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    Fashion NFT

    What is a Digital Fashion NFT?

    NFTs are basically a code that certifies ownership of this digital asset. An NFT doesn’t necessarily block other people’s free access to the asset, or allow the new owner the ability to change the asset. However, people buy NFTs to become the sole owner, or one of a small number of owners, of a unique digital asset. The most common is digital art but it could also be a tweet, a fashion item, or song.
    Brands are using non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and blockchain technology to attract and connect with consumers from all over the world in a different manner.
    The first recorded sale of a fashion NFT was the iridescent dress created by The Fabricant and sold for the equivalent of $9,500 in May 2019. The first luxury brand entrant was Gucci’s Aria film, auctioned for $25,000 in May 2021.
    Since then, a growing number of brands have developed different NFT projects and today we are going to review the most important ones explaining who they are and what they do.

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    Top NFT Fashion Projects

    RTFKT Studios: Big collabs later acquired by Nike

    Launched in early 2020, the RTFKT story is still being written. Fueled by high-profile collaborations, like one of the latest with Takashi Murakami that’s a Japanese contemporary artist. He works in media involving fine art, such as painting, sculpture and architecture, as well as what is conventionally considered: fashion, commercial media, merchandise and animation.
    They had lots of contacts at game publishers, said the co-founder Benoit Pagotto, so the first big project that they did was with Apex Legends. After that they did the Cyber Sneaker Collection and there is when things really took off with even Elon Musk wearing it.
    RTFKT did a collaboration with teenage artist FEWOCiOUS to sell real sneakers paired with virtual ones selling 600 pairs/NFTs in just 6 minutes, netting over $3.1 million at the time.
    They are “a leading brand that leverages cutting edge innovation to deliver next generation collectibles that merge culture and gaming”, said Nike in their official report announcing the acquisition of the brand.
    In an interview with Hero they asked to one of the founders: On that note your partner Steven said you guys see yourselves as “the new age Supreme for a digital audience.” What does that mean to you exactly?
    Followed with the answer:
    It’s about having the attitude to take a position. Supreme is born from skateboard culture. We are born from gaming culture. Supreme merges cultures and helps artists get discovered by new audiences with their collabs.
    Supreme works with brands you never expect as well, helping them stay relevant in contemporary conversations. We want to do the same for gaming culture.
    Fashion NFT

    The Fabricant: First movers inside Digital Fashion

    The Fabricant Studio works by inviting users to create, mint and trade digital garments as NFTs, which can then be worn across various digital environments within the metaverse – an emerging digital universe in which users can experience a parallel life.
    According to The Fabricant, it was developed to enable “anyone to become a digital fashion designer” and create clothing with leading brands and creatives.
    It is also “key to The Fabricant’s mission to create the wardrobe of the metaverse.
    They were the producers of the iridescent dress that was the first recorded sale of a fashion NFT for the equivalent of $9,500 in May 2019.
    Iridescent Dress
    Iridescent Dress
    There is no better way to start than by quoting the words of George Chivi: “A decentralized digital fashion house building the wardrobe of the metaverse. Series A $14m. The future of fashion. Awesome platform and community. Summary:
    📖 Manifesto. “Imagine a future that belongs to creators, one where we remove history’s gatekeepers and build a new economy where our financial rewards are finally equal to our talent. In this digital future, a kid in Dakar stands as much chance as a kid in Paris of becoming an influential fashion force”.
    👘 Fabricant Studio. A platform where anyone, anywhere can become a digital fashion creator and participate in the digital fashion economy. By 2025, 100 million people will be metaverse-ready by wearing digital garments minted in The Fabricant Studio. Season 2 is coming with World of Women | Stephanie Fung
    🤝 Collaborations. With companies that align on their values of sustainability, equity and community including adidas | Under Armour | PUMA Group | Star Atlas | Karlie Kloss”
    Michaela Larosse, head of content at The Fabricant, says in an interview with Luxiders:
    “Digital fashion has no history, no format and no existing template to follow; that is its beauty and that is why it is an exciting and innovative area for creativity. We can only be limited by our imagination. Innovation and creativity are never-ending conversations in the fashion industry. From the consumer’s point of view, we all live digital lives, expressing ourselves in multimedia and virtual realities. The expectation is to be able to express ourselves, limitlessly, through fashion in a sustainable and democratic way. These are the values that lay the foundation for us as a fashion house”

