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What are Amazon FBA Seller Influencers?

Poppi is an alternative prebiotic soda drink that launched on e-commerce in March 2020 and has investors like Russell Westbrook, Chainsmokers and Rohan Oza on Shark Tank.

A year later, the founder Allison Ellsworth reveals that her marketing budget has been increased to 500% for Amazon marketing and at least 60% is spent on influencer marketing alone. In June 2021, Poppi’s Amazon sales were more than $712,000, compared to just $9,000 in March 2020. Why?

The Poppi brand went viral through many amazon influencers on Tiktok under the hashtag #drinkpoppi and #amazonmusthaves.

Example of YouTube Influencer

Example of TikTok Influencer


From emerging businesses to large companies, influencers have become one of the most effective ways to promote their products.

With Amazon being the e-commerce solution that customers go to for all types of products, the rise and prevalence of Amazon influencer marketing are now more evident than ever.

We’ll explore the benefits of Amazon influencer marketing, how to capitalize on these partnerships to boost your sales, and how to find the best influencer for your startup.

You’ll learn the best practices to reach your influencer marketing goals and the best strategies to launch successful marketing campaigns for your Amazon store.

Looking for an Amazon Marketing Agency?

If you need Amazon Influencers for your FBA Business, contact us at Crowdcreate. We’re one of the leading ecommerce marketing agencies, and have helped with some of the most successful companies in the world. Book a call with our team to learn more.

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How Amazon Influencers Get More Reviews & Increase Sales

It’s been reported that the influencer marketing industry was valued at $1.7 billion in 2016, and it grew to $13.8 billion in 2021. Why do businesses continue to shift in this direction? What are some of the specific benefits that Amazon Influencers can bring to your e-commerce store or product?

Increase Sales on your Amazon Store

Engagement prevails over other types of media when it comes to influencer marketing. The influencer is like any other customer, thus; the customer has a voice and is part of the conversation. The customer has gained power and gets to be part of the selling process.

The success of e-commerce platforms like Amazon lies in repeated sales driven by customer satisfaction. The best way customers reduce the risk associated with purchasing is by recognizing other’s customer testimonials.
With traditional marketing, the businesses and sellers had the opportunity to filter testimonials and display the best reviews. But Amazon’s business model encourages customers to review the products. Customers can drive the sales or bury a product if they want.

Get More Positive Reviews on your Amazon Store

Because Amazon centralizes its review system for business listings, partnering with influencers to review and promote a product is an effective and more organic way to sell your products on Amazon.

Find TikTok Influencers for Marketing Your Amazon FBA Business

Influencers know they should be cautious with their recommendation as their community trusts in their “expert” opinion to buy. And customers understand that the influencer can get paid for their reviews and promotion.
The content that the customer gets from the influencer not only educates them on how to integrate the product but also informs them on possible side benefits or risks of buying.

Ultimately, the customer can get a “human’ feeling from the brand that’s been promoted and ends with more information to make the purchasing decision. Do you want to find the top Amazon product reviewer influencers? Read more about it here.

Find Amazon FBA Influencers in Health, Electronics, Clothing, Home & Garden, Toys, and More

Target your Amazon Product Category Niche

One of the reasons why more startups integrate influencer marketing as their first choice is because they can target a specific niche. There is a higher likelihood of sales conversion than any other types of sales promotions. Why? They already have an engaged and trusting audience.
There are specialized Amazon influencers that promote certain lifestyles like health and well-being. There are influencers that educate on their beauty routines and tips or gamer influencers that share their gaming hacks. An Amazon influencer can help your business target your specific audience.

Track Amazon Sales Influencer KPIs and Metrics

Amazon affiliates and influencer programs simplified the process of systemizing and qualifying commissions. Whether the customer is driven from social media, a blog, or uses an internal link at the influencer’s recommended list, your business can have access to this information with internal or external trackers for links clicked.
To your advantage, your business can partner with an influencer that is already on Amazon and has a storefront. Through the influencer’s Amazon store, the customer can access idea lists, shoppable photos, videos, and live streams.
Or you can choose an Amazon affiliate who will highlight the associate links on their social media content. Either way, you can easily understand your performance metrics, estimate your commissions, optimize your partnerships, and increase your ROI.
If you want to promote sales on your Amazon shop, influencers are a great alternative to generate genuine and relevant engagement with your brand, connect with your potential customers, and measure your sales performance.

