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Want to get introduced to qualified accredited investors, family offices, and investors?

Crowdcreate connects companies with the leading investors worldwide. Over the past 6 years, we’ve built a network of both accredited and institutional investors that can help grow your business.

Hall Venture Partners approached Crowdcreate with their growth venture fund that helps incubate and successfully exit businesses. Their track record? Over $650 million dollars in exits. Having spoken to thousands of investors over the years, Crowdcreate immediately knew there would be a strategic fit with their existing network, and would also be able to expand their reach to people who have capital gains to deploy and are looking for opportunity zone funds.

Hall Venture Partners has been heavily involved with their growth venture fund for 70 years. It was created by the family that created the synthetic diamond in tandem with their incubation campus & lab to help monetize and further develop different businesses. They also participate in the acceleration and the growth of those companies, which they traditionally hadn’t in the past.

By The Numbers

  • 5-Month Engagement with Crowdcreate
  • Number of Individuals with Capital Gains/Accredited Investors/Family Offices researched: 762
  • Email Open Rates: 66.66%
  • Responses: 16.66%
  • 1 5-minute Sizzle Reel video with Hall Venture Partners, together with 5 of their businesses featured.

Notable Accredited Investors, Family Offices, and Individuals with Capital Gains Introduced to:

  • Kenzen
  • Fitrepreneur
  • HCVT
  • The New Royal Bluff Orchards
  • Tau Ventures
  • American Farm Investors
  • Garage Technology Ventures
  • City of Oakland


The Challenge

Connecting with accredited investors and individuals with capital gains is challenging and extremely time consuming.

Hall Venture Fund is a growth venture fund that is a family office sponsored out of Utah by the Hall family and Hall labs. How do you connect with qualified accredited investors? Let alone find the email address of individuals with capital gains, and know how to reach out to them with something engaging and interesting.

Rather than hiring an in-house team of data researchers to manage, buying email lists that are extremely outdated or don’t work, or hiring a dedicated person to handle email outreach and responses. Dave Kunz, General Partner on the growth venture side of Hall Venture Partners, engaged with Crowdcreate to quickly identify qualified leads. Crowdcreate sent these leads a pitch deck, a marketing video, and answered frequently asked questions so that the initial call was as streamlined as possible. Crowdcreate understood the client’s needs and made sure that they were talking to the right people and the right decision makers who could help accelerate their overall process.

The Solution

Leverage Crowdcreate’s data research team to find the qualified accredited investors, family offices, and individuals with capital gains and aim to invest in their fund.

Hall Venture Partners does not only run their growth venture fund but also has different portfolio companies behind their brand. When COVID-19 happened, in-person meetings were not possible. Crowdcreate helped Dave Kunz & Hall Venture Partners connect with these investors via email/Zoom meetings, and helped bring awareness for businesses behind their brand through our video/content creation services.

We Created A Sizzle Video that Investors Want to See

Most webinars and investor videos are boring. We added excitement to the project highlighting what investors want to see. How did we do that? We brainstormed with the client, we are investors, so we also know what investors want to see.

There’s a lot of confusion behind Opportunity Zone Funds, and how people think that it’s only real estate. Through this sizzle video, we focused on building trust with their brand and highlighted specific portfolio companies.

Crowdcreate’s data research team also went through previous accredited investor and family office lists, lists of conference speakers, lists of individuals in certain industries that have capital gains to allocate, and combined them all into a single database.

Crowdcreate also provided weekly reports and feedback insights that helped Dave & Hall Venture Partners understand responses coming from our outreach campaign, and pivot as needed.

How does it work?

Technique #1

Build a Highly Targeted List of Qualified Accredited Investors, Family Offices, Wealth Advisors, and Individuals with Capital Gains.

  • Find investors/family offices that are actively investing
  • Find Individuals with capital gains to allocate.
  • Through Crowdcreate’s extensive analytics and research, we identified that Bloodstock agents, Wealth Advisors, and Farm Owners have capital gains to allocate and are most likely interested to invest in the fund.

Technique #2

Create the perfect pitch. Hall Venture Partners is well known for incubating and ultimately exiting businesses that were founded by them. We made sure to highlight that.

Technique #3

Leverage Existing Networks, Influencers, and Ask for Introductions

  • This is the most important part of investor outreach. Most firms and or investors would prefer not to take cold email outreach, we tap into our networks and ask for soft introductions to people we want to talk to. Whether it’s portfolio companies, influencers, celebrities, or other investors, we try and find the best way to get introduced/open doors for your business.

Technique #4

Constantly optimize, follow-up and make micro adjustments

  • As the saying goes, the fortune is in the follow-up. Trust is built and maintained by many small actions over time. It’s not what people say they will do, but what they actually do.
  • Hall Venture Partners has had a successful history of multiple business exits and continues building their growth venture fund for over 70 years now. We handled all of the follow-up to contacts we reached out to and managed their outreach inbox during this process.
  • Iterate, iterate, iterate. Again, storytelling is important to get someone else’s attention.


Hall Venture Partner’s biggest struggle is finding someone who could help identify accredited investors at scale and be able to tell their story, with several specific portfolio companies behind their brand. 

Finding the right people, reaching out to them, and crafting the storyboard are all challenging and time consuming. Crowdcreate helped Hall Venture Partners manage all these action items and accelerate this process. Crowdcreate conducts weekly progress meetings to make sure that we’re on the right track, that we deliver the right message, and that everything gets approved by the Client before anything gets sent out. 

Crowdcreate has been hands-on with this campaign, which ultimately helped achieve their goal of finding these accredited investors. Our team ensured the fact that we had people to listen to their story and ultimately invest in the fund.

I would say from everyone that we touched in the Crowdcreate side, whether it was someone on the team or whether it was all the way up to Jeff and Ivan, I felt like we were supported the entire time.

See how our marketing agency can help your business grow. Since 2014, we’ve worked with hundreds of businesses across multiple industries to help them with marketing. From startups to billion dollar brands, we share the strategies that’s working and what you need to know.


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