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Crypto Community

As cryptocurrencies are impacting our everyday lives more and more, most of us into cryptocurrency would have joined a community to share tips or gain knowledge in this space. If you are starting off a crypto project, it is essential to develop and sustain a network that has a sizable community in order to reach out and to attract your potential investors. By engaging your community, it will in turn help to grow your user base and drive the success of your crypto project. Here are some tips to grow your crypto community.

What is a crypto community?

A crypto community is a group of individuals who are interested in cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, and decentralized applications. A crypto community consists of individuals who are interested in understanding the technology and ideas behind cryptocurrencies. There are many different types of crypto communities. Some are designed for beginners, while others are designed for people who are already familiar with cryptocurrencies. It is important to identify the type of community you are looking for and to find the right one for you.

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Strategies for building a crypto community

One of the most important things in the crypto community is building relationships. If you want to be successful in the crypto world, you will need to build relationships with the people you are trying to reach. This is easier said than done, but it is important that you try. One of the best ways to build relationships in the crypto world is by holding meetups and conferences. This will allow you to engage with a lot of people at once. You should also look for ways to get to know the people who are already in the crypto world. You should also look for ways to get to know the people who are already in the crypto world. You can do this by reading online, attending conferences, and communicating with people online.
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Crypto Community

Tips for Building a Crypto Community

  • Setup a Discord Server or Telegram Channel
  • Establish Trust and Safety
  • Setup your Discord Crypto & NFT Community
  • Influencer Outreach
  • Giveaway Contest
  • Get good moderators and community managers
  • Outsourcing your crypto community
  • Hold frequent AMAs (Ask Me Anything)
  • Help onboard and educate newcomers
  • Cross Collaboration with other projects
  • Use social media marketing

Setup a Discord Server or Telegram Channel

Telegram marketing has become a staple for all blockchain businesses looking into crypto marketing. Telegram can host a large group size compared to other messaging platforms like WhatsApp. If you are into crypto long enough, almost every project has a Telegram communication channel for their community.
Telegram enables the community to set up polls and games to engage your community. Here you can find a list of Telegram games that you can make use of when first starting out your Telegram channel.
Screenshot 25
Screenshot 23
If you are looking to develop your Telegram community Crowdcreate can help you build your community. We have been managing Telegram groups since 2017 and have dedicated resources for crypto marketing and Telegram communities. We provide 24/7 round-the-clock community management service. Community managers at Crowdcreate respond fast with well-thought answers and are trained to deal with different types of users.
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Crypto Community

Establish Trust and Safety

Indicate who the Admin and Team Members are.
While it is important to engage your community, you’ll also need to keep your community clear from scammers. Actively search among your users for usernames like Support and Helpdesk and ban them as they are scanning through your Telegram’s group messages and trying to find scam victims.
Establish Trust
Want to build a strong and robust community together? We’ll create the conversation and get your users talking about your crypto project.

Setup your Discord Crypto & NFT Community

  • Install Discord Bots
  • Install
  • Dyno is a fully customizable bot for your discord crypto server with a web dashboard, moderation, autoroles, automod, reaction roles, starboard, and more
Install Mee6 Discord Bot
Most NFT projects now are on Discord only. There are a lot of activities going on right now in the NFT space and on Discord. Discord communities would be the next generation of social engagement.
Information is well organized on Discord. And it is easy to onboard users who wish to read on your project. You are able to sort out your project according to the category and channel.
There are many ways to engage your community on Discord. One of the most common ways is a competition of who chats the most. Users who contribute engaging content to the channel, get to level up and earn higher ranks in order to win a prize or whitelist.
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Crypto Community

Influencer Outreach

Getting influencers to talk about your project is another important aspect of crypto community building. Imagine a project where no influencers talk about. It means your project is not getting the attention and users will be wary whether or not to invest in it.
If many people are talking about your projects, you’ll get the hype you need to showcase what you have to offer.
At Crowdcreate, you can get hundreds of influencers talking about your project and get the fastest outreach and in turn drive conversion.

Here’s our crowdsourced list of influencers that you can check them out.


Crypto Community

Giveaway Contest

Giveaways are a good way to attract new users. This might act as a two-way sword as there are many giveaway hunters out there who are not real users.
However, this still remains the main driving point for most projects to gain new users. Existing user base are incentivized to share about the project by participating in order to win in a giveaway contest.

DeFi wallets

Get good moderators and community managers

Imagine building a large community with nobody to manage. It might become a disaster. Good community managers are important so they keep the community updated and engage the community with daily check-ins and troubleshooting on issues related to the project.
It is also important to listen to your community as community managers gather feedback from the community and relate to users, building trust in return. Users would also trust the project more when there is active help available 24/7.
Manage Crypto Community

Outsourcing your crypto community

Your number one priority would be concentrating on the development of your project and probably will not have the time to manage your own community.
You should consider outsourcing your crypto community to a community management agency. The community managers are trained and you do not need to spend your time training and onboarding new community managers.
What is AMA in crypto? Ask Me Anything! AMA is an online session where you get to meet and greet the founders or developers of the project and get to ask any burning questions. AMAs are interactive with real-time question and answer with the project’s founder/developer/owner and the community.
What makes a good AMA? A well-done AMA will help your crypto project boost its popularity and enable users to understand the project better. You’ll be able to speak directly with your community and let them feel a sense of belonging.
Example of how an AMA in Telegram is held.
5 Best Crypto Telegram Channels 6
Or even hold an AMA livestream on YouTube, where you get to interact real time with your users. Celsius Network does weekly AMA sessions on Fridays
AMA Livestream

Help onboard and educate newcomers

Advertising your project may attract a lot of new investors. And not everyone knows how to purchase cryptocurrency. You’ll need to have a good support team managing your Telegram/Discord channel 24/7 to help new users learn how to store their crypto in their wallets and how to purchase or stake their tokens.
DeFiMillionTGChannel E1645487200972

Crypto Community

Cross Collaboration with other projects

One of the commonly used marketing methods would be having a cross collaboration with other projects. This way you can gain exposure to an existing community. Usually this is done two-way and sometimes there are really good conversions and results!
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Use social media marketing

Social media marketing is an important and crucial aspect for your crypto community. New users to the project will learn about the project through social media platforms like Twitter, Tiktok or Instagram. TikTok starts flirting with NFTs – TechCrunch.
Twitter 1
Users also share what they buy and crypto twitter is really the go to place from now for new crypto recommendations. Publishing, sharing, and discussing content on Twitter is probably the fastest social media platform for sharing information and connecting to audiences.

Crypto Community


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