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Biohacking has been gaining popularity in recent years as more people look for ways to optimize their health, performance, and overall wellbeing. From experiments with fasting and ketogenic diets, to tracking biomarkers and using technology like wearables, biohacking encompasses a range of techniques and practices.

In this listicle, we highlight some of the top influencers in the biohacking space who are driving interest and sharing their knowledge on biohacks. From doctors, scientists and quantified self enthusiasts, to biohackers pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, these individuals are advancing the biohacking movement.

What is Biohacking?

Biohacking refers to the practice of utilizing science, technology and self-experimentation to hack one’s own biology and take control of your body and mind. The goal is to optimize health, wellbeing, and performance.

Common Biohacks

Some common biohacks include intermittent fasting, tracking biomarkers through blood tests, using wearables to monitor sleep and activity, taking nootropics or smart drugs, using Technology like red light therapy or cryotherapy, and following certain diets like keto.

Who are Biohacking Influencers?

Biohacking influencers are thought leaders in this space who experiment on themselves with different biohacks and share their experiences and data. They often have expertise in specific areas like brain optimization, longevity, or human performance.

Why Follow Biohacking Influencers?

These influencers help drive interest and awareness about biohacking. They share the scientific research behind different biohacks and provide real-world anecdotal evidence on the outcomes. Their self-experimentation and quantification of the results inspires people to learn more and try new biohacks.

Biohacking Pioneers

Influencers like Dave Asprey, Ben Greenfield, and James Clement are early pioneers who helped bring biohacking into the mainstream. Today there is a growing community of influencers focused on more niche aspects of biohacking or using science to debunk myths.

Staying on Top of the Latest Biohacks

Follow these influencers to learn about emerging biohacks, get advice on implementation, and stay motivated about optimizing your biology through science and technology. The influencers on this list are trusted sources spreading knowledge in this transhumanist pursuit of human enhancement.

Top Biohacking Experts & Influencers

I’m a neuroscientist and professor of neurobiology and ophthalmology and, by courtesy, psychiatry and behavioral sciences at Stanford School of Medicine. My work focuses on brain development, function, and neuroplasticity. I host the Huberman Lab podcast, where we discuss science and science-based tools for everyday life.

Founder/CEO of Blueprint, Kernel, OS Fund and (formerly) Braintree Venmo.

Author of 5 #1 NYT/WSJ bestsellers, early-stage investor, Tim Ferriss Show podcast (900M+ downloads), founder of

Ph.D in biomedical science interested in nutrition, brain & aging. Host of FoundMyFitness podcast.

New York Times bestselling author, Researcher of epigenetics, quantum physics & neuroscience.

MD focused on the science of longevity. Obsessed w/ JMA, OMA, RFA, AVA, archery, racing cars, Senna, DFW, ligers. I’m trying not to be an ultracrepidarian.


Biohacking refers to the practice of making intentional changes to your lifestyle and environment to “hack” your biology and optimize your health and performance. This includes tracking biomarkers, using technology to monitor and improve sleep, diet, exercise, and utilizing science-based tools like nootropics or gene testing. The goal is self-empowerment through data, running experiments and being your own body’s detective.

Some of the leading biohacking influencers worth following are Dave Asprey, Ben Greenfield, James Clement, Rhonda Patrick, Timothy Ferris, and Jim Kwik. They share the latest biohacks and provide guidance on implementation.,,,, and are some of the most visited blogs covering various biohacking topics like brain optimization, healthspan, performance, and quantified self tracking.
Biohacking techniques can help manage stress, improve energy levels, enhance cognitive function, lose weight, boost immunity, live longer, and upgrade your body through measurable interventions. It puts the user in the driver’s seat of their own health outcomes.
Current trends include using AI and machine learning to optimize data, psychedelics for mental health, genetic testing, peptide therapy, and exosome therapy. There is also growing interest in ecological and environmental biohacking focused on the microbiome.
Evidence-based biohacks for better performance include sleep tracking, meditation, nootropics like modafinil or l-theanine, fasting or time-restricted eating, cold exposure, sauna use, and oxygen therapy via pressurized chambers or concentrators.
Begin by identifying your goals and tracking relevant metrics using wearables or health tests. Start with basic biohacks like optimizing sleep, adjusting your diet, exercising regularly and reducing stress. As you progress, you can incorporate advanced biohacks tailored to your needs.
Some misconceptions are that it is risky, unnatural, requires lots of gear or only for elite users. However, biohacking can be done safely using science-backed practices. Beginners can start with simple DIY biohacks for health.
Biohacking techniques like tracking biomarkers, heart rate variability training, cold thermogenesis, and neurofeedback training can enhance exercise performance, accelerate recovery, burn fat, build muscle, and upgrade your mind-body connection.

Top biohacking gadgets include wearable devices from WHOOP, Oura ring, levels, insidetracker, supplements from HVMN, light therapy glasses, at-home sauna blankets, and fitness trackers like Apple watch or Garmin.

Looking for Influencers for your Project? Imagine the impact of having these top influencers championing your project! Connect with our team today and discover how you can bring influential voices into your venture.


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