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The Ultimate Guide to Crypto & NFT Social Media Marketing on Twitter

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Imagine that you are an artist, you heard about you collage that it’s living because of his NFTs sales and when you went home from the work that you hate, in the news you see the “Historic and largest sale ever recorded – Artist known as Beeple sells his NFT at 69.3M”
Most people would not be able to sleep after that and following a long night of frustration for not having joined sooner, the next day they would not stop researching how to develop an NFTs project.
The common answer to how to be successful inside the NFT market is to create a community and be active on social networks, especially on Twitter and Discord. It is a simple answer and it even seems very easy but let me tell you that it’s not.
If you have already tried and struggled to succeed in promoting your NFTs or you want to start doing it, keep moving forward!

In this article we will talk about how to grow your community, how to sell your NFTs faster, how to create a NFT marketing strategy, how to take full advantage of one of the most important platforms: Twitter.

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Crypto & NFT Social Media Marketing

Steps to Guide Crypto & NFT Social Media Marketing on Twitter

  • Twitter Set-Up
  • Post Project Updates
  • Announce Partnerships with other Projects
  • Crypto Memes
  • Quoting thought leaders
  • Getting Influencers to Promote your Project
  • Creating Threaded Conversations that Go Viral
  • Airdrop Strategy
  • Community Support Dynamics
  • Community Censorship
  • Crowdsourced Content
  • Exclusive Language
  • Show the Sweat of your Work
  • Thank you content
  • Motivation Content

Twitter Set-Up

When you start promoting a project through social networks, the beginnings are very similar. This applies to NFTs as much as it does to a Car Wash, for some things it doesn’t matter the type of business.
The first thing anyone has to do is to work in their “target audience”, identify and make it clear what kind of people they want to reach and communicate the potential of the project.
Once the audience has been identified, the essential thing to do is to carry out a market research that focuses on finding projects that attack the same type of audience in order to finalize the objectives of the strategy. How many people you want to reach, in how much time, with how much budget, what message you want to communicate, among other things.
Obviously, and this should go without saying, these goals must be REALISTIC. I personally believe that the S.M.A.R.T. Methodology is the best to follow when setting them.
But then what? … You already have a deep understanding of the context and what you want to accomplish but you need to start executing ideas in order to see that results. There are thousands of options, but here are the most effective for succeed inside the NFT community.

Crypto & NFT Social Media Marketing

Post Project Updates

This can be seen as very basic but some of the projects get very busy on hard things and forget about this one.
This is a dynamic that satisfies more to the people that already follow you. And with this said, I need to highlight to you: It is not always about looking for new people, it’s also about satisfying those who are already around you”.
Never forget about this people because you will grow as much as you fall.
Project updates are also a great way to share any bumps in the road, or hurdles a creator has had to overcome – maintaining honesty with holders goes a long way!

When a project goes silent, holders assume the worst. Regularly updating with information about your project helps to keep holders’ minds at ease, but also to encourage people who have not yet jumped into your project to do so.

I would recommend to follow the next script:
  1. Keep your update short.
  2. Compare the update with the project objectives.
  3. Provide a 1-page document so that people can take away the key messages.
  4. Provide easy-to-understand status indicators – “Red / Amber / Green” (RAG) status for each update item.

Announce Partnerships with other Projects

You could even say that an announcement of this style could be a project update but sometimes this goes even deeper.
I remember when Disney announced the partnership with the platform called “Veve”. This was iconic but it was also an opportunity.
Every person who had an NFT on VeVe after this announcement could justify an increase in value as the platform where they were hosted became more privileged, for example because of having the exclusivity of Disney NFTs.

