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Top 5 Marketing Tools for Crypto & Blockchain

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When people think of ICO marketing, they usually think of Telegram or influencers.
One important aspect of ICO marketing that even the best marketers forget to talk about is the tools of the trade.
There are a multitude of free and paid tools that help with how community management works. Utilizing these tools can not only help, but elevate your service to a higher scale. You will find how easy it is to build structure with these ICO marketing tools.
ICO marketing is a crucial part of the success of your sale. Make sure to consider investing a good amount of your resources solely for marketing. Branding and recognition are becoming increasingly important for ICO marketing as competition in the space ramps up. The days of Bitcoin and Ethereum are fading into a new era of ICO.

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Top 5 ICO Marketing Tools


There is a reason why I write so much about Telegram when it comes to ICO marketing. Telegram is a well rounded app that allows you to communicate with your audience while marketing to them at the same time.

Telegram allows you to link your announcement channels to your ICO supergroups so that announcements made about partnerships or development can reach them directly. Many top tier influencers and ICO marketing teams are also constantly browsing Telegram. I have had Ian Balina randomly enter a clients Telegram room during my days as head of ICO marketing. Too many times have there been partnership offers I could only find on Telegram channels.

ICO marketing will be difficult for you if you do not utilize Telegram to your advantage. A large portion of the cryptocurrency community pre-exists in Telegram. These people will not recognize your project as legitimate if you do not have a Telegram room in operation. By ignoring this wonderful ICO marketing tool, you are choosing to abandon close to half of the existing ICO market.

As a closing note, I urge you to atleast check out how other companies are using Telegram. There are so many customizable options such as bots that can streamline your ICO marketing techniques.


Medium is becoming one of my favourite places to post my writing and work. Not only are they a solid publication to contribute to, they are also tech and social savvy. I find myself frequently reading articles on the complexity of race or new developments in green energy. The best thing about Medium and why it’s such a valuable ICO marketing tool is that they are heavily influenced by blockchain contributors.

I have a pretty strong following and clap rate for my articles on Medium. Aside from social proof, I use it to communicate with my audience and clients about certain issues. 

Whether it’s the changing climate of ICO marketing or tips on community management, Medium allows me to give lectures in small 5 minute reading periods.
ICOs will use Medium to update their contributors and community. An airdropped planned for a month in advance can be spread through the companies Medium account in tandem with traditional ICO marketing. I’ve seen massive conversion happen through Medium due to a bounty or airdrop. Our client BaaSid saw a conversion of 0 to 10000 in roughly 7 days.

Don’t sleep on Medium. As an ICO marketing tool, it is extremely valuable. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that using it is absolutely free.


Slack is used for a multitude of purposes in the ICO marketing world. I consider it Telegram’s highly functional younger brother. Slack has a lot of internal functions that make it applicable for community ICO marketing. However, I believe that the power of slack actually lies in the internal processes for ICO marketing.

Crowdcreate uses Slack for a multitude of reasons. The main reason, however, is that it allows for multiple channels of communication with a wide variety of options. Communicating with my team in the Philippines or in New York is streamlined with Slack because I can set up separate channels for each.

Another function I really appreciate about Slack is it pin function. You can pin multiple messages on multiple chat room so that your global team can all get the same message. If you have an FAQ that needs to be read frequently, a great move would be to pin it in the appropriate Slack channel.

Some companies love Slack so much that they’re choosing to use it to communicate with their community as well. They can release direct GitHub updates and marketing assets while maintaining a higher quality of control than a chat room. Slack is simply an overall amazing tool to use when ICO marketing.

G Suite

G Suite is a must have in any startup business. The guys and gals at Google have made it so easy to do ICO marketing with this all-in-one online business package. G Suite features many tools such as company emails, database hosting, and company wide 2-Step verification. If you are planning on doing ICO marketing at a global level, you need to consider subscribing to G Suite.

Just your ability to control emails is a huge boon for ICO marketing. Often times, I need to create and destroy emails for jobs that have high turnover rates such as ANN graphic designers. A lot of ANN designers go out of business quickly due to high competition. Without G Suite, I would have to find a way to recycle my current emails. The time I spent doing that could be spent actually making more income for my business.

G Suite also gives your company access to an internal drive. This makes it extremely simple for all divisions of you company to share files and reconcile mistakes. G Suite is also good for ICO marketing because you can give your potential clients viewing rights to metrics and other assets in your drive. It’s really convincing to a client when an ICO marketer can directly show them his work.

G Suite is a powerful tool that can make or break a business. Organization is key in finding out where you are spending the most money. Google’s mighty eye can help you with that.


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HubSpot is a fantastic tool to link up with your G Suite Gmail. This is my favorite ICO marketing tool of the 5. It allows for so much dynamic control of your emails that organization becomes a second thought. It has multiple functions such as notifications when your emails are opened, email sequences, and automatic responses.

HubSpot also helps generate leads. They have a great keyword and SEO tool inside the program that helps you rank on Google’s front page. I have seen some great conversion off of my articles. This in turn helps me with my ICO marketing as leads turn into partnerships or clients. More people you work with, the more you can brag about your ICO marketing.

Hubspot is a must have internal ICO marketing tool. It simply makes communications easier and saves you time. You don’t need to be spending time responding to junk emails or scam leads. Having HubSpot take care of that for you turns you into an average ICO marketer to an ICO marketing guru simple because you have more time to experience the hustle.

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Crowdcreate is a leading crypto, NFT, web3, and metaverse marketing agency that’s helped some of the top projects in crypto create buzz, grow a digital community, and connect with influencers & investors.

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