INK Games | How we Scaled Investor Outreach to 1,200+ Top VC’s

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Want to get introduced to investors?

Crowdcreate connects companies with leading investors worldwide. Over the past 5 years, we’ve built a network of both accredited and institutional investors that can help grow your business.

INK Games approached Crowdcreate with their extremely unique social media gaming platform. Having spoken to thousands of investors over the years, Crowdcreate immediately knew there would be a strategic fit with their existing network, and would also be able to expand their reach to the largest gaming influencers and most iconic investors in the world.

INK Games is a social media gaming platform that rewards users with a one-of-a-kind payment engine. The team is highly successful with several successful exits. The core team are triple A rated and emmy award winning previously developing mobile games for EA, Zynga, and Buffalo Studios, the most popular Bingo franchise which they sold for $100+ million dollars. Venture Capital, Family Funds, Corporate Investors and Angel Investors.

By The Numbers

  • 2-Month Engagement with Crowdcreate
  • Number of Institutional and Accredited
  • Investors Researched: 1,082
  • Email Open Rates: 62%
  • Responses: 15%
  • Number of Investor Phone Calls: 25

Notable Investment Funds Introduced To

  1. Accel Ventures
  2. General Catalyst
  3. 500 Startups
  4. Warner Music Group
  5. Republic
  6. Differentiated Ventures
  7. Skylight Investments
  8. Translink Capital


The Challenge 

Meeting institutional and accredited investors is hard, expensive, and extremely time consuming.

INK Games is a lean start-up that’s focused on building a revolutionary platform in gaming and social media. They wanted to get the word out about their platform at scale, and have investors, as well as influencers, be a part of the build. Rather than hiring in-house team members, they engaged with Crowdcreate to quickly get up to speed, and do it in a more efficient way.

The Solution 

Leverage Crowdcreate’s network of investors, years of experience, and industry know how to get connected with the perfect capital partners.

Most companies overlook the fact that their customers can also act as investors or sources of capital. Through pre-sales and crowdfunding, a company is able to generate revenue before delivering the product. A good example is Star Citizen, a project that’s raised over $250 million dollars through crowdfunding as of 2019. It started with their wildly successful Kickstarter campaign that launched a $2 million dollars in 2012.

Crowdcreate’s data research team looked at similar projects that had previous success and used it as inspiration for growing a community with interests that were aligned.

Crowdcreate also provided weekly reports and feedback insights that helped the INK Games team understand reactions from their core audience.

How does it work?

Technique #1

Build a Highly Targeted List of Qualified Investors

  • Find investors that are active in gaming and social media.
  • Some good lists to start with are NFX’s gaming and esports investors.
  • You also have published articles such as this TechCrunch piece where a journalist does a deep dive into the industry as well as this Forbes Midas List of Venture Capital investors.
Technique #2

Create a Compelling Investor Pitch Email

  • The INK Games team previously sold their company for $100 million dollars, we made sure to highlight that.
  • The INK Games platform has a compelling offer, it allows people to get rewarding for their following.
  • We iterate on a weekly basis after we constantly learn from every investor and influencer we talk to.
Technique #3

Leverage Existing Networks and Ask for Introductions

  • This is the most important part of investor outreach. Most firms and or investors would prefer not to take a cold email outreach, we tap into our networks and ask for soft introductions to people we want to talk to. Whether it’s portfolio companies, influencers, celebrities, or other investors, we try and find the best way to get introduced.
Technique #4

Schedule 1-on-1 video calls

  • Fundraising is a game of numbers. The more people you talk to, the more likely you are to get.
  • Investors want to see your face and know who they’re talking to. Transparency is extremely important. When you’re running a company that’s building for scale, investors will be seeing how well you can motivate and manage team members.
    (Here’s a screenshot of our VP of Business Operations, Will Walker and Account Manager, Devon Brosnan talking to investors)
Will Walker
Technique #5

Follow-up and make micro adjustments

  • As the saying goes, the fortune is in the follow-up. Trust is built and maintained by many small actions over time. It’s not on what people say they will do, but what they actually do.
  • The INK Games team is headed down building their platform and user base. We handled all of the follow-ups to contacts we reached out to and managed their outreach inbox during this process.
  • Iterate, iterate, iterate. Again, storytelling is important for a fundraise.
  • Listening to feedback from real people and real users has allowed INK Games to evolve their development cycles alongside the investors and community that will use it. All along the way, we were able to evolve our pitch and messaging to investors in real time.

Client Testimonial

“We made the right choice working with Crowdcreate. I was skeptical at first. They’ve been able connect us with investors and influencers from around the world. I would highly recommend them.” – Rob Towles, CEO of INK Games

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