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Remember when cryptos were not popular? When early adopters spoke about cryptos, Bitcoin, blockchian, the future they imagined and people thought they were crazy and even linked cryptos with criminals and said that bitcoin is an asset without backing (if they knew what the backing of the dollar is they wouldn’t be saying that).
Today it seems to be a totally different reality, it seems that decades have passed but no, only a few years have passed. The economic context, inflation, political turmoil and digitalization drove adoption and today everyone wishes they had bought Bitcoin and Ethereum in its early days.
Judging without knowing is like having a blindfold, it keeps us from seeing reality. Unfortunately many people went through this stage but today they are slowly waking up.
Most of the people in the crypto market are millennials with great aspirations and desires that are looking for new ways to continue accumulating cryptos for their portfolio.
If we continue with this analogy… Millennials are looking for freedom, jobs without schedules or location to dedicate time to what they like and build their future.
But… What do they like the most? No, it’s no longer sports, girls, or anything like that, what they like the most are VIDEO GAMES.
What if I told you that everyone can earn cryptocurrencies FOR FREE (the asset millennials most want to accumulate) while doing one of their favorite activities, Playing Video Games? This is real, and it’s called “Play to Earn”
Today is a day in which every person who received a comment like the following has to be happy to be alive:
  • “If you play games all day long you will never make any money”.
  • “Playing games you will never build a future”.
  • “It is impossible to live playing games”.
  • “If you play games all day long, you will be nobody in life”.
To hell with those, today you can, and all this is thanks to the famous model we are going to talk about today: “Play To Earn”.

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What it’s “Play-To-Earn”?

Generating income while playing a game sounds impossible for most of us. However, thanks to the play-to-earn movement, that scenario is not far from reality.
Most crypto-enthusiast are bullish on the play-to-earn (P2E) model, this is a growing, popular trend in the gaming industry. P2E games are blockchain-based platforms that pay you — yes, you — to play crypto games.
Anything that comes with the possibility of earning money never goes out of the “next big thing” category. The same is the case with the best NFT games. Players are going crazy over these exciting games, especially since they come with increased profitability. Over time, top players have realized the value of entering the NFT game world earlier rather than later.
Blockchain-based games are sowing the seeds of a new micro-economy. One where gamers around the world can generate monetary value doing what they love, playing games. Blockchain transforms games that follow a Web 2 approach, to a decentralized Web 3 type. Here, players go from consumers, to real owners, that not only decide the future of their game stories, but they can fully control their in-game items beyond a single game itself.
Most of these games follow the same approach: they create an NFT that it’s a tokenized representation of a digital asset that inherently transfers its ownership to the wallet holding it. The ownership is recorded in an immutable, accessible, distributed and decentralized ledger called blockchain.
Blockchain game NFTs include virtual land within the games, in-game items, and collectibles associated with the game and the big difference here is that you can actually be the owner of that and use it to make a profit based on it.
It finally seems that people have started to realize the potential behind the combination of games with blockchain technologies. Especially with intriguing concepts like the metaverse gaining visibility across mainstream media. A market with a capitalization of $25,000,000,000 UDS is now changing the way people play video games.
Let’s figure out what are the Play To Earn Crypto Games with more Potential this 2021.  To see what are the most famous check this other article: CLICK HERE


