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Top Crypto Influencers in Vietnam

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Crypto influencers can make money in a variety of different ways, ranging from paid sponsorships to promoting their own educational products. When it comes to their overall success, it's often measured by their track record and audience size.

How much do Crypto influencers Make?

Their rates are currently working out at a CPM (cost per mille, aka cost per a thousand views) of about $500 to $1500. If you look at an influencer’s average views for a video that has been up for a month, if they are hitting around 10,000 views, expect to pay between $5,000 and $15,000.

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Crypto Influencers

These Top Crypto Influencers share their expert insights on many of the most frequently asked questions in the industry.

Who is the best crypto trader to follow?

Who is the most important crypto influencer on Twitter?

Who is the biggest crypto influencer on YouTube?

Why was there a crypto in Vietnam?

How many people own crypto in Vietnam?

What crypto is popular in Vietnam?

Is Vietnam crypto friendly?

List of Top Crypto Influencers in Vietnam

Thai Pham is a 40 years old this year, graduated with an MBA at the University of Hawaii – USA, He is the founder of Happy Live Ltd ( – a company specializing in investment, investment training & coaching and personal development. I am also an effective investor and fund manager with over 17 years of investment experience in Vietnam’s stock market.
VIETSUCCESS, formerly known as The Quoc Khanh Show youtube channel, is a knowledge sharing platform to help Vietnamese people develop themselves to achieve sustainable success in career and life. The summary content distilled from the video can be consulted at
Blockchain Dream shares his live trade and analysis of crypto on youtube. Provides good insight on how to trade in the crypto space.
Thien is quite knowledgeable about finance and the crypto market. Started with Vietnam stock market, then world Forex and now Crypto Trader (coin – cryptocurrency). Thien has been involved in the coin market since June 2016 and has encountered many difficulties, losses and challenges in this market.
Đầu tư Trade Coin constantly updates information and knowledge about the cryptocurrency market, virtual currency investment, bitcoin, blockchain platform, and other cryptocurrencies. Orientation to help you with the smartest and safest investment methods when trading coins, investing in ICOs, holding coins.
ThuanCapital is Vietnam’s leading digital currency (Crypto) media unit covering a wide range of Crypto market news and analysis. Our editorial content is based on a passion for the Crypto market, finance and blockchain technology. Our primary goal is to provide valuable information to investors and traders in the Crypto market.
Kiến Thức Crypto provides and aggregates information and objective knowledge about the Crypto market, With the desire to support and accompany investors when they first start participating in the market.
Dad Verb 134,000 subscribers and produces content for new parents and young families from a dad’s perspective. We create videos and reviews for a variety of family-related products including home tech, toys, baby gear and gadgets for dads.
MarginATM’s Youtube channel is where you can find quality tutorials & trading knowledge in the crypto market. Share quality and methodical knowledge arranged for Newbie to learn from A-Z. Have an overview of Crypto, predictions, experience in Crypto investment. Share contests and events from margin trading platforms to receive bonuses to make it easier to make money from margin trading. Share, confide, exchange, support each other to go up in this trillion dollar trading market. All information is shared from an objective point of view and is not considered investment advice.
Giving personal views on market index analysis based on the cyclical structure of the digital market.

Is Crypto illegal in Vietnam?

Bitcoin and other similar cryptocurrencies have been specifically designated by SBV as illegal and are banned for trade relationships. Therefore, using, supplying, and issuing cryptocurrencies in Vietnam is liable to fines — up to US$8,700 — and imprisonment.

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Is Crypto Popular in Vietnam?

Crypto’s rising popularity in Vietnam Out of 74 countries in the Statista Global Consumer Survey, the second highest rate of cryptocurrency use in the survey was recorded in Vietnam while Nigerians were the most likely to say they used or owned cryptocurrency.

Crypto Influencers

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