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NFT Marketing Strategies | How Moonbirds NFT Sold Out

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Moonbirds NFT

Introduction of Moonbirds NFT

Moonbirds is a set of 10,000 utility-enabled PFPs, each with a different set of randomly distributed attributes. Kevin Rose, the founder of Proof, started building Proof, a media startup, which serves as the backbone of the drop of Moonbirds. PROOF Collective, a private members-only collective of 1,000 passionate NFT collectors and artists, has released its inaugural NFT production. The initial launch was close to 75 million USD in sales and now after a week, it is approaching 400 million USD in total volume. In terms of floor price, it is one of the quickest collections to achieve bluechip status.
Moonbirds are “the official Proof PFP” (picture for proof or profile pic) of the Proof Collective, according to the Moonbirds website. Moonbirds didn’t use the typical hype tactics that other NFT projects are using. And it was different with their raffle and launch approach which we will be diving into.

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PROOF Collective holders will get two free mints (+ gas), and are permitted to enter the Allowlist Raffle. If selected, they may mint one more Moonbird during the Allowlist mint for 2.5 Eth. Raffle winners may mint one bird for 2.5 Eth. Moonbirds already has a base of 1000 people in are already very influential. Moonbirds is being touted as “the official PROOF PFP,” with early minting privileges offered to holders of the PROOF Collective membership pass. And they just went up the right way. Kevin Rose these “podcast tours” which was done differently from other regular NFT launches. Podcast are hitting up in the NFT space as well as Twitter spaces and clubhouse. Kevin Rose got to do Podcast with Bankless, ZenAcademy and Tim Ferries all of which have a substantial amount of serial NFT investors looking out for projects to get into.
Kevin rose pod cast
The project focuses on talking about its utility. And a crazy mint price of 2.5 Eth which had people and skeptics talking. Much of the project’s success was actually built long term and not your typical marketing hype. The base has already been established with Proof. Proof already has a strong base of like minded collectors – going deep and holding for the next 10-15 years and that is what launched the Proof collective.
If you hold one, you have access to this private discord. Kevin Rose is also not focused on how you get into the project score 3-5x and move on to the next thing. The long term collectibility on why you should care about that particular artist. Kevin Rose also believes that if you hold true to the promise, the price will take care of itself. It is ok to take less revenue and have a more stable community than volatile movements which most people in the space are doing right now.
Nesting your Moonbird
The longer you hodl your Moonbird, the more you are rewarded. Moonbirds is introducing a new feature called “nesting,” which allows NFT holders to bet their tokens in a non-custodial manner and receive additional rewards. Holders will attain varying status levels depending on how long they keep their NFTs locked away. According to Kevin Rose on one of his videos, he mentioned that “As you achieve different nest status levels, that allows us to deliver different benefits to you as Moonbirds holders, that will mean in-real-life meetups and events and there’s gonna be some crazy airdrops that we have planned”. And Kevin is talking about fulfilling the roadmap that they put out there.
Getting on the allowlist which Moonbirds do not have. Any member of the public was able to enter a raffle to be guaranteed access to mint. One mint was allowed per raffle winner for 2.5 Eth, Proof members were able to enter the raffle as well, but were also guaranteed two Moonbirds for every Proof membership NFT they owned, according to the Moonbirds website. Instead, a simple tweet like asking people to share the project if they believe in it because of its strong utility.
Moonbirds also had these “retweet worthy” images of people not winning in the raffle. Which caught the attention of many in the Twitter space.
And the good news
The floor price usually tanks after most NFT projects have done their reveal. But this was not the case for Moonbirds. The current floor sits at 30+ Eth, just only after a week after their reveal. The hype is catching on real fast.
Moonbirds NFT
Users tweeting on Twitter thanking how Moonbirds changed their lives.
How Moonbirds NFT Sold Out
And celebrities like Jimmy Fallon and Beeple who are hodlers as well.
Trading volume on NFT marketplace OpenSea hasn’t been this high since January.
How Moonbirds NFT Sold Out
Moonbirds generated more secondary sales this week than blue chip NFT collections like Bored Apes and Azuki mustered in the past month.

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Moonbirds NFT
See how our marketing agency can help your business grow. Since 2014, we’ve worked with hundreds of businesses across multiple industries to help them with marketing. From startups to billion dollar brands, we share the strategies that’s working and what you need to know.


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