Need Social Media Marketing For Your NFT, Crypto, & Web3 Project?

We’ve been in the blockchain industry since 2017, and know the social media content that users are looking for. We’ve created a proprietary framework we’ve developed by working with hundreds of projects like yours. Here are examples that engage, educate, and entertain you should follow.

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Example Tweets You Should Follow

Crowdcreate has worked with some of the top NFT, Crypto, & Web3 projects grow and scale their social media marketing channels.

Here is a collection we’ve found to be the most effective templates to follow if you’re looking to communicate what your project does, build hype, expand your reach, acquire more users, engage investors/token holders, and achieve your overall marketing goals.

If you need a social media marketing agency to help you execute on your content creation and posting schedule, we can help.


Crypto Twitter Examples

NFT Twitter Examples

DeFi Twitter Examples

Our Social Media Marketing Formula

We’ve not only worked on some of the most popular NFT, Crypto, & Web3 projects, but we’ve also study them. We’ve built a proprietary network of the top investors, founders, creators, artists, developers, and influencers that we tap into to constantly learn what works.

Here are templates that we’ve created and constantly iterating on that we can create for your project.

Announce your Upcoming Project Launch

Explain What your Project Does

Encourage Users to Join your Discord

Announce Strategic Partnerships

Show your Project's Progress

Announce Big Win's and Accomplishments

Highlight New Features

Share Customer & User Testimonials

Highlight How you Give Back to the Community

Hijack Relevant Events & Hashtags in the News

Explain the Problem you're Solving

Create Engaging Giveaways & Community Polls

Showcase Life-Changing or Touching Statements

Highlight your Project’s Big Goals

Highlight Existing Communities of People you Serve

Show Scarity and Why Users Should be First

Host Upcoming Events & AMA's

Create Thought Leadership Threads

Create Memes that can Go Viral

Announce Where People can Buy Tokens & Contribute

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