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    In the NFT market we have many creators, and more and more buyers coming to the NFT space! In order to have a market that is liquid and valuable,We all need to have creators and buyers. It is important not only to see what the creators think and are doing, but also what the buyers are purchasing. At the end of the day, they determine whether we are in a bull or bear market.

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    NFT Art Collectors

    NFT Collectible Art Whale Buyers

    Most people now understand the potential that NFTs have, but the Ssingapore-based cryptocurrency hedge fund, Three Arrows Capital apparently is more convinced than many.  They announced Starry Night Capital, a new fund focused on “assembling the world’s finest collection of NFTs,” according to its Twitter profile. To do so, the firm has partnered with pseudonymous NFT collector Vincent Van Dough, who has a considerable Twitter following and a significant personal NFT portfolio. According to Van Dough, Starry Night plans to launch NFT-centric educational content, highlight up-and-coming artists, make its artwork accessible via virtual galleries, and launch a physical gallery in a “major city” by the end of this year.

    If you are looking for one of the biggest whales, congratulations! People say that “The Whale”, who prefers pseudo-anonymity, possibly owns the most valuable trove of NFTs on the planet, with more than 210,000 NFTs that are now worth up to $ 56 million.

    “I always wanted to be an art collector because I love art” – The Whale launched an NFT-focused community called, well, “WHALE” which has a Discord group of 10,000 members, as well as a $WHALE social token with a $175 million diluted market cap. The token is backed by the value of Whale’s Vault, and is framed as a way for anyone to invest in NFTs without spending millions.

    The history of the mathematician and economist from Columbia began in the early 2017, actually being one of the first collectors. His journey started buying virtual land and then he jumped to the art.  His collection contains about 2,000 NFTs , some of which can be viewed in the profile on the Nifty Gateway platform. The core of his heritage consists of about 500 pieces by the best Crypto Artists such as Beeple, and a further section of 70 pieces defined by him as “the Pak collection ”. He has most of its assets in cryptos and provides consulting services to help people enter the market.

    I’m sure you must heard about NFTs back in March 2021, the world;s most recognized artist “Beeple” sold a NFT for $69 million…That “crazy” man that bought was Metakovan, one of the biggest collectors of NFTs. 

    He said he knew that participating in Christie’s auction was “competitive” and had in mind a cap price higher than the $ 69.3 million he paid. “We had higher limits,” he said. “I was very motivated and ready to exceed the amount we paid.”

    Metakovan has been investing in cryptocurrencies and crypto companies since 2013, he highlighted that the one of the reasons that prompted him to purchase Beeple’s work was is:

    “Prove to Indians and people of color that they too can be patrons of the arts.”

    Museum of Crypto Art
    Look, to help you understand what they do we take this fragments from their website: “At its core, the Museum of Crypto Art (M○C△) challenges, creates conflict, provokes. M○C△ puts forward a broad representation of perspectives meant to upend our sense of who we are. It poses two questions: “what is art?” and “who decides?” “We aim to resolve these questions through a multi-stakeholder decentralized platform of art curation and exhibition.” “As the first cultural institution of crypto art, M○C△ will become the premier space for discourse around digital art, crypto culture, frontier technology, and the NFT revolution. It will be an experimental playground for reawakening imagination.  It will be free-form, refuse stasis, and seek inspiration and leadership from an inclusive and global community.”

    Eric is an early adopter of the blockchain technology and started in 2015, when he bought his first Bitcoin. Eric pointed out what drove him to the NFT space was seeing the animation inspired by the work of Guernica, called Picasso’s Bull by digital artist Trevor Jones.

    From that moment he began his search for talented artists, and started to collect multiple NFTs, having an investment of about $1 million, won in April 2021 and then to a work of art by Pak by $1.4 million during the auction organized by Sotheby’s in collaboration with the Nifty Gateway marketplace.

    The well recognized Punk 4156 it’s one of the persons with the highest following in the space, a community of more than 76k only on Twitter.  If we take a look at his collection we can see that he really appreciates art but not in its traditional form. Within his collection there are works of very recognized artists, we can name Fewocious, xcopy, Hackatao, among others. He is one of the founders of “Nouns DAO”, as they point out on their website: “An experimental attempt to improve the formation of on-chain avatar communities.”

    We can’t find much information about Anonymoux as he wants to hide his real identitiy around the blockchain, but one thing we can say is that he is one of the biggest collectors inside SuperRare, inside his collection has some NFTs valued in the millions and multiples valued in the hundreds of thousands.

    If you are looking for someone who appreciates art and limited editions you know where to go!

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    NFT Art Collectors



    Without a doubt, one of the biggest collectors and referents of the space is 888. He started his journey as a collector and in my opinion it takes the podium for being one of the best ones. Today he is developing several projects around NFTs, such as 888tnw or 888innercircle. 

    If you want to understand what it’s 888tnw about, start reading this:

    “At 888 The New World we don’t believe in platforms charging artists 15-40% commission to showcase their work and we certainly don’t believe in galleries charging up to 50%. If we truly are going to create a new world then we need to put artists first and that means changing things up a lot. At 888 The New World we believe 8.88% is fair.”

