Female VC Crypto Investors

Top Female VC Crypto Investors

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Research shows that “VC firms with 10% more female investing partner hires make more successful investments at the portfolio company level, have 1.5% higher fund returns, and see 9.7% more profitable exits”. Here’s a dive into a list of Top Female VC Crypto Investors that we’ve curated.

How we Rank these Femlae VC Crypto Investors

1.) Peer scoring. We ask the experts and run surveys asking investors, founders, and influencers who rank at the top of their list.

2.) The number of deals or investment size. How active are these investors?

3.) ROI. How good are these investors’ returns on investment? Do they have the Midas touch and spotting the best deals?

4.) Social Influence. When they speak, do people listen?

5.) Community involvement. How active are they in giving back to the community?

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List of Top Female VC Crypto Investors

Former product manager of Coinbase, Linda Xie has raised a $20 million fund that is investing in blockchain companies in exchange for tokens, with a focus on privacy technology. She’s now invested in 18 projects.
Arianna Simpson founded Autonomous Partners, an investment fund focused on cryptocurrencies and digital assets. She also helped launch Crystal Towers Capital, an early-stage fund investing primarily in YC companies, in 2015.
Investor VC, Partner at Electric Capital. Maria Shen’s sweet spot for investment is around 1 million dollars. Investment ranges from one hundred thousand to 10 million
Meltem Demirors is Chief Strategy Officer of CoinShares, an investment firm that manages $750M in assets, and is a trusted partner to investors and entrepreneurs navigating the digital asset ecosystem.
Morgan Beller’s Investing Profile – NFX General Partner | Signal Bella started in venture in 2011. She’s also helped with investments in Zenefits, AltSchool, Digital Ocean and 15 or so others.
Parul Singh’s Investing Profile – Initialized Capital Partner | Signal (nfx.com) Partner at Initialized Capital. VC and Investor. Parul Singh’s sweet spot for investment is around $750,000. Investment ranges from $400,000 to $1.8million.

Women in Crypto Venture Capital Investing

Michelle Phan and Ashton Kutcher’s VC firm, Sound Ventures, raised $3 million during its seed round for Ecommerce startup, Lolli. Shoppers at Lolli are able to earn bitcoin rewards when shopping directly on Em Cosmetics (founded by Michelle Phan).
Former executive director of Stella Development Foundation. Now Joyce acts as an Advisor for Freestyle Capital who was a seed stage investor. Joyce is also a VC at Freestyle Capital.

Looking for Female VC Crypto Investors for your Project?

That’s what we do here at Crowdcreate. Imagine if you could get these VC Crypto Investors talking about your project? Book a call with our team to learn more.
Kim-Mai Cutler is a partner at Initialized Capital, an early-stage venture firm that has roughly $500M under management and has been a seed investor in companies including Coinbase, Instacart and Patreon.
Elizabeth Rossiello was an early portfolio investment with every major blockchain fund in the world.

Female Angel Crypto Investors to Follow

Lauren was named one of Forbes 30 Under 30 for Venture Capital in 2016. Lauren is a Founding Partner at Acrew Capital. Lauren leads investments in fintech and SaaS. Prior to founding Acrew, Lauren was a partner at Aspect Ventures. Investments that she has led or co-sponsored include Chime, Deserve, Divvy, EvidentID, Finix, Future Family, Grain, Gusto, Klar, Papaya Payments, Pie Insurance, TalkIQ (acquired by Dialpad),and Tara.ai.
Alexia Bonatsos is a venture capitalist and General Partner at Dream Machine, a seed fund investment firm interested in consumer and frontier tech, which includes blockchain.


We feel that female VC investors are shaking up venture capital although the VC world is still overwhelmingly male dominated. Women led VC funds are crushing the gender gap. And we’ll be expecting to see more female VCs around in the coming years. Crowdcreate put together this list of the top female VC crypto investors as voted by their peers in the industry. Do you want to get connected to the top crypto investors in the world? Contact Crowdcreate today.

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