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ICO Marketing, like anything else, follows cycles and moves in waves. ICO Marketing follows timelines like any other investment. It is important to understand and plan for every stage throughout the process.

These are the four timelines that your marketing team should be planning for your ICO Marketing strategy. We will discuss these four timelines in detail below .

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1. Annual Marketing Timeline

This is your entire campaign for your project for the year. This contains every project, bounty program, and events you will be running. This is the most important timeline to create because it will serve as a foundation for all of your other timelines.

It is important to note that there will be different stages and goals for different parts of the year. We organize our schedule in quarters, half years, then full years. We give ourselves a goal for each of these deadlines. Plan for the tools and strategies that you will be using in advance. The same tools/strategies that you will be using in the first quarter of the year will not be the same ones you will be using in the last.

ICO Marketing is an ever-changing field so be aware that the annual marketing timeline may change rapidly as you pivot. Be ready to adapt and accommodate changes as you move forward.

2. Marketing and Sales Timeline

Marketing and Sales timelines are great for events, product releases, and promotional campaigns. These timelines will work as a baseline for everything ranging from your product timeline to community building and engagement.

Having a well-rounded and concrete timeline for your marketing and sales will help you track every advertisement, collaboration, and community activities. This will allow you to stay ahead of every situation without having to engage in last minute planning or even missing any crucial tasks.

3. Project Timeline

Project timelines are less abstract than annual timelines. This is where we get deliverables and specific assets. ICO Marketing is essentially a string of completed projects. Because every project has custom components, it is hard to track. Project timelines help you get situated and keep track of deliverables/dates. Volunteers should be practically begging to join the brand!

Projects timelines are very specific and can be broken down into four stages: ideation, planning, execution, measurement.

I. Ideation
Ideation is the first step to your project timeline. It should include project plan, initial launch, and meeting set up. This is very important for the cryptocurrency world because your customers are financially vested in your project and expect you to keep them in loop and provide them all the details pertaining to your project. Having a clarity will help you reflect the same on to your investors.

II. Planning 
This is where you determine specific action items from the ideation plan. It should include project scope, goal setting, budgets, scope, work breakdown, and contacts. The entire team should be in sync and work towards the same goal in mind. The more specific this timeline gets the more time is saved by avoiding confusion. Extensive planning will also help you avoid lapses and prevent them quickly should they occur.

III. Execution
Execution is all about tracking the deliverables you set in the planning phase. It should include project launch, KPI Tracking, deliverables, and ROI (Performance of Project) metrics.

IV. Measurement
This is when your project is over and you measure how successful it was. This step includes project debrief, time tracking, cost tracking, goals met, goals missed, and final reporting.

4. Event Marketing Timeline

Whether it be your crowdsale, crypto meetups, hackathons, and conferences, Event planning is the most specific level of planning you will have to do for ICO marketing. There are four stages of planning an event.

I. Planning
This phase should occur 8 months prior to the event. You should be setting a budget, purpose, venue, target audience, and a plan b. Brainstorm the most efficient practices to achieve your goal and share them with your team for ideas. Once you have a solid start you can work your way up as the event date approaches. Do remember to make arrangements to accommodate changes as you go.

II. Promotion
Once the event is set, you should be promoting it so that people actually show up and engage. You should be promoting at least 4-5 months prior to the event. You should be using social media, online advertisements, influencers, community management, and press release to grab the attention of your target audience.

III. Hosting on Event Day
One the day off check to make sure your guests/participants arrive, everybody’s safety is upheld, and that there are activities to do. Make sure all the planning is thorough and have a trial run for important functions.

IV. Post Event
Once you are done with the event, set aside time to go through what was a hit, what went wrong, and what could be improved. Taking this information and analyzing it will help you stay level-headed and improve in the long run.


In short, your ICO Marketing follows a timeline. It is a good idea to plan for this timeline. Using the four timelines I mentioned as a basis, you can really set clear actionable goals for your ICO marketing. We here at CrowdCreate have helped several projects run a successful crowd sale campaign by optimizing the aforementioned strategies. Over the years, we’ve gained insights as to what works best for different kinds of projects. We’ve successfully increased the size of our client’s Telegram channels 1,000% in just 3 months. The results are an increase in funds raised by millions of dollars.

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