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Top German Crypto Influencers

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Influencers are experts or celebrities who have built a social media audience of loyal followers that frequently tune in to what they have to say about specific topics—in this case, cryptocurrency.

Is Crypto Popular in Germany?

Close to 25% of Germans owned digital assets at a retail level by 2019. That is 5.5 million out of Germany’s 46.05 million adults. At the same time, 87% of Germans were informed of what crypto is.

How we Rank these Crypto Influencers

1.) Peer scoring. We ask the experts and run surveys asking investors, founders, and influencers who rank at the top of their list.

2.) The number of deals or investment size. How active are these investors?

3.) ROI. How good are these investors’ returns on investment? Do they have the Midas touch and spotting the best deals?

4.) Social Influence. When they speak, do people listen?

5.) Community involvement. How active are they in giving back to the community?

Crypto Influencers

These Crypto Influencers share their expert insights on many of the most frequently asked questions in the industry.

Is crypto tax free in Germany?

Is crypto popular in Germany?

Is Germany crypto friendly?

Is buying Bitcoin legal in Germany?

How many crypto users are there in Germany?

What country deals with Bitcoin the most?

What country owns bitcoin?

List of German Crypto Influencers

HKCM provides price analysis to help you invest your money more efficiently. They define entry areas and target zones to make trading decisions easier. With a hit rate of over 70% of all designated trading areas and target zones, they are one of the leading analysis companies in German-speaking countries based on the Elliott Wave method.
This channel covers news about cryptocurrency, investing, saving money and fitness.
CryptoHeroes is your daily dose of cryptocurrency news. He’s also asking random people what they think about Bitcoin.
This channel mission is to spread valuable information about blockchain and DeFi, as well as provide my analysis about the most important crypto projects.
MonetenDave covers cryptocurrency and investment for(beginners and advanced investors). Crypto news, updates and podcasts.
Invest Now created this channel when he realized that many people often wonder which cryptocurrencies to buy or if it’s even worth it. With many years of experience in the crypto market, he shares his experience and ideas to help you become a better investor.
Covers everything about Bitcoin, Blockchain, digital currencies, STOs and DeFi.
This channel covers cryptocurrencies, stocks, technical analysis and how to earn money online.
Satoshi Stacker DE covers cryptocurrency, blockchain, technical analysis, news about whales and play to earn games.
Covers everything about cryptocurrencies, investing and making money online. This channel teaches how to invest successfully and rationally in cryptocurrencies and stocks yourself.

Is Crypto Tax Free in Germany?

At a personal level, profits regarding cryptocurrencies are tax-free if the total profit generated from private sales transactions in the calendar year was less than 600 Euros and sales of cryptocurrencies held over a year are tax exempt in Germany.

Looking For Crypto Influencers For Your Project?

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Is Crypto illegal in Germany?

Yes, Bitcoin mining and other crypto mining is legal in Germany. However, if you’re operating on a commercial level you may need a BaFin license.

Crypto Influencers

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