Top Anime Influencers

Top Anime Influencers

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Anime influencers are individuals who have built a dedicated following on social media platforms by creating content related to anime. They share their opinions, reviews, and reactions to the latest anime releases, as well as create original content such as cosplay and fan art. Their influence has not gone unnoticed, as anime studios and streaming platforms have started collaborating with them to promote their shows and products. Overall, anime influencers have become a crucial voice in shaping the future of anime.

Top Anime Influencers

Garnt Maneetapho, better known as Gigguk, is a Thai-British YouTuber and podcaster who is known for his comedic rants and reviews on anime and otaku culture.
John Walsh, better known online as Super Eyepatch Wolf, is an Irish YouTuber who does analytical-style videos on primarily anime, but occasionally manga and video games as well.
Geoff Thew, better known online as Mother’s Basement, is an American YouTuber who makes anime and game analysis videos, as well as a self proclaimed “professional shitbag”. He’s best known for the series What’s in a Scene?, where he analyzes particular scenes in anime and What’s in an OP?, where he analyzes the openings of particular anime.
Anime Balls Deep is a collaboration between Adil and Yusuf that started in 2014. The YouTube video content they provide for their fans is revolving all around their favorite animes like: Boruto, Naruto, My Hero Academia, Black Clover, Solo Leveling and Demon Slayer (Kimetsu No Yaiba).
Ethan Schulteis better known online as The Amagi, is an American YouTuber and entrepreneur who gained popularity online for his anime reviews and videos where he explains the lives/origins of characters, locations, groups, and abilities from various anime and manga franchises.
AnimeUproar is a Canadian anime YouTuber who makes analysis, discussion, and theory videos about anime, most commonly shonen anime.
MaSTAR Media is an American YouTuber who uploads a wide variety of anime content. He joined YouTube on October 7, 2014, and is currently residing in the United States. In 2022, he published his first manga, titled Demon Rush, which is available to read on Webtoon.
Lolweapon is a Spanish YouTuber who makes videos related to anime. He is one of the few anime YouTubers in which all of his videos, the titles, descriptions, and content themselves, are all done in Spanish.
Nicholas Light TV is a YouTuber and streamer who posts anime and music reaction videos on his YouTube channel. He also streams on Twitch and has a Patreon where he offers full, uncut anime reactions to his supporters. Nicholas has over 855,000 subscribers on YouTube and has gained a large following for his entertaining reactions and commentary on various anime and music videos.
Intoxi Anime is a YouTube channel focused on anime content, including reviews, news, and rankings.

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