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How to Contact Top Crypto Influencers

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Crypto Influencers

This interview will explain how to reach the top crypto influencers and create organic content that aligns with your business mission from Bitboy Crypto, one of the largest crypto dedicated channels on Youtube.

Join Ben, the visionary and founder behind BitBoy Crypto and Ivan Kan, the Co-founder of Crowdcreate dive into what fuels BitBoy Crypto and how he saw Bitcoin coming before most people. Social media, Youtube, and TikTok are the fastest growing sources for blockchain and crypto project user adoption today. Learn how BitBoy Crypto vets, and evaluates projects before working with them.

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Who is Bitboy Crypto?

Ben has been involved with the world of cryptocurrency since 2012 when he first invested in Bitcoin. He used Charlie Shrem’s BitInstant and lost Bitcoin in the Mt. Gox hack. In 2018, Ben decided to go “full-time crypto” and focus all of his time and energy into expanding the reach of crypto. Today, Ben runs the largest exclusively crypto channel on Youtube.

How to find the right influencer for your project

We’ve turned down 98% to 99% of opportunities that we get offered. You have to think about what is your business, what is your model, and understand that the best opportunities are going to be when it is organic. When you know an influencer only talks about Bitcoin, well, don’t bring an altcoin to them. My suggestion: make sure the person you’re talking to, lines up with your message and your business.

How much does a crypto influencer cost?

The crypto YouTube space is very lucrative. It’s not about how much money someone is offering, it’s more about how this lines up with this person’s message. That’s what we really try to focus on. We work with some companies where we’ve charged them hardly anything because it lines up so much with what we do.

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Learn from Bitboy Crypto, one of the largest Crypto Influencers today, how to find and work with the crypto influencers to create organic content. Finding the right influencer to match your project can be the key factor determining the cost. Before you work with your next influencer, you need to listen to this episode.

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Show Transcript

Ivan Kan:  Today I have a really awesome guest Bitboy Crypto, one of the biggest crypto channels on YouTube with an awesome community and fan base. Tell, tell us who you are, what you’re all about. I really want to dive into what makes you: you on today’s call.

BitBoy Crypto:  Yeah. So basically I have the largest exclusively crypto channel on the interwebs is really important to say because, well, there’s, there’s a lot of people, a lot of YouTubers that were in other areas, they were life coaches, or they were, you know, magicians or financial people. And now all of a sudden they’re crypto YouTubers. So we’ve been all crypto ever since the channel started in January of 2018. And you know, it was very slow growing at first, but this year, I mean the prices and then our channel also exploded. It’s been really refreshing. We’ve got the best community in all of crypto for sure that I don’t think anybody would question Janette. So it’s been a fun ride and still looking to see how far we can go.

Ivan Kan:  That’s awesome. And I have to say, I’ve been interviewing a lot of other crypto influencers and they all reference you. They’re like, Hey, that guy was one of the beginners. He was in it from the start. And actually it’s funny that you say that I won’t say any of their names, but a lot of them who did jump over, a lot of them actually were citing you as their inspiration so much.

BitBoy Crypto:  Yeah, and I, I have no ill will against these people that, you know, moved over to crypto. I, I think it’s important for, you know, people to get a well-rounded opinion on, you know, cryptocurrency, but I would say you should be going mostly to the people that if you haven’t been around for a full four year cycle in cryptocurrency, then you’re just not going to have the experience to be able to lead people in the right way, because a lot of people get caught up in the prices and the euphoria and, you know, things going up and things like that. But, you know, at the end of the day, you know, we’re all in this together to, to push the space forward. So no ill will towards those people. I like a lot of those people. I think that, you know, it, it, it’s just, we worked very hard from zero subscribers to, to now where we’re at with, you know, all crypto content.

Ivan Kan:  Yeah, it’s so interesting because you were just chatting with that and then crypto and his, you know, his channel and literally you guys are saying, Hey, we’ve seen this before. This has happened before. And unless you’ve been in the space and you’ve seen, you know, the emotional roller coasters, but you’ve also seen the data change, you know, that’s, that’s another thing altogether. Right. So tell me a little bit more about what made you get into it. Like what was, what was the epiphany that brought you in that long ago?

