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The Web 3.0 and NFT space has been grabbing more and more attention from the mainstream that big brands are unable to ignore them any longer. Web2 was characterised by corporate behemoths; Web 3.0 is defined by a slew of ground-breaking new technologies. They have to stay relevant or become obsolete if they are too slow to adapt. NFTs have become a popular approach for brands to communicate with their customers and advertise their products.

Examples of Large Companies Jumping In

Web3 has the ability to revolutionise the way brands and customers connect with one another. Many brands are already experimenting with NFTs and the Metaverse (virtual world) to raise brand awareness and consumer loyalty in ways that traditional social media and ecommerce channels simply cannot.
Nike, Panini, and Vodafone were among the first to recognise the value of non-fungible tokens. Luxury brands like Gucci, Balmain, and Balenciaga all have launched their own NFTs. And Prada has recently joined the ranks of top luxury brands in Web3 with Ethereum NFTs.

Large Companies Who Jumped into NFTs

Coca-Cola In NFT

The Coca-Cola brand has played an active, authentic role in pop culture throughout history,” said Oana Vlad, global senior brand director, Coca-Cola Trademark. “We’ve been watching NFTs, cryptocurrency and the metaverse, and see this as a timely opportunity to participate in and learn from this emerging space. International Friendship Day is the perfect occasion to bring people together virtually in a uniquely Coca-Cola way while raising funds for our close friends of 53 years at Special Olympics.
Adidas in Metaverse
Adidas Originals released its first NFT drop of digital and physical products in December of 2021. For the NFT release, it had teamed up with notable names in the NFT community, like the Bored Ape Yacht Club, gmoney, and the crew behind Punks Comic.

Lamborghini In NFT

has five NFT auctions (five artworks) planned. Lamborghini is auctioning an exclusive NFT with their supercar. According to their CEO, Stephan Wimnkelmann “Lamborghini is more than just a super sports car manufacturer, it is an attitude, a lifestyle….the NFT community shares many of our values, consisting of innovative, young-spirited people seeking unexpected yet authentic ways to interact,
Lamborghini's first NFT offers five pairs of physical and digital collectibles (Image credit: Fabian Oefner / Lamborghini)

Nike In NFT

RTFKT (pronounced “artefact”), a virtual shoe designer, was purchased by Nike in December. Over $11 million has now been spent on the company’s first virtual sneaker collection.
Nike in Metaverse

Many businesses are betting on the Metaverse and Nike is one of them. The brand built Nikeland in Roblox, an online “metaverse” visited by millions of people every day, in addition to purchasing RTFKT in December.

Samsung In Metaverse

Samsung has officially revealed how NFTs will function on their televisions. When you’re not watching the television, purchased NFTs can appear onscreen as ambient art. Nifty Gateway and Samsung Electronics have teamed up to create an industry-first smart TV NFT platform. Nifty Gateway’s platform is now “connected with Samsung’s NFT platform,” allowing you to “browse, display, and interact with NFTs” on Samsung’s premium 2022 TV options, including QLED and Neo QLED models, according to the company’s press release.

Luxury Brands and their NFTs

Louis Vuitton In Metaverse

louis vuitton in metaverse

Louis: The Game was released in August 2021. You’ll be accompanied by a virtual character named Vivienne as you search for and collect exclusive NFT postcards in a virtual world. The game features 10 Vivienne NFTs and challenges to keep every Louis Vuitton enthusiast entertained. Wenew Labs, Mike Winkelmann, and Beeple are among the artists, which are the most renowned and popular artists in the NFT industry. With creative interpretations on its high trends, Louis Vuitton hopes to reach a new and younger audience.


The Superplastic x Gucci collection includes a dimension in which the Superplastic characters Janky and Guggimon visit Gucci Vault, a concept store designed by Gucci’s Creative Director Alessandro Michele. The characters find themselves in a virtual world where the label’s past, present, and future all coexist.


Prada has announced an expansion into Web3 with the launch of its own NFT collection, which will be available alongside the Prada Timecapsule. Additionally, “Prada Crypted,” the brand’s new open community Discord server, will be launched at the same time. Prada had airdropped their NFTs with its Timecapsule apparels.

Fast Food Brands’ Presence in NFTs


McDonald’s has launched the return of their burger the McRib together with the McRibNFT. This is to promote and celebrate the comeback of the pork sandwich that characterized fast food in the 1980s. McDonald’s fan enter a raffle-like draw with 10 lucky winners who will receive the exclusive McRib NFT to add to their NFT collection.
Web 3

Burger King

Taco Bell

Taco Bell released a line of taco-themed memorabilia which were quickly sold out. Taco Bell had designed five different NFTs and they went on sale for 0.001 ETH ($1.79 at that point of time), which is a bargain in the world of NFT sales. On the secondary market, it rose up close to $200,000 for their items. The proceeds of the NFTs, goes to a good cause: the Taco Bell Foundation, which helps young people find jobs.

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