best crypto games

Splinterlands is a collectible card game that you will find very similar to the well-known Magic The Gathering or games like Yu-Gi-Oh!, where your objective is to build the best possible deck of cards to face your enemies and come out victorious. The game system allows you to fight against other players in matches and tournaments.
In Splinterlands, each card has its own characteristics and abilities, which makes them more or less valuable depending on how you use them in a duel. This tells us that Splinterlands has a strong element of strategy that we must exploit to the maximum if we want to obtain victory in our duels.
The best thing about Splinterlands is that each card is an NFT that lives on the HIVE blockchain, so we are facing a game with economic and high-speed blockchain capacity, which helps enormously in its adoption and in cost of operations quite low compared to other blockchain such as Ethereum.
Data from DappRadar confirms that Splinterlands has surpassed 300 thousand daily active users. This is greater than the number of players in the Alien Worlds metaverse, which is just shy of 278 thousand users at the time of writing.
Going by the numbers, Splinterlands emergence at the top of blockchain gaming has been a fast development. Its daily user base was at just 90 thousand players in Agust – less than half of its current base– and at less than 10 thousand users in July.
The Splintershards token (SPS) is a cryptocurrency governance token that provides increasing levels of decision-making and control over the product to the player base, asset owners and other stakeholders. This is possible because Splinterlands has created a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) that uses a series of smart contracts published on Binance Smart Chain (BSC).
To achieve manage the cross-chain system of the DAO (on BSC) and the Splinterlands game smarts contracts (on Hive) a decentralized oracle system is used that allows users or other entities chosen by the SPS token holders to run software that will transmit relevant information about the game transactions on the Hive blockchain to the SPS token smart contracts on BSC and vice versa, with this action those who run this software will receive SPS token rewards. This is a way to earn profits using Splinterlands, without having to play.
In-game rewards (for winning battles) are given in DEC tokens (Dark Energy Crystals). This is an ERC-20 type token that has trading space on platforms such as Tron, Hive, Steem, BSC and Ethereum. On these blockchain there are smart contracts that allow you to interact with the token for buying and selling and exchange.
To win DEC you must have in your possession the so-called summoner’s spellbook, as this is a requirement to be eligible for the delivery of rewards.
Ranked battles are one of the main ways in which DECs are produced. There is always a pool of DEC rewards, and that pool is constantly divided among the current winning players. This is why the amount of DEC that can be earned per victory always fluctuates. The amount awarded to each player always depends on the total amount of DEC in the pool, as well as several other factors. The reward pool produces 1 million DEC tokens daily, and from there these are distributed to the winners of that day’s battles.
DEC tokens have a controlled exchange rate that tells us that 1000 DEC = 1 $. When this relationship breaks down, the system automatically starts burning tokens to maintain the exchange rate.
The most common ways to earn money in Splinterlands are:
  • Daily Quest: consists of winning 5 games using one of the specific attributes. As a reward you can get up to 20 cards that you can then sell on the market in exchange for DEC.
  • DEC: each battle you win will allow you to earn DEC tokens, which you can then exchange for other tokens. Remember, the rate is 1000 DEC = 1 $.
  • Season Rewards: this is another way to earn money. When you participate in a season you will have to participate in the battles that are indicated and go up until you reach a certain ranking which will allow you to receive cards as rewards. These rewards range from 5 to 150 cards.
  • Community tournaments.
  • Through the card buying and selling market.
  • The other option is to become an SPS staker or oracle, but in this case you are not playing and its configuration is quite technical.
As for the first investment that every player should make in Splinterlands, the Spellbook is the first thing you should buy if you want to play. Its value of $10 places it in a fairly accessible price range, so it won’t be a problem to get it.
Once this is done, you have two options:
  • Buy the initial pack of cards (a total of 30 cards), pray for luck and get a good deck and start the battle to win DEC.
  • Buy cards in the market, where you can choose which cards you want, balance them and start battling.
The first option is the cheapest, since its value is 10 $, and for that value it can give you very good surprises, since the packs can come with high level cards that can give you an important game boost for a newbie. On the other hand, the second option allows you to customize your choice, balance the selection and start with a good deck, although this is for those who know the full dynamics of the game. In addition, this second option is the most expensive since a card can cost from $1 (for common cards) to more than $3900 for a rare high-level card.

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crypto games 2022

Illuvium promises and is created under the concept “Fight for ETH”. Although it has not yet been officially launched, developer Aaron Warwick has already shared on the official website what he intends to offer in terms of gameplay and some of the features of the game’s internal economy typical of “play to earn” games.
Illuvium is a collectible NFT role-playing game and an automatic battle in one. There is an open world RPG experience in the upper world where you mine, harvest, capture and fight Illuvials.
Illuvium is a battle game created based on Ethereum’s second layer solution called “Immutable X”, which successful projects like Guild Of Guardians or Gods Unchained have already used. This is not minor as it allows peer-to-peer instant transactions with zero gas fees, all while players securely maintain custody of their assets.
Inside Illivium, users traverse dangerous locations to hunt and capture creatures that represent NFTs. The illuvials can be used to fight in arenas or sold on the market. The longer the user plays and interacts with the game, the more rewards they get. The gameplay is similar to Pokémon Go, at least that’s the idea.
In addition to capturing and using illuvials, after each fight they level up, can be fused with other creatures of the same element (fire, earth, water, nature or air) and have their own synergy when fighting in pairs. Finally, the game has its own virtual marketplace where users buy and sell illuvials (NFTs), just like in Axie Infinity.
The scheduled release date for Open Beta is scheduled for the first quarter of 2022.
This game is not just “play to earn” it is also “free to earn”. The creators plan to make the experience free to play so that the initial investment that other games propose is not an obstacle to adoption. At the same time, they are also not eliminating the paid option, allowing players to opt for the paid experience in case they like it and want to scale faster.
Illivuim manages all its internal economies around its own token “ILV” with which you can staking or vote on the future plans of the project.
Illuvium intends to become a fully decentralized project and that is why the token is used to join the DAO of its project.
To date, ILV is worth $1,121 USD.The incredible insanity is that less than 2 months ago this same token was worth $450 USD, giving incredible percentage (%) returns and changing the lives of many people who supported the project in its earliest stages!
Their first major release will be the Overworld RPG and Battle Arena, a 3D Auto Battler similar to DOTA Auto Chess or Teamfight Tactics but as they mention, they that aren’t going to stop there…
They have multiple plans in mind to develop in the future, although they first need to be approved by the DAO who leads the project, they would like to make the following projects a reality:
  • Add additional sets.
  • Add additional regions.
  • Add additional games.
  • Create mini-games.
  • Do games collaborations.
All this and much more can be found in their Whitepaper!

