Best Web3 PR Strategies

Best Web3 PR Strategies

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Technology is constantly changing, and it has revolutionized the way humans interact with each other through the internet. With new technologies, the internet has evolved since it first launched in the twentieth century.
Web3 has been officially online for some time, bringing new opportunities and challenges for businesses. The Web3 space is very different from its predecessor (Web2). Companies have to navigate it with new and innovative PR and marketing strategies to manage their brands.
Don’t worry, though! We’ve got you covered. Today’s post includes handy information on Web3 PR strategies to help you get started. But first, let’s cover some basics.

What is Web3?

To understand Web3, let’s first go back a few decades.

what is web3


The first iteration of the internet had static pages. Websites were simple, read-only business sites for basic e-commerce. The primary way to communicate with users was through text and visuals, and search engines like Google and Yahoo were used for finding information.


The next generation of the internet was defined by social media and dynamic websites that enabled user-generated content. Later on, many platforms and applications were optimized for mobile devices and allowed developers to showcase content tailored to user preferences. Web2 technologies allow marketing and advertising companies to benefit from user data and analytics.


Web3 is defined by open, decentralized technologies that give users more control over how they interact with others over the internet. It involves blockchain technologies that power online platforms and give users a stake in any online activity they perform. With Web3 applications (or Web3 apps in short), users can own and monetize their creations (such as NFTs).
Automated smart contracts also allow them to negotiate on their terms with others over the same network. Web3 applications also do not require any middleman to mediate between two parties, making them trustless entities.
Web3 applications are also powered by semantic web technologies that allow computers to directly read and process information intelligently. Semantic web technologies, when combined with graphics engines and Artificial Intelligence models, provide a rich, interactive VR experience for Web3 users.
While each iteration of the internet involves more complex technology, it is important to emphasize that each successive version acts as a layer over the other.

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Types of Web3 Apps

There are many kinds of Web3 Apps that have different use-cases and communities. The type of app you want to promote will be a factor in your PR strategy.

Web3 Apps
  • DeFI and DAOs: These allow users to stake their crypto tokens as an investment.

Audience: Finance executives and crypto investors 

  • Social Networks and Messaging Services: These apps allow users to interact online and share messages and content.

Audience: Content creators, influencers, journalists

  • Metaverse and Games: These are gaming apps where users can play to earn cryptocurrency rewards.

Audience: Early tech adopters, streamers, gamers, crypto investors

  • Exchange Services: These allow the exchange of cryptocurrencies for fiat currencies and vice versa.

Audience: Finance executives, crypto traders, and investors

  • Streaming services: These allow users to download or share audio or video content.

Audience: Content creators and general consumers

What is PR, and how can it benefit your Web3 project?

PR or public relations is the act of communicating with the general public and your customers. It is a way of presenting your brand’s image to the target market. By using specific messaging techniques, PR is a powerful way to market your product as it helps build brand trust and credibility among your target audience.
Successful PR activity can generate positive sentiment around your product. For Web3 apps, this can mean the difference between getting the attention of investors and engaging a large group of early adopters to sustain your initial investment.

How is Web3 PR different?

Now that you are familiar with Web3 technologies, you need to understand the nuances of Web3 PR strategy. Web2 PR uses most of the tried and tested digital marketing techniques to send you a clear, powerful, and persuasive message. Unlike Web2 projects, Web3 PR involves the use of Web3 apps as a channel to communicate with your audience.
Therefore, it is critical to understand the type of tools at your disposal and what your audience is looking for. You can still use traditional PR methods in combination with Web3 channels to broaden your reach.

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Things that make Web3 PR strategies Work

Here’s what you need to know about the key elements of Web3 PR strategies.

Demonstrating Use-case

The most obvious difference is the application-intensive nature of Web3 space. Using and demonstrating the Web3 application is central to your PR strategy. You need to ensure that your target audience understands where your Web3 app is useful. Being knowledgeable about use cases for your Web3 apps prevents you from looking like a simple shill.
One example is Solana Space, which offers a demo of the company’s Web3 products in a retail fashion, something unheard of in the industry.
Solana Spaces in NYC

Understanding crypto tokens and their value

Many Web3 projects rely on issuing and selling crypto tokens. There are a variety of Web3 projects with their native crypto tokens. Any PR activity for a Web3 app must take the native cryptocurrency token into account. This is because most Web3 enthusiasts are looking for ways to trade native cryptocurrency for widely accepted cryptos (like BTC or ETH) or fiat currency. It’s not uncommon for highly involved individuals to view a Web3 project as a monetary investment.

Understanding NFTs and personalization

In the case of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), your PR activity should focus on their exclusivity, which is the primary driver of their value. NFTs can also be personalized to a user’s preference based on specific attributes available to them. Therefore, when you communicate with your audience about NFTs, make sure that you can convey how each user can get a unique NFT experience that is an extension of their online persona.