Crypto & NFT Social Media Marketing

Crypto Memes

Some people in the Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency ecosystem hypothesize that memes can become useful tools to capture the attention of a new user base and in that way boost “crypto adoption”.
There is no doubt that memes are a cultural phenomenon of our time. They are relatively simple to produce, and represent a way of expressing emotions, ideas and opinions. They have even shaken public relations agencies and image strategists of celebrities around the world, who so far have not figured out how to curb the communicative power of social networks.
Memes can help people identify with each other, create strong bonds as members of a community and in turn feel attachment to a symbol.
Therefore creating memes or designing a strategy around them has a lot of potential. Whether it’s Elon Musk’s pummeling Doge Coin through memes or Wall Street Bets making Melvin Capital take a 53% loss on its short position against Game Stop also through memes shows you the power of them.

Crypto & NFT Social Media Marketing

Quoting thought leaders

All the industries have their own leaders and they are leaders because they have their own philosophy, their own way of doing the things, their own opinions, they make a before and after in the industry.
Especially in the NFT industry where most of the content runs within Twitter, replying or interacting on their posts, retweeting their comments, building content around their opinions or sayings, among other things you can do to interact with them is good.
Try to go ahead and interact with them before your competitors because if you have the support of the leaders you are going to play in the big leagues.
Some of the leaders in the NFT market are:
  • Gary Vaynerchuk
  • DCLBlogger
  • Richerd.eth
  • DCinvestor
  • OhhShiny
  • Andrew Wang

Crypto & NFT Social Media Marketing

Getting Influencers to Promote your Project

Influencer marketing is not a new concept. Around 2010 is when we saw a surge in influencer marketing. While it first began with celebrities, it has expanded thanks to social media (Instagram, TikTok, Youtube, etc.) into a multi-billion dollar industry.
Crypto and NFT influencers have the ability to affect the value of a cryptocurrency based on their recommendations. According to research, approximately 90% of buyers would prefer to make their purchase based on the recommendation of a trusted influencer rather than a media ad.
Influencer marketing is based on the concept of partnership. It is critical that the influencer you select not only supports your company’s values but also has relevance to your brand’s message and audience. According to a study conducted by a social content marketing platform, 86% of buyers value authenticity in their purchases.
Before you contact any influencer, you should conduct an extensive study and check all of their social media sites and make certain that they do not have a negative reputation online. The authenticity of influencers and marketing initiatives is extremely crucial in today’s world.

Creating Threaded Conversations that Go Viral

As Dickie justifies here, thread content is one of the most powerful tools that any person can use while trying to grow or spread their knowledge on Twitter.
Most people fall back to the basics, tweet phrases, post links to their posts on other social networks and that’s it. They do not exploit the potential of the platform, which in my opinion is in the threads.
Influencers or projects are followed because they provide value through their content and with 280 characters per tweet it is very complicated to do so.
One person who has been on NFTs for a long time and publishes very valuable content based on threads is Matty.
Without a doubt, no matter what topic you want to address, threads are a free tool for you to use and show what you have to offer.

Airdrop Strategy

We were talking about Matty and I think it is very important to highlight what he discusses in one of his last threads: the strategy of companies that deliver millions of dollars through airdrops.
All tokens have a value that can be represented as the balance between supply and demand. But a serious problem that projects face is that many times that demand does not come from the ideal audience that they imagine, in most cases it comes from speculators.
This is serious because for example speculators who are not real users buy most of the tokens and consequently have more say in the governance leaving the future of the project increasingly speculative.
As the blockchain is a public ledger, many projects are engaged in giving away a large part of their tokens to wallets that have followed a certain pattern and their owner is likely to be an ideal prospective buyer.
Many also use airdrops as marketing actions and it can go a long way in growing the follower base. Generally certain rules are created and those who complete them are rewarded with an airdrop.

Looking for a Blockchain Marketing Agency?

Crowdcreate is a leading crypto, NFT, web3, and metaverse marketing agency that’s helped some of the top projects in crypto create buzz, grow a digital community, and connect with influencers & investors.