Crowdcreate is an expert Amazon FBA Seller marketing agency. We’ve worked with top tier brands including Anker/Eufy, Lenovo, IBM, Thrasio, and more. Read our case studies and see our work here.

What are the options available to create your influencer marketing program?

Amazon Associates or Amazon Influencers?

Besides the influencer marketing partnerships that brands form directly with social media personalities or through agencies, Amazon has structured two internal programs to manage affiliate commissions for qualifying purchases.
Each program will depend on the goals and the scope of your marketing campaign. The e-commerce platform has two internal programs to structure and maximize your partnerships.

First, the Amazon Associates Program allows content creators, bloggers, and publishers to share customized links for product purchases.

Find Amazon Affiliates

Amazon Affiliate
Influencers earn from qualifying purchases and programs through the traffic they drive to Amazon. The commission income depends on the product category. For instance, luxury beauty goods promotions can pay up to 10% commission on the product’s price, while grocery items approximately 1%.

Here are the commission income rates for the different product categories:

commission income rates for the different product categories
The advantage for your business is that Amazon will disburse and manage the commission payment through their program. However, you can also incentivize influencers outside the e-commerce platform to use the “associates” links to get the program’s commissions.
Because anyone can join this program, many micro-influencers are willing to try it out. Partnering with a micro-influencer through the Amazon Associates Program is a great choice for your business if you want more control over your campaign, high engagement rates, and a cost-effective alternative.

Amazon Affiliates Create Content to Generate Sales

The second alternative is Amazon’s Influencers Program. Again, the influencers earn affiliate commissions from Amazon for qualifying purchases. However, this program scrutinizes and qualifies influencers according to their trackable engagement metrics and follower counts.

Different from the Associate’s Program, influencers can have a storefront on Amazon, and design a shopping experience for their followers and buyers. This program targets macro-influencers with a strong presence on platforms like Instagram or YouTube. If you have the budget and want faster brand awareness this option is great for your business.

Amazon Reviewers Streaming Live Videos

Amazon Live

Looking for Amazon Influencers for your FBA Business?

That’s what we do here at Crowdcreate. We're one of the leading e-commerce marketing agencies and have helped with some of the most successful companies in the world.

How to Find Amazon Influencers

Finding Amazon influencers again will depend on the goals of your campaign and your marketing budget. If you are just launching your business on Amazon and your goal is building brand awareness, you will be looking for macro-influencers.
Finding macro-influencers for your Amazon business might be easier as they are typically known as subject experts in the industry and they often give product reviews through YouTube, Instagram, or TikTok content.
One source is by searching directly through social media with hashtags relevant to your market or product, or the platform’s suggested tags like #founditonAmazon, #amazonfinds, or #amazoninfluencer.

Influencers typically include on their bios or “about” sections their contact information for business inquiries. To find macro-influencers you can also search on the platform’s “Amazon Live” to find the content creators that will be live-streaming or have done so before.

There might be other macro-influencer who may not be part of the Amazon Influencers Program or might not be as easy to reach out to. Through agencies like Crowdcreate, influencer outreach is simplified, with our proprietary database of top social media influencers, we can connect you.
We recognize that finding social media influencers that deliver ROI is challenging, and having the connections is essential. Discover how Crowcreate supported Anker (Eufy), a $2 Billion Dollar Amazon FBA Electronics Seller, reach their influencer marketing campaign objectives.

If you are considering micro-influencers for your Amazon business, you might have to do more research to discover the influencers with higher engagement rates.

To find the best micro-influencer for your brand you must know your audience. Who are your target customers following and engaging with? You might also find that micro-influencers that fall within your niche follow other macro-influencers.
In the end, pick the micro-influencers who serve the content your target customers engage with and through the social platforms your audience prefers.

How Do You Contact Amazon E-commerce Influencers?

As micro-influencers are aiming to grow and monetize their social presence, offering to partner through Amazon’s Associate Program or incentivizing them with extra commission or other perks can be an attractive opportunity for them. Read more about micro-influencer marketing strategies.

How to Find and Negotiate Influencer Partnerships
Lastly, if you’re looking for opportunities to truly connect with Amazon influencers, your brand can focus on optimizing product search, product reviews, and creating a buzz on social media. Then, your business can be found by the influencers on their own organically and they can promote it directly with associate links.

