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How to Get Crypto Influencers for your Token Sale

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How to get Crypto Token Sale (ICO, IDO, IEO, STO) Influencers to Feature your Project

The Crypto Token Sale (ICO, IDO, IEO, STO) Influencer Marketing industry is a $3.7 billion market and growing. It’s not easy to get your project the attention of crypto influencers. There are some simple steps that can help you get your project in front of the right people. First, identify what type of influencers you’re looking for. Next, find out where they post their content and then reach out to them directly with a personalized message. Finally, promote your project and be ready for the results!

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Looking for Social Media Influencers to Promote your Crypto Project?

Token sale (Also known as IDO, IEO, STO, and ICO token sales) investors need to believe in the team behind their investments. Token sale companies must ensure that they are well regarded by the crypto community so investors feel comfortable with their project as a long-term investment. Investors attribute a lot of value to a motivated, reputable development team that they can feel confident in supporting.

Our token sale, Lendingblock, wanted to make sure that their founders and team had a good reputation in the  ICO investor community. Lendingblock was doing fine, they completed their ICO sale, had an active Telegram community, and the team was profiled by Forbes. But in order to push their project to the next level of relevancy, they needed to do more. A Forbes appearance is one thing, but ICOs need to make sure they are specifically reaching out to the ICO investment community.

Token Sales are also known as ICO, IDO, IEO, and STO

According to FINMA, the Swiss regulator the types of tokens are the following:

Utility tokens are tokens which are intended to provide access digitally to an application or service by means of a blockchain-based infrastructure.

Asset tokens represent assets such as a debt or equity claim on the issuer. Asset tokens promise, for example, a share in future company earnings or future capital flows. In terms of their economic function, therefore, these tokens are analogous to equities, bonds or derivatives. Tokens which enable physical assets to be traded on the blockchain also fall into this category.

Crypto Tokens or Payment tokens are tokens which are intended to be used, now or in the future, as a means of payment for acquiring goods or services or as a means of money or value transfer. Cryptocurrencies give rise to no claims on their issuer.

Lending Block Case Study

Crypto PR Mention on Forbes

How to Get Exposure to your Token Sale Offering

Organic Community Growth

Crowdcreate, was managing Lendingblock’s Telegram during the interview. We made sure to immediately engage all of Ian’s fans who flooded in from the livestream, and welcomed them into the existing Lendingblock community.

The Lendingblock community introduced newcomers to the Lendingblock ‘hat’ meme, answered questions about Lendingblock, and shared excitement about the future of the platform. My team watched as the community exploded in activity, and helped manage the needs of a burgeoning new community.

Within a few hours of the stream, Ian and Steve’s interview had been viewed about 3,000 times, and the Lendingblock Telegram group had gained over 1,400 new members.

Almost half of Ian’s audience from that first day joined Lendingblock’s Telegram to check out the community. Imagine going to a blockchain meetup or convention, and trying to convince half of the crypto investors there to join your Telegram group.

This is why ICO influencers are so powerful. Ian doesn’t simply sell Lendingblock as an investment to his fans, he uses his platform to present Lendingblock and everything it has to offer to eager ICO investors. Anyone inspired to join Lendingblock’s Telegram by Ian’s interview with Steve did so because they see value in Lendingblock. The contagious excitement about a brand new project with a lot of potential is what builds communities and generates hype on the Internet, Ian just helps get the word to the right people.

Ian Balina

Grow a Crypto Community on Telegram or Discord

Token Sale Marketing Strategy

With our advice, Lendingblock decided the best path forward was to reach out to the #1 token sale (ICO, IDO, STO, IEO) influencer, Ian Balina. Lendingblock scheduled a live interview on Ian’s channel with Steve Swain, one of the Lendingblock co-founders

Ian Balina was the #1 token sale (ICO, IDO, STO, IEO) influencer on Youtube in 2018, and a well regarded member of the crypto community. Ian’s ability to scrutinize the potential of blockchain companies is highly regarded in the ICO investment community, some pay $2,000 a month for weekly investment calls with him. A live, long-form interview with Ian is an opportunity for Lendingblock to present its team and platform to the crypto community.

The second Ian Balina starts his Youtube livestream, a steady stream of fans begin funnelling in to the video, and begin talking in the chat box. A simple banner is shown with music for several minutes as a few hundred loyal crypto enthusiasts trickle in. Serious discussion about ICO investment, memes, and silly banter constantly streams through the chat box in anticipation of Ian’s interview with Steve

Despite the levity, once the interview starts, the mob’s constant stream of input is focused on the Ian and Steve’s discussion. Lively debate and comedic banter ensues amongst Ian’s audience as they react in real time to the interview.

This audience may be silly, but they’re watching this interview live for serious investment advice. This is the time for Ian and his audience to ask Steve really tough questions about the  Lendingblock, using, Ian allows his audience to vote on questions he should ask Steve, and they don’t hold back.

After some introduction, Ian begins by asking Steve to compare Lendingblok to other crypto lending projects like SaltCelsius, and ETHlend. It’s a tough question, but Steve uses it as an opportunity to discuss Lendingblock’s unique, fully cross chain crypto to crypto lending platform. Steve confidently discusses the exciting roadmap for Lendingblock’s platform, and the positive comments begin streaming through the chat. He takes the time to thank Ian’s chat and the members of Lendingblock Telegram community also watching, and the audience continues to respond positively.

Steve handled the interview fantastically, he used every tough question as an opportunity to describe the potential of Lendingblock and interact with the community. As the stream ended, members of the chat excitedly discussed Lendingblock’s inclusion on idex and potential investment opportunities, and many went on to engage with Lendingblock in their Telegram group. Hundreds of eager investors were motivated to look deeper into Lendingblock and its potential as a major platform in the blockchain space.

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Crowdcreate is a leading crypto, NFT, web3, and metaverse marketing agency that’s helped some of the top projects in crypto create buzz, grow a digital community, and connect with influencers & investors.


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