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Top Crowdfunding Marketing Agencies

Launch your Crowdfunding Campaign Now! Ready to bring your dream project to life? Launch your crowdfunding campaign now with Crowdcreate, the top-rated Crowdfunding Marketing Agency.
The essence of crowdfunding is that it allows anyone to find their earliest adopters and materialize a great idea or project. A successful crowdfunding campaign can be what your business needs to reach the next level.
Ideally you’d want a company that shares your passion about what you’re doing and not just focus on getting paid, which is always a warning sign.

How does Crowdfunding work

Crowdfunding flourishes by getting people to donate to a cause they are passionate about. As a result, people donate money for the ideal reason: they want to help others.

List of Best Crowdfunding Marketing Agencies

Crowdcreate adopts data-driven and visual capabilities to produce convincing results for its clients. Some of the company’s capabilities include video production, content creation, strategy, investor, sales outreach programs, social media influencers, etc.
Agency 2.0
Founded in 2010, Agency 2.0 was the first full service agency specializing in Kickstarter marketing and promotions. Their multi-step product launch strategy is built on 10+ years of expertise and over 500 products launched from start to finish.
Jellop is a technology and marketing startup that develops and applies innovative methods of running pay-per-click campaigns. It has gained a competitive edge in crowdfunding platforms and helped over 400 Kickstarter projects exceed their funding goals since the beginning of 2015.
Funded Today helps businesses to succeed, especially through the fast-paced world of rewards-based crowdfunding on both Kickstarter and Indiegogo!
Enventys Partners
Enventys Partners is a full-service product development firm and marketing agency that takes new product ideas from cocktail napkin to market.
The Launchpad Agency
The LaunchPad Agency is a leading Public Relations and Digital Marketing firm focused on launching new products, platforms, apps, and games into the market.
The Crowdfunding Formula
Their projects include a software suite of unique marketing tools, a tech-based media company, a learning platform, and unique social platforms that allow us to engage communities of over 100,000 people on a weekly basis. Their team of champion-minded marketers and engineers are individually driven to become world-class experts, redefining the possibilities within their fields.
They spread ideas, and help to grow brands. They’re proudly independent and composed of subject matter experts and award-winning thinkers, designers, content creators, digital storytellers, and developers. They’ve become the world’s fastest-growing PR, social, and digital agency because of our unique story-based and data-driven approach.
RainFactory is a marketing consulting company that offers strategy development, design, and advertising services. Performance marketing services for eCommerce, apps and enterprise brands. They bridge the gap between people and products through end-to-end online marketing.
Krowdster is the first do-it-yourself crowdfunding marketing & PR Software as a Service for equity and rewards campaigns. They offer the world’s largest searchable crowdfunding backer directory with over 4 million kickstarter and indiegogo backers, a 40+ million Facebook ads targeting audience, a twitter marketing tool that builds a targeted audience, a press release service and many other features that empower crowdfunders to prepare and run a successful crowdfunding campaign.

What is a Crowdfunding Strategy?

Crowdfunding is when businesses, organizations or individuals fund a business without traditional means with small donations from many people. By receiving the necessary boost to cash flow, these ventures can get off the ground or launch new projects.

Looking for Best Crowdfunding Marketing Agency for your Project?

Crowdcreate is a leading Crowdfunding Marketing Agency and advisory. Crowdcreate is an award-winning full-service consultancy being named “Top Crowdfunding Marketing Firm” by Forbes, CoinBureau, and Clutch.

Do you pay back Crowdfunding?

