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Top Spanish Crypto Influencers

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    There is no specific regulation on cryptocurrencies in Spain, except that they cannot be treated as legal tender, which is exclusively reserved for the euro as the national currency.

    How many Spanish people own crypto?

    75% Have Heard About Crypto in Spain, According to the CNMV. The results of a new report commissioned by the CNMV, the securities watchdog in Spain, have found that three out of four citizens have heard about cryptocurrencies.

    How we Rank these Crypto Influencers

    1.) Peer scoring. We ask the experts and run surveys asking investors, founders, and influencers who rank at the top of their list.

    2.) The number of deals or investment size. How active are these investors?

    3.) ROI. How good are these investors’ returns on investment? Do they have the Midas touch and spotting the best deals?

    4.) Social Influence. When they speak, do people listen?

    5.) Community involvement. How active are they in giving back to the community?

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    Crypto Influencers

    These Crypto Influencers share their expert insights on many of the most frequently asked questions in the industry.

    Is crypto available in Spain?

    How many Spanish people own crypto?

    Is crypto regulated in Spain?

    Does Spain use bitcoin?

    Who owns the most Bitcoin?

    Where can I buy crypto in Spain?

    Is Binance in Spain?

    List of Spanish Crypto Influencers

    This channel focused on Online Business, Finance, Investments and Cryptocurrency.
    Zartex channel offers a free trading course. In 2014 he began to train with academies, books, and face-to-face courses looking for the gold nugget that he was missing to become a professional trader. He was blown away that no one was teaching the precious skill of choosing what information to use and what information to discard. That’s the reason he created his channel. His Channel focuses on Trading courses, cryptocurency, investments and forex.
    Catalina educates people on Social Media about Blockchain Technology & Cryptocurrencies in both English and Spanish. She also teach at the University of Nicosia, providing the first Spanish Online Course about Bitcoin, Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies.
    This channel mission is to spread valuable information about blockchain and DeFi, as well as provide my analysis about the most important crypto projects.
    This channel covers cryptocurrencies, NFTs, technical analysis and how to earn money online.
    Criptoniano is a space monkey who will guide you through the crypto space. He creates daily news about cryptocurrencies, tips to invest and much more.
    FranX73 covers Bitcoin, altcoins, European and American Stock Market.
    Lunaticoin is a Bitcoin Enthusiast. He connects with Spanish-speaking people with their own profile within the bitcoin & crypto world and share their value.
    David is committed to posting videos about Bitcoin, Ethereum and all Altcoins you can find relevant information on the markets and news that affect cryptocurrencies.
    This channel covers crypto predictions, analysis, NFTs and investments.

    Can influencers promote crypto?

    Crypto entrepreneurs hire influencers to push up the value of their digital currencies, hoping to ignite the sort of online hype that briefly turned Dogecoin, a joke currency based on a meme, into one of the most valuable crypto investments.
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    Is Crypto Taxed in Spain?

    Yes, you must pay taxes for your cryptocurrency investments in Spain. And that does not apply only to bitcoin, but to any other coin you are trading with.

    Crypto Influencers

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