    DRESSX: largest fashion store for digital-only collections

    DRESSX is an international digital fashion multi-brand retailer that carries digital fashion collections from contemporary brands and designers. Digital fashion is virtual clothing using 3D software to build a true-to-life garment that can be visualized and simulated to look like real clothing.
    DRESSX just launched an app, where the content creation with new outfits became even easier: digital looks can be applied in Augmented Reality (AR) on real-time videos and photos. According to Barclay’s research, among the users of their credit cards, 9% of clothing is bought for content creation to be returned afterwards. DRESSX seeks to provide clothes that exist in their digital-only versions.
    DRESSX collaborated with a number of fashion companies, providing the technology for digital fashion dressing to Farfetch, featuring collections from Burberry, Balenciaga, Off-White, Dolce & Gabbana, Khaite, Palm Angels, and more. DRESSX’s signature AR digital hat was worn over 1 mln times on the app and social media platforms. DRESSX digital fashion was featured in Vogue Business, WWD, HighSnobiety, Forbes, Financial Times, and more high-profile media, with the covers for L’Officiel Vietnam, L’Officiel Ukraine, and Glamour Hungary print issues.
    DRESSX currently offers 3 digital fashion solutions:

    1. Digital fashion photo dressing:

    you can purchase this directly from or from the DRESSX app by choosing a product, adding it to the cart, uploading an image of yourself, and completing your order with fiat currencies. You will receive your digital item dressed in your image within 24h.

    2. AR fashion:

    you can experience this for free in the DRESSX app by wearing digital garments live, using our augmented reality camera.

    3. NFTs:

    DRESSX NFTs are all wearable! Meaning that you can digitally wear our NFTs.
    Fashion NFT,NFT Projects,Fashion NFT Projects

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    Fashion NFT

    RedDao: Winner of Dolce & Gabbana NFTs.

    Newly formed crypto group Red DAO aims to bring together members who are interested in supporting the growing digital fashion ecosystem. Red DAO will support, purchase, archive, collect, invest in items, and digital garments in the emerging world of digital wearables and fashion.
    Red Dao won Dolce & Gabbana’s “The Doge Crown” NFT in October as well as two digital “Impossible” jackets, spending nearly $1.9 million in Ethereum. The crown auction including the digital 3D image and the physical item sold for $1.27 million.
    The Doge Crown
    The Doge Crown
    Red DAO will have up to 45 initial members, who will pool their capital to make investments. Each member can purchase 100,000 Red DAO units for 50 Ethereum, or up to 300,000 units for 150 Ethereum.
    On the group’s website new members can connect their preferred Ethereum address and the amount of Ethereum they would like to contribute to Red DAO. Once the form is filled out, potential members will be onboarded and sent information on the RedDAO weekly call and Discord community.
    Megan Kaspar, Red DAO member and managing director of digital asset management firm Magnetic, states that the D&G sale was a key milestone for the group. Kaspar explained that Red Dao is looking at investing in the future of fashion technology, which for them, is NFT digital fashion. She explained to Yahoo Finance that the opportunity in digital fashion poses groundbreaking potential. The digital industry is $2.7 trillion and we foresee this will at least double over the next two decades due to digital fashion.
    Thanks FashionUnited for all the information!

    UNXD: The marketplace of Dolce & Gabbana NFTs.

    UNXD is focused on providing collectors with the best items and experiences for these culturally significant works.
    Created by the team behind prominent international editions of both Vogue and WIRED, UNXD focuses on creating and curating significant digital cultural moments. As editorial creators and curators, they are experts at creating and crafting stories around important cultural moments.
    They believe NFTs are bigger than digital alone. With a team from the luxury/culture and physical world, UNXD’s NFTs aim to bring “tangibility” into the NFT space.
    One of their biggest collaborations was with the well-known luxury brand Dolce & Gabbana for the development of an NFT collection called “Collezione Genesi”.
    Dolce Gabbana NFTs
    Dolce Gabbana NFTs
    Dolce & Gabbana presented Collezione Genesi to 450 guests in the Venice Casino during the three-day Alta Moda event. On August 28, the collection was mounted online, at, for all to see.
    Dolce & Gabbana and UNXD were hoping the online presentation to draw in the “crypto community”, deep-pocketed cryptocurrency investors who spend large sums on NFTs, says UNXD founder and chief executive Shashi Menon.
    UNXD took sustainability into account when developing the platform to auction the collection, building on Polygon, a blockchain that is 99 percent more energy-efficient than the notoriously high-energy consuming cryptocurrencies Bitcoin or Ethereum.
    Buyers were able to acquire it with wrapped ETH by bridging their Ethereum to the Polygon network. The boxes were minted on Layer 1 Ethereum and bridge to Polygon for delivery to their respective owners after the sale.

