NFT Marketing Hype

NFT Marketing Hype Explained from an Agency

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NFT Marketing Hype


NFT seems to be the buzzword for 2021. We’ve heard so many stories on NFTs selling for millions of dollars. People are actually quitting their jobs to flip NFTs. What makes some projects so wanted and valuable?

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NFT Marketing Hype Explained from an Agency

What is driving people to spend millions on a .jpeg file? What is the hype around recent projects like Doodles, MekaVerse, Jungle Freaks, and Metasaurs by Dr. DMT.

About Doodles:

Doodles is the newest project in the space right now and number 1 in ranking on Opensea as of 23rd October 2021.
I wondered what drives the project to be so popular to make it to the top on Opensea. I sneaked into their Discord channel and asked community members in the #doodle-hall chat. The reason why they are #1 was because top collections are ranked based on volume over X period of time – Doodles has been trading at high volume because of the limited launch, reputable team, good commissions and heavy backing by big names in the industry.
And as stated on their website: “Holding a Doodle allows you to participate in coordinating the Doodles Community Treasury. This Treasury will be seeded with 420 ETH after the public sale ends! Holders can vote for experiences, activations and campaigns that benefit the Doodles.”
There is so much excitement and hype built around this project. Holders are being rewarded for holding these cute drawings which also drives the floor price to be about 10x above mint price.
NFT Doodle

NFT Marketing Hype

About MekaVerse

The project features 8,888 NFTs – robot style artwork known as Mekas.
To be able to own a Meka, users have to participate in the raffle that was held. Whereby users could enter a line for the rights to mint 1 or 2 Mekas for 0.2 ETH each.
Before the reveal, Mekaverse NFT collection has been publicized as one of the most hyped projects by the NFT community. It has attracted rapid growth on Discord (100k members within 48 hours) and people were paying 6 Eth floor prices.
However, there were some issues faced by the team which caused delays in revealing the images. After the reveal, the floor has dropped to around 1+ Eth. Despite the hype, the team also had issues with their Discord moderation and for hyped projects like this, users want accountability. This has caused FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt) in the community which may be the reason why prices dipped after reveal. However, with the right marketing, I believe that team will be able to raise the floor prices again. The #work-in-progress tab looks promising and holders of MekaVerse NFT will be able to receive airdrops which includes Meka Swords and Meka Bots. Which is a booster the community is really looking forward to.
Join their Discord:

Looking to build HYPE around your NFT project?

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NFT Marketing Hype

About Jungle Freaks By Trosley

Jungle Freaks is a collection of 100% hand drawn freaks by legendary Hustler Mag Cartoonist George Trosley. These 10,000 Freaks live and breathe on the Ethereum blockchain.
Why the hype? According to users at #the-jungle on discord, it’s because they see the potential of the projects, its artwork, dev (Prince), airdrops, generative income project, influencer cosigns, and lots of momentum with the project.
Having great momentum is very important for NFT projects as holders love to have daily updates and as many updates as possible from the developers of the project. This makes them feel safe and united holding and in return drive up floor prices for the project.

NFT Marketing Hype

About Metasaurs by Dr. DMT

Metasaurs by Dr. DMT is a collection of 9,999 unique Metasaurs living on the Ethereum blockchain, this time, forever
Created by Bored Ape Yacht Club’s co-creator, Dr. DMT, Metasaurs are the first hybrid DNA composed of 50% T-Rex and 50% BAYC Ape #4588. Metasaurs was open to BAYC holders for special whitelist for the mint and most of the holders of Metasaurs are also members of the BAYC club.
The project started with a lot of hype at mint price 0.07 ETH. You could also stand a chance to win a truck by holding one of the freshly minted Metasaur.
Before the reveal, the prices on the floor was around 0.6 ETH, after the reveal the floor price plummeted to its lowest around 0.19 ETH. There always has to be hype around a project and Dr. DMT sure knows how to hype things out. He announced that each Metasaur holder will receive a mystery surprise. And warn holders to delist. On the day of the announcement, the floor price was raised immediately.
There are many updates which the Metasaurs developers have done to get the community excited and continue the ongoing engagement. This is important in every NFT project as holders of the project not only go for the NFT’s artwork itself but also for the utility of the project. Frequent announcements and updates released periodically help bring out the hype in the community and holders can anticipated what’s upcoming in the roadmap.

NFT Marketing Hype


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