Frequently Asked Questions About NFTs

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The Fundamentals - What Exactly is an NFT?

Non-fungible Tokens are digital valuables that can be purchased and sold utilizing Blockchain technology on an online marketplace. It’s not interchangeable because it’s non-fungible. With the recent advent of Blockchain across many industries, artists and investors have begun to look for methods to use it to transform the way paintings and other valuables are purchased and traded. NFT users can claim ownership of digital property in exchange for cryptocurrency, rather than visiting a physical store or gallery or even bidding at an auction on tangible items. In terms of data, NFTs can be anything. Images, videos, audio, text, and other forms of creative media are all acceptable. Each NFT is unique, with proven ownership, because it is stored on the blockchain.

How Does an NFT Actually Work?

NFT has a number of critical aspects that enable it to work as well as it does. Here’s a quick rundown of how an NFT works.
A token is assigned to the product with a unique ID and metadata that can’t be reproduced by any other token. After that, the token is created on a Blockchain network (Ethereum is the current standard). This is similar to the way real coins are made and distributed. The owner creates a smart contract transaction using their public key. This is how you may prove that the NFT you have is genuine. That exact public key cryptography will only be encoded in the version made by the original inventor. A private key is used to execute or sign the smart contract. The transaction can now be run, deploying the NFT to the market, where interested fans can purchase it.
While this may sound technical and difficult to understand, you don’t exactly need to know these details in order to transact/purchase and own your first NFT.

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How to Create An NFT?

Note that this is a very general guide and we do not offer any tutorials on the technical/coding aspects of it.
Firstly, determine the product (physical or digital) to be minted. Remember, this is a new and possibly lucrative sector, so put your best foot forward and think beyond the box. There is much demand for utilities in NFTs right now. Check out How to Create Utility in NFTs on how to maximise the potential of your upcoming project.
How to Create An NFT?
The most popular blockchain would be the Ethereum blockchain. On the Ethereum Blockchain, you must first construct a non-custodial crypto wallet. Once your NFT is out on the market, you’ll need a place to receive money. The non-custodial wallet offers you access to a “seed phrase,” which you may use to back up your wallet across platforms and devices. The seed phrase is a 12-word code that is randomly created, and if you forget it, you will lose access to your funds permanently. It’s critical to keep this phrase in a secure location.
Choose your preferred NFT market. Rarible and OpenSea are the most popular today, and both are rather simple to use. You should keep in mind that each platform has its own set of fees and rules, so you’ll want to weigh your alternatives carefully before deciding which platform is best for your business. By using a marketplace, you may automate a number of procedures, such as creating a blockchain ledger instance for your transaction, assigning a unique ID and metadata, and executing the smart contract to finish the transaction.
Once your NFT has been deployed, it will be accessible on that marketplace for interested buyers to bid on and purchase, and you just need to manage the funds coming into your crypto wallet.

What Platforms Should I Use to Purchase My NFT?

OpenSea is well-liked and simple to use. Its sleek and easy to navigate interface makes OpenSea the most popular marketplace in the NFT space. While the Ethereum blockchain is known for its expensive “gas” fees, for creators, OpenSea now features a slow mint option. Without having to pay for gas, the artist may upload their work, “mint” it to their profile, and sell it. The gas fees will be paid by the collector when they buy it.
Rarible Blockchains used: Ethereum, Flow and Tezos. Whether it’s books, music CDs, digital art, or movies, creators can use Rarible to mint NFT products. There are some amusing features, like the option to provide a “sneak peak” of your product to anybody who visits Rarible, but only allow purchasers to see the whole project. Rarible prides itself on being a community-owned NFT platform. You become an owner of the Rarible project by using Rarible’s unique token (RARI).
SolSea is a marketplace for the Solana network. SolSea is the first open NFT marketplace on Solana with integrated minting. It introduces NFTs with embedded licenses (NFT-PROs), calculates Rarity Rank for collections, supports wallet funding with FTX-Pay and Moonpay, and is regularly updated with new features.
Objkt is marketplace on the Tezos network. Objkt which began as a secondary market, now allows artists and producers to mint directly on its platform.
LOOKSRARE who seeks to compete with leading NFT marketplace platform OpenSea, is the community-first NFT marketplace with rewards for participating. Users are able to buy NFTs or sell them and earn $LOOKS as rewards.