Using the Web3 metaverse

Metaverses are online 3D or VR worlds where users can socialize with their peers. They are the next evolution for online spaces like chat rooms. They are a key component of Web3 apps. Metaverses like Decentraland and The Sandbox have already made a name for themselves, and include massive worlds where people can buy virtual plots of land and build buildings, among other things.

Involving the community

Web3 projects involve communities working together to create a balanced experience for all participants on a specific blockchain network. For any project to work, multiple members must be on board.
Much like how Web3 apps work on a consensus mechanism, getting community approval will go a long way to ensure the success of your PR campaign. Some elements of your Web3 app also work around the idea of exclusivity. This exclusivity only works in the context of a niche community.
You should also understand the best channel to approach your community. In many cases, your best bet for this is the app itself.

Best Practices for Web3 PR

Best Practices for Web3 PR
When executing your Web3 PR campaign, you need to keep an eye on specific elements that will help you to better target your intended audience. Here are some best practices that we recommend for Web3 campaign managers.

Honesty and Transparency

Unfortunately, Web3 apps are also synonymous with scams. There have been many crypto projects that have issued worthless tokens, and apps that have given users a subpar experience.
Make sure that the information you deliver can be trusted. If your strategy is using dishonest tactics, it will be exposed and will lead to a PR disaster. Trust us when we say that you will never be able to recover from such a fiasco.
Transparency is also important. It complements honesty by showing users all the information they need to see without referring to a secondary source.

Community-centric Interactions

A good PR campaign will encourage the target audience to engage with other members of the community. Community engagement could mean creating an account on your native platform or a third-party social website.
The former is easy to execute through Web3 apps by requesting users to connect their crypto wallets. For social platforms, you should have an official account on a website of your choice. Twitter and Discord are two examples.
Be sure to see which platforms are best suited for engaging the community you want to be a part of. For example, Twitter is great for general users, while Discord is preferred by younger audiences who enjoy mixing with gaming communities. It’s worth mentioning here that a community-centric approach also helps you immediately broadcast project updates to the people you want to reach.

Focus on SEO

Anyone who has worked in the PR industry will understand the value of SEO. With the semantic web, SEO-friendly content will do more than rank high in user search results. It will be recommended to users in their newsfeeds, too. So keep an eye out for key phrases and words that you want to highlight in your PR campaign and use them in your promotional content.

Build an Information Resource

Your website should have a section dedicated to informing and educating users about your Web3 app. This will serve as a key reference for anyone who is exposed to your PR activity. Having an information resource also leans into our earlier point about transparency.
Many established Web3 projects issue a document – often called a whitepaper – which has all the details about the project: a brief summary, a glossary of terms, a list of features, and technical notes. If you want to involve developers, it’s a good idea to add a separate resource for developers.

Use Different Channels for Specific Activities

A common problem with PR campaigns is the use of different channels to repost content. This may help improve your reach, but may not improve your reputation. Try to understand the intricacies of different digital platforms and tailor your content to them accordingly.
If we look at traditional social media platforms, Reddit is a great place to post AMAs for answering community questions. Discord works well for online community talks with key community members, while YouTube and Twitch are streaming platforms to engage with influencers. And your blog is a good place for updating users on project roadmaps.
In the Web3 space, Steemit could be used to demonstrate how your Web3 project can reward content creators with cryptocurrency. Or you could do a community event in a Web3 metaverse to engage the community and create a buzz around it.

6 Steps to start your Web3 PR campaign

Here’s a list of steps that will guide you when launching your PR campaign:

  1. Define your PR goals: What do you want to achieve with your PR campaign?
  2. Learn about your target audience: Who are you trying to reach through your PR efforts? Is it a niche community, or a mainstream group?
  3. Write down your key message: What do you want your audience to know about your Web3 app? What are the key narratives in your story?
  4. Create a PR plan: What are your PR objectives, strategies, budgets, channels, and timelines?
  5. Explore your channel options: Do the channels suit the PR objective? Where can we reach the intended audience? Is it within my budget? 
  6. Execute your PR plan. Spread the word about your Web3 app!

Final thoughts

Web3 PR is built on more layers of technologies and channels than traditional PR. Professionals require considerable effort and experience to pull off a successful campaign in the new space. Fortunately, there are professional agencies who can help you with Web3 PR.

Contact us today for a free, no-strings-attached Web3 PR consultation!

See how our marketing agency can help your business grow. Since 2014, we’ve worked with hundreds of businesses across multiple industries to help them with marketing. From startups to billion dollar brands, we share the strategies that’s working and what you need to know.


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