No worries about payback. While you want to deliver for your crowdfunders, the crowdfunding concept works more like a grant than a loan. On many crowdfunding platforms, you don’t have to pay back money or pay interest.
They combine modern software and dedicated service to bring performance and efficiency to crowdfunding. Their reach is global, combining their experience with cutting-edge technology and analytics to find the best backers for the best products.
Agency Samit Patel
Samit Patel put together a team of experts in their areas of speciality, but with the same care and passion that he has shown throughout his career. They love to work with small companies, starting out on the road to greatness. Innovative designers who have something the world will love, but need help to make it happen.
They help bring purposeful ideas into the world, and scale them up, through crowdfunding. Their collective has been working with amazing, game-changing creators for over a decade now and have created over 500 successful crowdfunding campaigns, consistently improving our approach.
Survey Anyplace
Common Industry is a multi-award winning communications agency that blends the pace of creative PR with intelligent brand strategy to help businesses navigate modern marketing. They understand the drivers of growth for scaling businesses and their multi-disciplinary team is purpose-built to deliver work that out maneuvers the competition.
Craft Services
Their main focus is helping to demystify the art of crowdfunding creative projects and audience engagement and have extensive experience in record labels, distribution, performance, production, and everything in-between.
Crowdsourced, up-to-date data provided to you, by other users. With seven years of marketing experience in the digital startups, software engineering, consumer products and the tabletop games industries, they know how to bring the right audience to the right product.
Arora Project
The Arora Project is an equity crowdfunding agency with one goal: helping exceptional entrepreneurs rapidly scale their ventures through decentralized, democratized fundraising. Their team specializes in creating high-converting funnels across industries, and we’re proud to be the preferred agency partner of Republic.
Blazon Agency is a multi-faceted Agency with a core focus on launching innovation projects through expertise in Marketing, Advertising and PR. Blazon’s strong track record spans over 85 Agency campaigns, working with companies from startup level to SME and corporate innovation levels.
Nuuk Digital
Their team is driven to help maximize your returns and driving your business growth. We achieve this through a bespoke service that is designed to reinvent your business from the inside out.
LaunchBoom is the most effective product launch system and full service marketing agency that manages the entire crowdfunding process from start to finish. They partner with companies looking to launch new innovative products on Indiegogo or Kickstarter and we always deliver successful campaigns.

How do you get leads for crowdfunding?

Get your visitors to recommend their friends by enticing them with giveaways or rewards if they invite their friends. Put on a contest to promote your crowdfunding product or service via social media channels. You can also create promotional campaigns that will bring you qualified leads.

Looking for Crowdfunding Marketing Agency for your Project?

Crowdcreate is a leading Crowdfunding Marketing Agency and advisory. Crowdcreate is an award-winning full-service consultancy being named “Top Crowdfunding Marketing Firm” by Forbes, CoinBureau, and Clutch.

What makes a successful crowdfunding?

The secret to launching a successful crowdfunding campaign involves investing heavily in pre-campaign lead generation. “Before your campaign launches, spend a significant amount of ad spend collecting leads who want to know when your product launches,” explains Justin Arakaki, Director of Crowdfunding at LaunchBoom.

Crowdfunding FAQ

The cost of crowdfunding agencies varies depending on the amount of work that they do and the type of business you’re planning on running. The costs of running a crowdfunding campaign can range from $5,000 to $10,000. Crowdfunding agencies charge a fee for their services, so the fee is not included in the total cost. There are a lot of different crowdfunding agencies, so you might need to compare their services to see which one works best for you.
Crowdfunding has become a huge success in recent years, but the success rate is not 100%. It is important to know what the success rate is so that you know what to expect. There are many factors that can affect your crowdfunding campaign, such as the amount of time that your campaign is active, the amount of funding that you are aiming for, and the platform that you choose to run your campaign on.
Kickstarter and Indiegogo are two of the most popular platforms for crowdfunding. Kickstarter focuses on creative projects and Indiegogo focuses on business. There are many differences between the two platforms, but the key difference is how much funding you can raise. With Kickstarter, you are limited to how much you can raise. Indiegogo allows you to raise funds until your project is fully funded. It is important to choose the right platform for your project based on the amount of money you need.
In order to get your crowdfunding campaign started, you need to find an agency that specializes in crowdfunding. For a fee, they will help you create the campaign and monitor the progress of the campaign. The cost of running a crowdfunding campaign can range from $5,000 to $10,000, depending on the type of business you’re planning on running. They charge a fee for their services.
Launch your Crowdfunding Campaign Now! Ready to bring your dream project to life? Launch your crowdfunding campaign now with Crowdcreate, the top-rated Crowdfunding Marketing Agency.


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