BitBoy Crypto:  It’s the future? I mean, there’s no question about it. So I was in Bitcoin very early in 2012. I bought my first Bitcoin for a, or several Bitcoin for $12. I sold it, I sold it early. I only made a few thousand dollars because I didn’t know what it was. And so in 2017 and I had followed it all along the way, but I wasn’t like dedicated crypto at that time. And in 2017, I started doing the math on how much I should be worth. And I wasn’t worth that.

And so like, I just had this epiphany, you know, like it was time to jump in because I felt like the opportunity had not passed by yet because it was still so new and so early. So, you know, it was really exciting to, to be able to, you know, sell the shovels is all I had to say kind of like Wells Fargo, didn’t the gold rush. A lot of people know the story. Absolutely. So that’s the education. We, we give everything for freeway on YouTube, but you know, we also have sponsored videos and, you know, investments and private sale opportunities and things, things to, you know, the opportunities that channel is afforded.

Ivan Kan:  No, you’re doing a great job and I can, you know, the quality of the content you’re putting out there is awesome. I hope you didn’t buy pizza with those Bitcoins cause you know, that’s, that’s another story there.

BitBoy Crypto:  Well, I was buying software that I needed for a business. So it was, you know, it was one of these things. Like I had to have it, I had to spend it, but you know, I just didn’t, I wasn’t able to see the opportunity back then. So, but I definitely did not spend 10,000 Bitcoin on a pizza or Papa John’s pizza.

Ivan Kan:  Yeah. So actually we work with a lot of projects and one of the big questions they always have is how do I work with influencers in a way that’s organic because. There are some influencers out there that would just talk about something and it’s not really part of their actual investment portfolio. And like, how do, how do people, how to brands work with someone like you and, you know, from a very organic place. What’s what, what would you advise brands here?

Crypto Influencers

BitBoy Crypto:  Yeah, so, I mean, we’ve certainly gone through quite an evolution on my channel, from what we used to be able to cover to what we cover. Now, we, we turned down 98 to 99% of opportunities that we get offered. And there’s, there’s no money in mountain. I mean, I had someone offered me a million dollars for a review and I said, no, because it wasn’t what we wanted to cover.

So I think that you got to make sure that what you’re, who you’re going after is lining up with, you know, what you do. Like if you want to go after an influencer that talks all Bitcoin, well, you don’t want to bring an altcoin to them, Jimmy song. Yeah, exactly. Take it to chase song. So yeah. Well, if you take an all Quinta Jimmy song, you’re going to get quite the thrashing. But, you know, I, I think, you know, looking like for us, like we’re heavy in an FTS, we have been for, you know, ever since last year. And so, you know, in Ft projects we like to work with. So, you know, you gotta think about what is your business and what is your model and understand that the best opportunities are gonna be when it is organic.

Now, now we certainly have done sponsored videos or coins that we don’t own in our portfolio, but that’s because, I mean, we own hundreds of coins in our portfolio, but we don’t own thousands or, you know, whatever the case may be. It, at some point you can think something has value and has potential and not necessarily have it in your portfolio. And a lot of people would say having it in your portfolio creates conflict of interest, but it’s just an, it’s just a new space. And, you know, we’re, we’re trying to, to figure all this out. And I think a lot of people have this idea that it’s about money. That it’s about like, well, if I just offer more money than this other company, then this person will agree to it. But it’s not like that at all. I mean, you know, when, when you’re in.

The crypto YouTube space is very lucrative. And so it’s not about money or someone offering more. It’s about like, how does this line up with what this person’s messages? And so that’s what we really try to focus on. We work with, we work with some companies where we’ve charged them hardly anything like we’ve gone way under what we would usually charge because it lines up so much with what we, we like to do. So I th that would be my suggestion, making sure the person you’re talking to, you know, lines up with your message and your, your business.

Ivan Kan:  Yeah, that’s awesome. And I know even just speaking from myself as, you know, we work with a lot of these companies, it’s the pairing that really makes the magic because you can have someone that’s a lot of times, you know, sometimes the influencers themselves have been using or on some portfolio and they they’re just happy to be a part of the, you know, part of the mission.