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How Do I Make An NFT Project Successful?

Launching your own NFT project? When working on an NFT project, it’s not enough to develop a series of artworks and then hope that someone would buy them. It also involves the community and how sticky it is. To construct a successful NFT project, these are some good guides to follow. There are no hard and fast rules; instead, they serve as guides to follow.
Share and write your story – Ask yourself these questions:
  • What is the purpose of your NFT project?
  • What is the goal of your NFT initiative?
  • What makes you eager to tell others about it?
  • What kind of benefits will it provide to your community?
  • What is the significance of your NFT project and how it will stand out against others?
Determine what features and services your NFTs will include
  • While markets can help you understand how to navigate through these, it is better if you make your own decisions. Consider the following:
  • What should the maximum mint amount be?
  • How should you offer your whitelisting?
  • What role will randomness, rarity, and voting rights play in the game?
  • What services do you have to offer? Is there anything unique or exciting?

What are Gas Fees?

The gas charge is the cost of successfully completing a transaction on the Ethereum network. Gas fees are priced in gwei and paid in Ethereum’s native currency, Ether is a site where you can track the gas. Or you can download a Gas Tracking App on your phone (Ethereum Gas Fee) which is a simple and easy to use app.

Best Sites to Find NFT Data

When purchasing an NFT, one of the most important factors that users care about is the rarity. The best NFTs are uncommon and much sought after by collectors, driving up their price. is a fantastic NFT rarity tool for examining the NFT space. You may sort NFTs on by ETH volume, average price, and market collections. CryptoPunks, Bored Ape YC, and Mutant Ape Yacht Club are among the top NFTs listed and analyzed. It’s an excellent NFT tool to use for people looking for lucrative NFTs because of the user-friendly platform and extensive information.
We are all familiar with OpenSea’s platform as the largest NFT Marketplace already. OpenSea also serves as a great platform to find NFT data. As almost all projects on the Ethereum and Polygon network are listed on OpenSea. You can explore Stats according to most volume traded as well as the Resources tab.
Nansen’s analysis tool gives thorough information for each wallet on the leaderboard, including minting fees, secondary market fees, and all ERC-20 token information. Nansen displays the leaderboard for each project, making it simple to identify and analyze owners. Furthermore, with this NFT application, you can track these wallets and their investments over time.
Another good NFT tool for market analysis is CryptoSlam. With this simple but effective interface, users can look for NFT collections depending on trade volume. Each NFT collection has its own website, complete with live sales, a marketplace, and information on the minting process. Each NFT has its own page with all the details you’ll need, such as cost, special features, and rarity rankings. CryptoSlam provides all of the desired ranking characteristics for an NFT tool, including blockchain sales, fan tokens, worldwide indexes, and volume sales of NFT collectibles. NBA Top Shot, the NBA-licensed NFTs, are represented in CryptoSlam by players and teams.
The interface is simple to use, making NFT analysis simple even for inexperienced investors. The top mints from the previous day to the latest 15 minutes can be found on the “Discover” page. The wallet addresses of the top purchasers and sellers are also available.
NFTBank, a strong NFT instrument that can deliver rapid insights on investments, would delight NFT investors. The data presented includes, among other things, ROI, activity, and spending. NFT Bank is one of the greatest NFT portfolio management solutions available. Investors that utilize NFTBank’s platform uncover NFT investment opportunities ten times faster than other investors, according to the company.
NFT Stats
This NFT platform provides a rapid snapshot of the most popular NFT collections sold in the previous 24 hours, seven days, and 30 days. The NFT and the collection it belongs to, as well as when and how much it was sold for, are all included in the data. Each collection page includes information on recently sold NFTs as well as three-month pricing trends.


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See how our marketing agency can help your business grow. Since 2014, we’ve worked with hundreds of businesses across multiple industries to help them with marketing. From startups to billion dollar brands, we share the strategies that’s working and what you need to know.


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