We are proud to announce the launch of Crowdcreate’s Venture Capital Fund and Venture Accelerator Launchpad Program. We have been fortunate to have had early allocations over the years to some of the fastest growing projects across multiple industries by leveraging our network, growth marketing services, and track record. We are active in Crypto, NFTs, DeFi, GameFi, Metaverse and various other disruptive technologies.
We’re doubling down on our our deal-flow, allocations, and also Accelerator Program. Please continue to send deal flow to our company.


Our track record? We had early access to Star Atlas (500x), MetaWars (20x), and SolRazar (50x – SAFT). We invested in Yield Guild Games (150x – SAFT), Celsius Network (50x – SAFT), SolChicks (150x SAFT), Sidus Games (35x Pre-Public) and participated in dYdx (Airdrop). We’re also LP investors in many of the top tier VC funds including Polychain Capital and Tiger Global.

We will continue funding the entire digital ecosystem that is poised for massive disruption and growth potential. The overall intention of the fund is to leverage Crowdcreate’s network and growth marketing services to be a value-add partner for it’s portfolio of projects.

To join our private investment community and access our deal flow, please sign up here


As a portfolio company, Crowdcreate will help you get introduced to a global network of influencers and investors, strategize your go-to-market message and product offering, and devise a plan to realize your vision. We will help you build hype, and and connect you with anything else your business strategy needs to become more marketable.

Percentage % allocations will be determined by our market rate of services delivered.

We’re targeting 6 to 8 companies per cohort in highly scaleable digital companies focusing on the following but not exclusively limited to:

Next steps? Please send an email introduction to with with a brief introduction and links to your project with subject line: “Crowdcreate Venture Accelerator Program”.

How Much Should you Pay your Crypto & NFT Advisors?

When you’re starting a blockchain project, whether it’s crypto, DeFi, NFT, or Gaming, figuring out how you compensate and structure your advisors, team members, and investors from the start is crucial.

Hire Crypto and NFT Advisors

At Crowdcreate, we provide advisory and strategy on how this is done. First, no company is the same, and that’s why we recommend you reach out to our team for an initial consultation.

How to Setup Crypto and NFT Advisor Relationships

As Charlie Munger once said, “show me the incentive, and I’ll show you the outcome”. Some of the top projects spend months figuring out tokenomics, incentive structures, and investor allocations to be setup for success.

Tokenomics & NFT Consulting

The purpose of this guide is to help setup industry best practices and guidelines that you can follow if you need a standardized agreement for your crypto, NFT, web 3.0, or defi project.
In regards to traditional tech investments, the Founder Institute (the largest pre-seed startup accelerator) released this FAST Agreement to the public to start.
Remember, everything is negotiable.
When determining advisor and investor equity/token allocations, you should categorize the relationship typically into these buckets:
  1. Professional Advisors – These people are “Doers” of tasks. They can help develop business models, create NFT artwork, develop use cases, design UI/UX, plan tokenomics, help with development, write white papers, and provide operations support. These people spend more than 10-50 hours per month on your project. They would ask for a % of tokens (1-10%) and/or charge a fiat amount of USD 25–250k for a 3–6 month engagement, plus a % of the raise.

  2. Marketing Advisors/Launch Pads – These people are the “Networkers”. They are marketing consultants with deep networks that can help fund commitments, or get you introduced to your target audience at scale. They are typically allocated 3-15% of the project, by acting as ‘rain makers’, and/or charge a fiat amount of USD 25–250k for a 3–6 month engagement for VIP networking.

  3. Investor Advisors/Celebrities – These people provide “Capital & Introductions”. If they are passive, expect a reasonable 2-3 introductions per month, and a 1 hour strategy call to hear their insights on what you’re working on. If you expect more than 5 hours per month, you should move them into an above category. The purpose of these advisors is to have their name and reputation attached to your project. They can earn a small number of tokens, in the range of 0.5%, and up to 20% if they are a major A-list celebrity but putting in minimal work.

  4. Generalist Advisors – These are people you can access through Crowdcreate’s vetted networks of crypto & NFT expert consultants. Board of Advisor roles average from $7.5K to $30K per month, or $500-$1,500 per hour for strategy consulting. However, they typically will not allow you to attach their name to your project until it’s something they’re interested in getting more involved with.