BitBoy Crypto:  absolutely,

Ivan Kan:  So what’s your favorite token that you’re watching? Like what what’s what’s on top of mind, I know there’s a potential things besides just the big, the big, you know, Bitcoin, Ethereum, but like, what’s exciting for you right now.

BitBoy Crypto:  Well for me, I mean, I am such a fan of, I’m such a fan of like censorship resistance. I hate censorship and I know on YouTube, that’s something we’re going to be facing at some point. So one project I work with I’m an advisor for unpaid, by the way on paid advisor for is so many official were so many social actually. And so they’re a, a social media, blockchain that it’s internship resistant and you know, you’re gonna be able to put anything you want on there within reason they have certain, you know, terms of service you agree to when you sign up, like, obviously you can’t put like obscene stuff on there or whatever. 

But the fact is your message and your, you know, opinions or political opinions or opinions on whatever are not going to be censored. And so they actually have a, a utility token coming out. The current token, Ong is going to turn to a governance token. That is one that is launching on card starter, which is a car dauno launchpad.

Ivan Kan:  Wow.

BitBoy Crypto:  That’s yeah, that’s what I’m really excited about right now. We’re going to, you know, get it on that sale and look to see how that does. And so that’s what I’m looking at right now. And of course, like, you know, I know it’s a big one, but I mean, I sure do love it. The Ethereum. So I’ve got an Ethereum shoe right here behind me.

Ivan Kan:  No, I was going to ask you that looks like the three of diamond over there.

BitBoy Crypto:  Yeah. This is from a company from a company called a blockchain kicks and yeah, you can, they actually have some that are NFTs that are shoes. So pretty excited about these. I don’t know if I’ll ever wear them because,

Ivan Kan:  Well, you can’t because it’s an NFT!

BitBoy Crypto:  Exactly. But I love it. Theory. I, and I have for a long time. And once again, it aligns with that same message. Like, I love the idea of censorship resistance and you know, Cartano polka dot Ethereum. They’re working on decentralized web 3.0 or the ethernet is I’m like, okay, I’m, I’m, I’m calling it the ether net now. Right.

Ivan Kan: I’ve never heard of that one. I always hear it. I just made it up. I made it up last week that I liked that the ether net.

BitBoy Crypto:  So that’s stuff we’re excited about that stuff that gets me going. That’s what I’m passionate about in cryptocurrency, other than just making money, because if you’re just in this business to make money, like you’re not going to last, like certainly would have been here, you know, two and a half years through a bear market. So,

Ivan Kan:  yeah. And if you had, if you were just here for the money, if you made your money be gone, so it really kind of shows like, Hey, the people that are really sticking around, it’s interesting because one of the topics on our upcoming conference is DeFi security and web 3.0, because it truly is on top of mine as you know, more and more people getting into it. Right.

Crypto Influencers

BitBoy Crypto:  Absolutely.

Ivan Kan:  Awesome. So what’s next for you? What’s the next step for Bitcoin crypto? I mean, your channel is continuously growing. What’s devolution what’s what’s next.

BitBoy Crypto:  Well, right now we just bought a 30,000 square foot building. So we’re going to be moving in there in the next two weeks and build a more studios. And then actually right now I’ve got to get off this call and we’re starting our second daily live stream. So it will be at five o’clock every day, Eastern standard time. And it’s going to be bringing in other YouTubers and content creators kind of in the format of around the horn on ESPN. If you guys have ever seen that before, it’s basically where we get opinions from, you know, the, the morning show, you’re going to get perspective news, or you’re going to get news your information. And then the afternoon, every day, you’re going to get access to different opinions and perspective on what’s happening in the market. So really excited about that. So started right now. We’re about to go do it.

Ivan Kan:  I like that. You can see, you can see where your passion is because like you’re not just, you know, you’re not just focused on one, then you’re growing it. So tell me more about that channel. How can people follow you? How can people learn and watch that live stream? Tell me more. Yeah.

BitBoy Crypto:  Well, the show’s called around the blockchain is just going to be on my, a Bitcoin crypto YouTube channel. And you can find access to all my socials. I’m very easy to find just search Bitcoin crypto, and you’ll find this for sure.

Crypto Influencers

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