Create Brand Ambassadors from Amazon Influencers

How to get the most out of your partnership with Amazon influencers? Having a system and process in place to manage and improve your influencer marketing model is fundamental.
If you choose to encourage the e-commerce commission rates and take advantage of Amazon’s system, you won’t have to worry about the payment disbursement and tracking metrics like product click conversion from the influencer’s sources.
Amazon influencers have access to earning reports disclosed by the program. This facilitates communication and encourages the influencer to achieve higher conversion rates to gain more commission income.
If you partner with off-site influencers or if you want to pay an extra commission besides the referral fee you pay as an Amazon seller or merchant, you must account for the total referral fee you’re paying per product or your total acquisition costs.
Also, you will need a system in place to disburse payments and track your campaign’s conversion. Most importantly, recording and learning from the influencer’s marketing performance will allow you to discover what works and what doesn’t for future campaigns.
To leverage your partnership with Amazon influencers you should diversify your engagement strategies. The way your audience consumes content will evolve. Therefore, your brand should be looking for the social media strategies that other businesses adopt and where your audience migrates.

How to Find and Negotiate E-Commerce Influencer Partnerships

How to Find and Negotiate Influencer Partnerships
For instance, YouTube has been one of the favorite channels to learn from product reviews. But now instead of watching an influencer’s 20-minute product review, more users are using the TikTok platform to discover quickly whether the new products work or not.
Facebook’s live content has served businesses to connect with customers and sell products as if they were in the store. The e-commerce platform has developed the Amazon Live tool as well, which also offers an innovative way to engage influencers and brands directly with their audience and customers.
Also, the coming Amazon Posts allow businesses to create content and engage people on site with a similar interface to Instagram and blogs.
Whether you use internal or external programs to partner with influencers, having a clear communication channel, measuring your campaign’s performance, and diversifying your engagement strategies will help you boost sales with your Amazon influencer marketing.

Are you unsure about how to partner with Amazon influencers to launch your marketing campaign? Schedule a free consultation with Crowdcreate’s experts.

Best Strategy to Launch an Influencer Marketing Campaign on Amazon

1.) Understand the Buyer's Problem

Your potential customer might not know that they have a problem nor that they need or they want your product. The influencer can help the customer see they are unaware of an existing problem and that there’s a way out of it with your product.
How to clean suede shoes? My suede shoes are dirty, how to clean them and not ruin them?
When you use water and soap you can actually ruin the texture of the suede shoes. You need a specialized cleaner for your shoes. Ohh … I didn’t know that!
Your potential customer might not know that they have a problem nor that they need or they want your product. The influencer can help the customer see they are unaware of an existing problem and that there’s a way out of it with your product.

2.) Highlight your Product as the Solution

Oh! And by the way, I buy this product or this ingredient on Amazon to make the snacks, link below. The customer knows that they do have a problem and easily rationalizes the purchases because the influencer also solved it with the product on the video.

How can I feed the children healthy foods? The influencer shares about the problem of finding healthy and tasty ways to feed children. The Solution? Healthy Snack Ideas Kids Approved.

3.) Offer a Clear "Buy Now" Call to Action With a Discount

I want to see the difference and make sure that I make the best decision. The influencer can demonstrate which option is better for the customer and direct them with their personal opinion.

Frequently Asked Questions to Improve your Amazon FBA Seller Listing

Q1: I know that I want to buy the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer. Should I get the regular one, the professional edition, or the multi-styler? What’s the difference? Is it worth the extra bucks? Which one is heavier?

If your brand has different product lines within a category, if you want to upsell or educate the potential segments about your brand, this content strategy works great through influencer marketing.

Learn how CrowdCreate has helped other businesses increase sales with influencer marketing.

Looking for Amazon Influencers for your FBA Business?

That’s what we do here at Crowdcreate. We’ve rated the #1 Influencer/PR Marketing and have helped with some of the most successful companies in the world.

Hire an Amazon FBA Marketing Agency

With any ecommerce endeavor Amazon influencers are here to stay. As the audience continues to engage with content creators and the e-commerce platform continues to grow, businesses must develop effective and strategic influencer marketing strategies.
The customer orientation, the performance basis, and the targeted reach that influencers offer make Amazon influencers’ outreach a priority for marketing campaigns.
To get the best results, your business must have an internal process in place to keep up with the outreach and partnership process. Marketing agencies like Crowdcreate can make it easy for your business and help you make connections with top Amazon influencers.


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