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Find Investors and Raise Capital for your Cannabis & Psychedelic Company

Raise Capital by Attracting Investors Through Video

How do you raise capital by attracting investors instead of just pitching them? By creating video content that engages, educates, and entertains. 

That is, you need to capture the attention of investors in a clear, concise, and impactful way. That’s why Pelorus Group, a Cannabis real estate fund that’s looking to raise $100 million dollars contacted Crowdcreate.

Crowdcrete has the track record and proven industry know-how to create elevator pitch sizzle reel videos that can help you with your goal to accelerate funding.

Real Estate & Cannabis Investor Marketing Strategy

Understand what makes Pelorus Group different, and distill it down into a 3-minute sizzle reel video that will get investors interested in inquiring more.

  • Video content increases the efficiency of all your other efforts (Paid media, PR, networking) because you will be speaking from an elevated brand presence.
  • Your solution/idea should also be unique, if it’s not, getting coverage will be that much harder
  • If you don’t, it will be hard to get coverage for your project.

Find Investors & Create Educational Content

Technique 1 – Create a YouTube Channel and Email Newsletter

  • Interview the Pelorus Group President and Co-Founder Rob Sechrist using the Crowdcreate framework of investor questions

Technique 2 – Attend Investor Conferences

  • Attend industry investor conferences such as Benzinga to get connected with the top thought leaders to establish credibility 

Technique 3 – Show Investors Your Track Record & Portfolio

  • Tour the Cannabis real estate properties they are raising funds for.

Raise Capital (Money) For Your Project

Interview the President of Pelorus Group Rob Sechrist and ask him the Crowdcreate framework of investor questions.

  • A 3 minute sizzle reel video that’s an unfair advantage against competition when raising funds

  • 10-15 education focused and SEO optimized webinars to position Rob as a thought leader and lead generation source

  • At Crowdcreate, we don’t just create content for you, but we also connect you with investors and understand what they’re interested in and know what they’re interested in.

  • We have the mindset of what an investor is looking for, and how to clearly communicate your vision and your expert thought leadership to be able to get these investors to trust you and look at your deal.  

  • Before investors hop on the phone with you, they want to know your vision, your metrics, your total addressable market, these are all questions that we address in our framework that really appeal to investors.

  • Now, if you find that you’re often repeating yourself in one-on-one conversations with investors. Now, when you’re raising capital, you’re going to notice that it’s the law of large numbers and you just need to talk to a lot of people, you can accelerate that, and have them pre-educated before they even jump on a call with you and you can close deals much faster by creating content that shares your story.

  • Here’s a picture of Crowdcreate’s Head of Business Development Will Walker with President of Pelorus Group’s Rob Sechrist, and also CNBC’s Fast Money Host Tim Seymour.

  • How do you establish yourself as a thought leader? By networking with other thought leaders, answering some of the most frequently asked questions, and discussing hot topics in your niche, or specific industry.

  • The problem with investor conferences and the video they create are often dry, and long videos that don’t visually keep the viewer stimulated. Our goal here at Crowdcreate is to help you educate, entertain, and also engage. We share your story, your metrics, and we distill it down into a clear concise way that gets people interested.

Attending investor conferences are the most popular way to network. The problem is that there are so many people here and they often get overwhelmed with everything that’s going on.

Create Content for Cannabis Investors & Venture Capital Firms

Behind the scenes photos of shooting video content with the Pelorus Group team.

  • By creating video, shooting content, and uploading it to YouTube and distributing it to your investors, it lives on forever. Not only that, these conferences are usually a couple hundred people, but there’s thousands of people, not just in the USA but internationally who could also be investors your reach is exponentially greater by creating digital content like video that investors are interested in, and that’s what Crowdcreate does.

Looking to Hire a Real Estate & Cannabis Investor Marketing Agency?

  • Crowdcreate helped the Pelorus Fund create an investor sizzle reel video that engages, educates, and entertains. That is, they took what’s typically a 1 hour presentation into a highly impactful 3 minute video that gets investors extremely interested to learn more.
  • Are you looking to raise funds from investors in your industry? Crowdcreate specializes in helping real estate, cannabis, blockchain, crowdfunding, and gaming companies with their marketing.
  • The marketing message across all of these different industries is different, and that’s where the Crowdcreate process and framework comes in, we’ve created a scalable system that’s raised $130 million dollars, and that’s where the Crowdcreate proven process and system comes in. We know what investors are interested in, what they want to see in a video.
  • Crowdcreate understands founders and entrepreneurs, and we know how to communicate their stories unlike a traditional video crew.


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