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NFT & Crypto Discord Community Management

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Discord is becoming more popular and is the preferred social messaging platform in the NFT space. The neat organisation of the channels in Discord allow users to find information about your project easily and is used by crypto projects to engage with their community. This post is to help new server owners understand and learn the basics on how to set up their Discord server to grow your communities.

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Ways to Grow your NFT Discord Server

Discord Community

Keeping up with your community.
Users new to your project would want to see an active community. Keep your servers active by actively engaging your community with information on your projects or simply by asking how they chanced upon your project and use these ways to target marketing to gain even more traction to your server.

How to create an NFT server

On the bottom left of the Discord app, you can find the “Add a Server” button which you can then create a new server for your new NFT/crypto project.
Discord 1
Unnamed 11 1
Unnamed 12 1
To add display on your server settings, you could go to Server Settings on the top left of your server profile.
Unnamed 13
Well… we don’t have to wait so long because NFTs are the solution! They allow you to combine all these concepts.

Boosting your NFT server

Boosted servers at level 3 get to have a Vanity URL for the server which looks more professional when sharing your discord link.
Boost Server

Organizing your NFT channels

Discord Community

Make your server focused on the project and sub-topics that people like.
Take for example, Axie Infinity’s Discord server, the channels are arranged so that new users and existing user know where to navigate within the server. The new user will first check out #announcements and #newbie-chat and as they are more familiar, other channels can be explored within the server such as #general and #land.
Unnamed 1

Create NFT Sub Topics

Example of topics that you want your community to be engaged in. You can have an unlimited amount of channels you wish to create.
Unnamed 2
And also different languages so users feel more connected with their own language
Unnamed 3

Customize your Discord Welcome Screen

Before joining your channel, users are welcomed with a welcome screen with rules and regulations before joining your server.
Screenshot 5 1024x742

Setup Discord Roles to Empower the Community

Discord Community

Discord gives the server a lot of personalisation options. You are able to assign roles to users in your server. Such as labelling different roles for different functions in the channel. Especially for NFT projects, where if a user has minted one of your NFTs, you are able to assigned a “verified” role to the user and allowing them into a “hodlers” only channel.
You could also target messages according to different groups assigned to the users’ role assigned.
Screenshot 6 1024x700

Provide Customer Support and NFT Community Management

Discord allows server owners to provide support if the project requires it. Users can open support tickets and admins/mods will attend
Unnamed 1

Setup/Install Discord Bots

Discord Community

Discord Bots

  • There are many available bots that you can invite to manage your server.
  • Bots can help with your welcome messages, ban and delete spammers. And other functions such as statistics such as giving users levels by their activities on the server.


Dyno is a fully customizable bot for your discord crypto server with a web dashboard, moderation, autoroles, automod, reaction roles, starboard, and more
Unnamed 1 1

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Crowdcreate is a leading crypto, NFT, web3, and metaverse marketing agency that’s helped some of the top projects in crypto create buzz, grow a digital community, and connect with influencers & investors.

Install Mee6 Discord Bot

MEE6 provides you complete power over the command you’ve always wanted! Create commands that and remove responsibilities and deliver messages in the existing channels or the user’s DM automatically.

Unnamed 2 1

Install Carl-bot

Discord Community

Screenshot 10 1024x550

Tweetshift NFT Bot

Automate your tweets everytime you post on Twitter. It will also automatically post on your Discord channel so you do not have to do twice the work.
Screenshot 11 1024x500
Example of a tweet that was automatically tweeted by the Tweet shift bot
Unnamed 4 1

Identify Holders

Collab Land enables you to verify that you’re an owner of the NFT by connecting your wallet and allowing Collab Land’s bot to verify. This would allow holders to open up to a holders only channel on Discord so that they have access to other specials than non-holders. It could be an announcement of an airdrop, or cross collaboration whitelist from other projects.
Screenshot 12 1024x564
Screenshot 13
Follow the steps according to this guide, and you’ll be able to have Collab land set up to verify holders.

Activities for Community Members

Activities are important to keep your community members engaged and grow your Discord server. One of the more commonly used bots for tracking invites is the Invite Tracker bot
Screenshot 14
You’ll be able to track which user has invited how many members to your server and can reward users according to the number of invites they have to your server.
Unnamed 5

Giveaway bot

Screenshot 16
An example on how a GiveawayBot is being used in a Discord channel.
Unnamed 17 1

Community Management with Moderators

The community is the backbone of every project. If your project has an extremely good utility and lack of community management, users would feel that there is no community support. Without a strong and engaging community, your project will see little success. As your project and server grows, good communities are able to have enthusiastic volunteers which would then build the community up organically. However, for a start, you’ll definitely be needing someone to manage your communities so that users will know that there is support in the community.
Moderators/Community Managers are important to hype the community.
This example shows that there are users but there is no moderator to engage users and users are at loss on what is going on with the project.
Unnamed 18 1
Our community managers are trained to drive user engagement by creating individual experiences with customized content. Engaging community members with well-thought replies, getting users to be excited about your project. This is extremely crucial if you are trying to build a community. As your community members get more involved in the project, you’ll keep more diamond hands and users contributing back into the project. Ensuring that there is long-term sustainability for the project’s growth.
Unnamed 19 1
Great community management delights their community! Even when there is a lot of FUD, with building the groundwork for good community management, problems get addressed immediately as a community. Members resolve and think of ideas together and a greater community bond can be fostered by building positive relationships within your community.

Discord Community

Looking for a Blockchain Marketing Agency?

Crowdcreate is a leading crypto, NFT, web3, and metaverse marketing agency that’s helped some of the top projects in crypto create buzz, grow a digital community, and connect with influencers & investors.


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