellent management and leadership capabilities and are determined to expand their business globally and have high growth potential.
ZhenFund is a seed fund founded by former entrepreneurs to invest in the most promising innovators. New Oriental co-founders Bob Xiaoping Xu and Victor Qiang Wang established ZhenFund in 2011 in collaboration with Sequoia Capital China. ZhenFund now has a network of over 800 portfolio companies, including over 10 unicorns based in China.
Shenzhen Capital Group (SCGC) is a leading venture capital firm established in 1999. The group was initially a company formerly known as Shenzhen Innovation and Technology Investment company, established on August 26, 1999.
Since its founding in 1973, JAFCO has always worked with leading entrepreneurs. In March 2020, JAFCO completed the formation of an 80 billion yen fund which is one of the largest venture capital funds in Japan.

What does a VCs do?

Key Takeaways. A venture capitalist (VC) is an investor who supports a young company in the process of expanding or provides the capital needed for a startup venture. Venture capitalists invest in companies because the potential return on investment (ROI) can be significant if the company is successful.

Looking For Top Asian VCs For Start-Ups?

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Founded in 2008, Matrix Partners China is one of the leading venture capital firms focused on early stage and early growth deals in China, now managing over 50 billion RMB.
Global Brain Corporation is a venture capital firm that invests in companies from seed/early to pre-IPO startups. Global Brain is committed to providing startups with the support they need to scale the business and go global. Samsung Ventures
Samsung Venture Investment Corporation is actively investing in future-oriented businesses based on new and innovative technologies that are expected to serve as new growth engines. Samsung Venture Investment Corporation was established to promote promising small and medium-sized companies engaging in the development of new technologies. Our collaboration is based on managerial know-how and trust.


GIC is one of the three investment entities in Singapore that manage the Government’s reserves, alongside the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) and Temasek. They manage most of the Government’s financial assets, investing for the long term to preserve and enhance the international purchasing power of the funds placed in their care.
Mitsubishi UFJ Capital (“MUCAP”) was founded in 1974 as one of the first venture capital firms in Japan. Backed by Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group, the leading financing group headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, MUCAP have been helping entrepreneurs in Japan, and around the world.
Since its inception, Incubate Fund has managed a total of more than 620 billion yen and invested in more than 400 startups through its affiliated funds.00This makes Incubate Fund one of the largest venture capital firms in Japan specializing in pre- and post-launch seed stage companies. We believe that our ability to continue our investment activities in the early stages of startups for such a long period of time is a testament to the trust we have been able to build with entrepreneurs and the community.
Chiratae Ventures, is a technology venture capital firm focused on growth-stage startups in the Indian market. The venture firm was founded by Sudhir Sethi and T. C. M. Sundaram as the Indian arm of the global venture capital firm IDG Ventures in 2006.
China Growth Capital (CGC) is a China-focused seed and early venture investor since 2006. We back extraordinary entrepreneurs from seed to early growth in enterprise, frontier tech, life science, marketplace and consumer verticals. With deep industry knowledge and network, we proactively assist our companies with talent acquisition, go-to-market strategy, customer referral and opinion leadership marketing tools and resources.
Since 2017, we have invested in 70+ emerging technology companies across industries and geographies in the region, including unicorns Carro, Ajaib, GoTo, and Appier, and category leaders including Payfazz, Shipper, tonik, and Flip. They partner early with founders and support them from seed through growth stage as their companies create meaningful impact for millions of people in Southeast Asia and beyond. With their team of 30+ investment and operating professionals who bring together decades of experience and proprietary networks, we equip our founders with the tools they need for growth.

How do VCs get paid?

VCs make money in two ways. Venture capitalists make money in two ways. The first is a management fee for managing the firm’s capital. The second is carried interest on the fund’s return on investment, generally referred to as the “carry.”

Looking For Top Asian VCs For Start-Ups?

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How much do VC funds pay?

Associates on an average can expect an annual salary of $80,000-$150,000, according to Wall Street Oasis. Along with a bonus, associates are also compensated for sourcing or finding deals. General Partners, who sit at the top of the ranks at large VC firms, have the largest compensation packages.


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