    So, in other words, we can say that they are trying to boost art and artists by creating a fair environment, right?

    If you are looking to hear wise opinions, market trends and follow the path of one of the leaders inside this growing market you need to follow 888crypto right away.


    He doesn’t need any type of introduction, the well known entrepreneur GARY VEE is also one of the biggest or more active collectors in the space. 

    In case you don’t know him in- depth, I’ll give you a little background:

    Gary is an immigrant who comes to the United States after living his early years in Byelorussia. 

    Son of a family with these characteristics, immigrant, very family- oriented, collector and lover of garage sales since he was a child.

    Entrepreneurship is in his blood, starting his great career in his father’s liquor store. He turned the traditional liquor store they had into one of the most recognized in the city selling millions, much of it leveraging online ads in the early 2000’s, a total visionary. 

    He understood that social networks were going to be the next boom, we were all going to interact online and he created multiple businesses related to them, first his personal brand and then his digital marketing agency that today is one of the largest in the world. 

    Beani is the founder of “GM Capital” a company that funds multiple NFT and DeFI projects. He not only funds projects but alsowith some he gets involved as and is part of the team, giving advice based on his experience. Which I believe he has contributed greatly to the projects., which believe me, is a lot. For example, he’s an advisor of Pixel Vault, the creators of “Punks Comic”, a collection with more than 38,.000 ETH traded. If you want to get inside the head of a top-tier investor in the market, you need to be close to Beani. He is one of the persons that are more actively trading (NFTs and Cryptos, both) and their posts can be biased towards his holdings.

    Well, how to present DeeZe? He is a very active member of the NFT Community and heit’s always looking to jump in the next “big project”, or at least that’s what it implies. 

    To justify what I just said, the famous brand Playboy is creating a new collection of NFTs that I and many of the members of the community think can be one of the next big projects and among the people who are helping them you can find DeeZe, you know what I mean now?

    He has a big collection that includes Crypto Punks, Art Blocks, Meebits, etc. 

    He is also part of the team of Fractional Art, also one of the biggest platforms in the space. 


    I think Artchick may be the most recognized girl inside the NFT community and this is not for nothing, she deserves her place. 

    First of all, she spends most of her time researching or trading, she spends most of the time interacting inside the space. With that said, she is one of the people who is most immersed in the day- to- day and has such a structured investment criteria that positions her in a VERY professional manner.

    In her Twitter she gives tons of advice and something that I really like to highlight about her is that she does not only care about the fundamentals, she also cares about the mental health of people, something a few do and it’s VERY important to have constant success. 

    Tommy 1

    Big bull in Art and very active in new drops! 

    If you go to his twitter, you can see that his position as Business Developer at Nifty Gateway is being fulfilled to the fullest, especially following the imprint of helping to make the NFT space cheaper and easier to use to drive mass market adoption. 

    If Tommy can execute this with Nifty it could position the marketplace as the first or among the first. We can say that the battle between all of these is to see which one can make the user experience easier for newcomers but also offer features to allow those already in the market to continue to scale.

    Big collector, Punk lover and ETH maxi! 

    He is one of the collectors that are behind the essens, maybe he is not well recognized but his opinions as an investor are VERY valuable.  Fun fact: He is a proud owner of the BoredApe1000.  Looking to go deep into BAYC, analysis and well- formed opinions? Start following him!

    Looking for daily insights about the NFT market of one of the most thoughtful collectors? You definitely need to start following Matty. Not only because he was featured on GaryVee, CBCRadio, Coindesk, Reuters among others, because the deep level of analysis he does is not commonly seen. 

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    Looking for NFT Collectors for your Project?

    That’s what we do here at Crowdcreate. Imagine if you could get these NFT Collectors talking about your project? Book a call with our team to learn more.

    NFT Art Collectors


    This collector host the podcast “The Cutting Edge” where he interviews persons such as Tom Bilyeu, Fewocious, Don Diablo, Gary Vee, etc.  

    Want to follow the person who helped Visa buy its first NFT? You already have the profile! 

    A historic event, as the institutional adoption of the NFTs was made by the hand of this man, undoubtedly a superhero. One of the most knowledgeable and judicious Punks in the community.


    Jimmy is one of the people who has founded more projects in the space. Among them, we find NFT42, nameless NFT, NFT smart, NFT lando, etc.

    He is not only a founder, the most important is that he’s also a collector. Early adopter in Punks and Crypto Kitties. Most of his stories were told in an interview with Gary Vee.

    One thing we must point out is that his tweets are very good but his retweets are also very good, without a doubt a quality profile.


    He is a NFT Creator but also a big Collector. Only in the last 30d is the buyer who has spent the most money on Rarible, one of the marketplaces with the highest volume these days.

    He is an influencer and hosts multiple giveaways, so if you are looking for a person to help you promote your collection and also maybe buy it, you know who to call!



    Trying to spread awareness around art, this collector impacted many people with his large purchases and that is why many marketplaces started inviting him to speak on their Twitter Spaces. 

    He touched and spoke about his history, his criteria as a collector but above all the values he follows when moving within the market. 

    This is reflected in each of his posts on Twitter, he is definitely a person we should all learn from.

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