Crypto & NFT Social Media Marketing

Community Support Dynamics

One of the strongest communities inside NFTs is BAYC. This project started as a normal PFP project but ended up being one of the most important at the moment. They have just partnered up with Adidas to embrace massive adoption in the metaverse and develop a project together.
For you to give you some context, a person could decide to follow you only because you carry a Bored Ape as a profile picture. Yes, this dynamic it’s called #apefollowape and it was created with the purpose of bringing together all buyers of this project.
Only a day after he publish that post announcing his purchase and using the hashtag #apefollowape he got more than 600 likes. This shows you the strength of this community and how to generate dynamics so that the people who support your project also support each other. Potential? Infinite.

Crypto & NFT Social Media Marketing

Community Censorship

I like to call this strategy ” laugh at the other”. Around the world the largest percentage of people are “mean”. The reality is that there are many people who are sad and angry with their reality and choose to dump their anger on other people.
I don’t know if this is specifically the case, but what you have to know is that many people decide to cancel others, criticize them for certain acts, even make public fights to gain followers.
It is not a dynamic that I recommend since I consider it unethical but it is a dynamic that exists and works very well.

Crowdsourced Content

This is one of the types of content that tend to have the most interaction. In this case we take the example of Coinbase.
People are communicative beings, we move to seek happiness but in that process we need to communicate ideas, feelings, tastes or knowledge.
That is why we interact with certain things in our lives. There are some who spend time on Twitter while others prefer to spend time exercising.
With that simple comparison we can differentiate 2 different types of people. People who decide to allocate their time to different activities because they feel that these activities will lead them to maximum happiness.
Within the NFT market most people are looking for projects that resonate with their values and passions, if that is your project they will want to participate in it and it is best to start interacting in social networks. How? through content created collaboratively by the audience.

Looking for a Blockchain Marketing Agency?

Crowdcreate is a leading crypto, NFT, web3, and metaverse marketing agency that’s helped some of the top projects in crypto create buzz, grow a digital community, and connect with influencers & investors.

Crypto & NFT Social Media Marketing

Exclusive Language

Language is central to social interaction in every society, regardless of location and time period. Language and social interaction have a reciprocal relationship: language shapes social interactions and social interactions shape language.
Any sociologist could tell you shared language often forms the basis of a community. When everyone uses the same vocabulary, the community becomes more close-knit and there is a greater sense of camaraderie. You can shape community behavior with positive language.
Understanding the language of your community makes users feel like they’re on the inside. Everyone likes to feel important or in the know. Once again, knowledge of a community language helps people feel like they are an integral part of the group, fostering a stronger sense of member or customer loyalty.
NFTs vocabulary:
  • GM: “Good Morning”
  • LFG: “Looking for Group”
  • GMI: “Going to make it”
  • PFP: “Picture for Proof”
  • MM: “Metamask”

Show the Sweat of your Work

People love projects, they cling to ideas or philosophies but everything is much easier when they see a person in the middle.
We can see this expressed in religions. I don’t want to dig into the subject but Christianity has Jesus who represents all its values, Hinduism has Ghandi and so on.
Showing the behind the scenes work can help people feel even more identified with your project and make it easier for them to trust.

Motivation Content

One of the biggest motivations I had when I started NFTs was to see how others changed their lives by joining this community.
I wanted a change and it seemed that I was joining a community where that change was possible.
I would spend time on Twitter and see threads of people commenting on how they changed their lives, how NFTs helped them pay off their student debt, their medicine, their dream house, afford to live what they love and believe me much more.
Motivating your audience can be a key type of content. You want your followers/community to always have all the energy and that’s why you must motivate them.
If you get the right motivation they will never forget about you and your project will be directly linked to their feelings.

Crypto & NFT Social Media Marketing


The opportunity for marketers and brands to leverage NFT and the metaverse is booming. Technology is advancing at lightning speed, rapid change is happening every day and consumers are more adaptable than ever. Design your strategy around Twitter, follow these steps and leverage these tips to succeed!


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