Marketing Your Qualified Opportunity Zone Fund

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Watch our webinar with OZ Pros where we lay out our strategies and best practices to market your Opportunity Zone Fund.

Raise Capital for your Qualified Opportunity Zone Real Estate Fund

If you’re a real estate developer or fund operator and need to raise capital for your fund, watch our marketing framework that’s successfully raised millions of dollars across hundreds of projects just like yours.

Opportunity Zone Funds Save Taxes for Investors

Why Opportunity Zone Funds for real estate investments? They help investors defer, reduce, and eliminate taxes.

How to Find Accredited Investors & Qualified Purchasers for your Real Estate Fund

Your goal as a fundraiser is to attract investors, more so than pitch investors.

How do you attract investors?

  • Get introduced to investors through trusted contacts
  • Become a thought leader in the industry
  • Do good work and get noticed by investors looking for talented sponsors they can trust with their capital


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