Top Crowdfunding Marketing Tools & Services

Top Crowdfunding Marketing Tools & Services

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When it comes to promoting a crowdfunding campaign, you can never do it well without the help of online marketing tools. From sustaining your social media schedule to making sure your words are SEO-friendly, there are tools to serve every purpose of online marketing. All you have to do is decide your requirements and add to your list of tools accordingly.
The requirement might be different for every crowdfunding campaign. For example, one might want to focus more on Pinterest because they have a visually pleasing product while some other campaign might work better on professional platforms like LinkedIn. Either way, online marketing has a lot to do with planning and analysis. Every step you take in promoting your campaign should have a calculative approach.

How do you get Leads for Crowdfunding?

Get your visitors to recommend their friends by enticing them with giveaways or rewards if they invite their friends. Put on a contest to promote your crowdfunding product or service via social media channels. You can also create promotional campaigns that will bring you qualified leads.

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List of Top Crowdfunding Marketing Tools & Services

BackerClub is an online community of crowdfunding enthusiasts and passionate early-adopters. They connect Creators with Backers in a double-sided platform. Their members receive exclusive benefits that they provide by engaging with creators of Kickstarter & Indiegogo looking for additional awareness and support for their campaign.
BackerLand is home to the largest and most active crowdfunding super backers in the world. To date, their members have supported over 700 projects on Kickstarter and Indiegogo with each of our members contributing to an average of 36 projects.
Kickbooster brings extensive knowledge and experience in eCommerce to the crowdfunding industry to help project creators turn their idea into a profitable business or expand their existing offering. Kickbooster’s tools are designed to help project creators fully realize the benefit of their crowdfunding campaign and successfully transition from fundraising to selling.
BackerKit is the best way for crowdfunding project creators to manage their backers, help fulfill their campaign on time, and allow them to focus on what they love doing, making something awesome!
Hyperstarter is an analytics tool that works with crowdfunding campaigns and gives valuable advice on how to make them successful.
Gadget Flow is the original product discovery platform for staying up to date with the latest tech, gear, and most incredible crowdfunding campaigns. Reaching over 30 million people per month, our iOS and Android apps support AR and VR for next-level product exploration.
First Backer
First Backer By Jellop is a community of Kickstarter’s most passionate backers dedicated to bringing crowdfunding ideas to life. Their users always know about new projects, early bird rewards, exclusive discounts, and hot projects that are about to end. They send exclusive behind-the-scenes interviews with creators and breaking Kickstarter news.
Has expanded to an all-in-one marketing platform. You can use this tool for setting up your email newsletter campaigns plus use their social media and landing page features to set up your website with ease. The idea is to simplify the entire first phase of setting up a website and promotional workflow. You can use the platform based on your requirements and use the desired tools at its best.
BuzzSumo helps by defining the best influencers for your campaign and helping you connect with them to make use of the opportunity. The tool also includes Facebook content analysis and loads of other features for content discovery you can tap into.
Canva gives you specific image types based on the various social media platforms and also your other online marketing requirements. From designing Facebook Ads to blog images to GIFs, you can do it all with the new Canva editor. The drag-and-drop system is super easy to use and can help you be more creative with your graphics even if you aren’t an expert.

What is a Crowdfunding Strategy?

Crowdfunding is when businesses, organizations or individuals fund a business without traditional means with small donations from many people. By receiving the necessary boost to cash flow, these ventures can get off the ground or launch new projects.
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Looking for Crowdfunding Marketing Agency for your Project?

Crowdcreate is a leading Crowdfunding Marketing Agency and advisory. Crowdcreate is an award-winning full-service consultancy being named “Top Crowdfunding Marketing Firm” by Forbes, CoinBureau, and Clutch.

Do you pay back Crowdfunding?

No worries about payback. While you want to deliver for your crowdfunders, the crowdfunding concept works more like a grant than a loan. On many crowdfunding platforms, you don’t have to pay back money or pay interest.
Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator
The Blog Topic Generator will come up with interesting ideas you can write about. You can add up to five nouns to get the most appropriate blog topics for your website. The best aspect of this generator is that it works super fast and is quite efficient as a free tool for beginners. You don’t need to go for expensive tools to give you the first topics, which is a big plus for low-budget campaigns.
With Buffer you can maintain a schedule for most of the popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and more. As a result, you can post consistently without worrying about time zones and effective audience analysis. Over the years, Buffer has grown as a product and now offers two other additions: Reply and Analyze. Together with these add-ons, you can achieve a complete social media setup.
With Ahrefs, you get the opportunity to learn about your competitor’s behavior and work accordingly with your project. From backlink research to keyword research, this set of tools will help you define your campaign analysis on Google right from the beginning. Their Top Pages report gives you an idea of which pages give backlinks to your competitors so that you can also work on it.
Survey Anyplace
With Survey Anyplace, you can easily create interactive surveys for your potential audience to get the feedback you desire. Creating custom surveys can often be time-consuming and stressful but with Survey Anyplace, you can get the job done in much less time and with greater efficiency.
This analyzer gives you the opportunity to work on your headlines and make them stand out. And most importantly, their analysis is very detailed which will help you work on the current title as well as improve on your future titles as well. Additionally, you can also use the Email Subject Line Tester to nail those newsletters as and when you send them out.
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Looking for Crowdfunding Marketing Agency for your Project?

Crowdcreate is a leading Crowdfunding Marketing Agency and advisory. Crowdcreate is an award-winning full-service consultancy being named “Top Crowdfunding Marketing Firm” by Forbes, CoinBureau, and Clutch.

What makes a successful crowdfunding?

The secret to launching a successful crowdfunding campaign involves investing heavily in pre-campaign lead generation. “Before your campaign launches, spend a significant amount of ad spend collecting leads who want to know when your product launches,” explains Justin Arakaki, Director of Crowdfunding at LaunchBoom.

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