    THE DEMATERIALISED: Experiential Fashion Marketplace

    THE DEMATERIALISED is a Web3 digital fashion marketplace where consumers and creators can buy, sell and experience authenticated virtual goods.
    Their purpose is to converge and nurture the emerging digital fashion ecosystem providing viable new revenue streams and visceral experiences with a Web3.0 marketplace for authenticated virtual goods.
    What sets THE DEMATERIALISED apart is that their virtual items are released as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) which are generated, authenticated on the LUKSO blockchain. This means that each virtual good which is bought or sold on the platform has a unique identifier enabling a fully transparent product journey to be visible for all invited users. On entering a magic code, invited users are dropped into a 3D Space where they can interact with the digital garments for sale in a new and visceral manner. When they click through to get more information on the product they can see the designer’s face and learn about their creative process.
    Not only that, but users can bring the garment into their own environment using Augmented Reality (AR) to zoom in to the detail and look inside at the craft behind the design. The first iconic piece launched by THE DEMATERIALISED is a futuristic gender fluid metallic sweatshirt named HEXJERZO.
    THE DEMATERIALISED are very proud to announce that they accept both FIAT and Crypto. This is an important enabler to making digital fashion assets (NFTs) accessible to the non-crypto audience. After payment is processed, the invited user is directed to an exclusive area where they can experience their digital asset in four ways: WEAR (get digitally dressed ready for social media), PORT (direct to avatar in a game), TRADE (peer to peer marketplace) and DISPLAY (showcase the assets your have collected). Each of these post purchase pathways offer new-to-the-world ways to be able to use digital garments.
    Fashion NFT

    Overpriced: Fashion for the Crypto Generation

    Overpriced is aming to be a fashion brand for crypto enthusiast and is well represented with their slogan “Fuck your Money”.
    They officially joined the NFT space by doing an auction of their black hoodie emblazoned with an expletive-laden logo in neon green graffiti font. It was sold for 26,000 USD on the digital art marketplace Blockparty to an anonymous bidder who received the NFT as well as the physical garment.
    “If at any point the hoodie is lost, stolen, damaged, or sold, the V-codes can be invalidated and a new hoodie will be shipped to the new owner’s address of choice, thus becoming the new authentic piece,” the company explained. Essentially, it considers its pieces to “wearable art.”
    Overpriced Hoodie
    Overpriced Hoodie

    CYBR: The magazine of the future.

    Inside NFTs innovation is the blood of all the projects, especially in the one that we are going to review now as they succeeded in revolutionizing a market as traditional as the magazine one by adding NFTs or AR, among other elements to improve the user experience.
    As they say in their website: “CYBR is a magazine and collective that focuses on futurism and tech culture. Whether that’s NFT art, or fusion energy, we’ve got you covered”
    All their magazine issues from 04 onward are AR enabled, giving a chance for the pages to come to life. You’ll also find posters, postcards and stickers with augmented reality capabilities. Their AR is available to everyone, simply use Instagram to enable our augmented reality experiences. Visit @cybrmagazine, tap filters, and choose the correct filter for your issue or product. Each issue comes with an AR card to help you interact with the magazine.
    Of course they accept crypto as a payment method and the collaborations that they are doing in order to offer quality content are amazing, they even talked with Kimbal Musk (yes… Elon’s brother).
    Fashion NFT
    Fashion NFT,NFT Projects,Fashion NFT Projects

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    Neuno: The Wardrobe for the Metaverse.

    neuno is a platform to buy, sell, and trade fashion NFTs. It offers new business models and revenue streams for brands—new storytelling, activations, and excitement.
    They are aiming to connect the fashion industry with the crypto world and work as a virtual wardrobe. In fact what makes the project unique is that work directly with the world’s largest fashion houses and artists.
    neuno specializes in the commissioning and creation of bespoke fashion content. From collaborative pieces with luxury brands, photographers, directors, and artists, neuno features unlockable content, bonus assets and authentic content owned exclusively by you. neuno will never be something that is not endorsed by our collaborators.
    The challenge is making highly technical processes seem slick, premium, and easy. The customers are ready – the technology isn’t quite there yet – but it’s coming and being refined daily.
    In an interview with Cathy Hackl, Natalie Johnson-the founder-addressed a topic trying to argue “if it’s not now, then when?”. According to her perspective the quarantine accelerated the digitization process and it’s the time for brands to think about their digital strategy more than ever.


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