crypto games ios

Do you know Star Atlas? It is one of the most recent games that has caught the attention of play to earn fans. Its recent token offers and the latest NFT sales have attracted a lot of attention from players, but what can we really expect from Star Atlas?
Star Atlas is an open-world, space exploration, grand strategy MMORPG set in a galactic universe, with play-and-earn mechanics and player ownership. Players pilot ships and engage in trade, commerce, and battle with other players over scarce resources. The team plans to build a AAA game on the Solana blockchain, a layer 1 blockchain protocol that can handle 50,000+ transactions per second. This will be key to handling the massive amounts of transactions made in-game, where players mine and explore, pay taxes, and trade assets — all powered by Solana and settled on Serum, a decentralized exchange.
This video game takes players to a futuristic world set in the year 2620. A future society is divided into three main factions: the humans in the MUD territory, the aliens in the ONI region and the sentient androids located in the Ustur sector.
These factions fight in the game to achieve political domination of the Star Atlas metaverse. For this purpose they apply strategic plans, explore new worlds with resources that can be exploited, in order to achieve the desired domination of the metaverse. In the development of this game, some of the most recent technological advances are used to create video games. One of these technologies is Nanite of Unreal Engine 5, one of the largest graphics engines for video games.
Star Atlas aims to create a galactic space opera MMO where players control markets and dictate the ebb and flow of goods and products. The rise or fall of various factions will happen due to player actions, not a specific script. Along with this ambitious goal comes the expected space exploration and combat, but also land ownership. Landowners can build a variety of structures to enable, for example, mining, production or research. Land is taxed to encourage players to use the land rather than sit on it.
In this way Star Atlas players will be able to enjoy an economy that reflects the tangibility, ownership and value of real-world assets. A new level that can rival such greats as X Saga and EVE Online.
On one side, you can buy some of the tokens of the game (Atlas or Polis). The Atlas token is the actual token of the game. The Atlas tokens will be used to pay for inputs that may be consumed in the game (fuel, taxes, services). While the Polis token will be used for the DAO of the game, as a governance token. In addition, it will allow you to influence the decisions made within the development of the game.
In addition, you must belong to one of the available factions. At the moment, there are three factions (MUD humans, ONI aliens and USTUR androids). However, as the game will evolve according to the activities developed by the players themselves, the appearance of other important factions within the metaverse is not ruled out.
The other way to enter the game is by acquiring spaceships. Although the initial offer for these ships was already made last September 7, those interested in acquiring one of these jewels of space technology can go to the game’s marketplace and purchase one of these. Prices range from $20 to $100,000, depending on whether you want an elusive motorcycle-type ship with the lowest prices, to a bulky Titan-type cruiser boasting the highest prices in this range. Also fuel and other consumables for these ships are available in the Star Atlas marketplace.
A very striking feature of the game is the freedom for any player to create or join an organization or group of players. These groups or organizations consist of a set of players with common characteristics. All with the objective of reaching the game’s goals in a faster and more effective way or to compete with other organizations in the metaverse.
The game will start as a group of spaceships and a collection of small mining colonies that will gradually grow into developed civilizations, relying on the use of alien technologies and intergalactic diplomacy to explore the ever-expanding universe.

play-to earn crypto games 2021 android

There is no official release date for the game, but you can already be part of it through mini-games and the purchase of NTF.
Star Atlas may have raised over $20,000,000 USD in their recent NFT ship sale, but there’s still a lot to execute on. Where Star Citizen raised multiple rounds of funding over the years and actively clamped down on grey-markets, Star Atlas will have no choice but to keep them open due to the permissionless nature of the blockchain. This means any unhappy player can leave behind the game, and take their finances with them. They plan to contribute the USD raised from their ship sales to an ATLAS:USDC automated market maker. These funds are therefore available for any players with a desire to sell back in-game currency for alternative digital assets (USDC).
Star Atlas is very promising, but promises are not facts. They have 55 people inside their strong development team, partners such as Hydra Studios and Sperasoft, and almost 100,000 people in Discord, follow it closely and you will see how it evolves!
What is Farmers World? Well, as they mention in their web…
“Farmers World is the first farming game to function on the NFTs platform. Pick for yourself suitable tools, exploit various resources, buy land to build enormous farms, and enjoy the fascinating experiences of a farmer working in Farmers World’s Ecosystem”
Farmers World arrived in early July but really kicked off on the 1st of August as active wallets jumped up to over 1,700. This moment was the official launch of the game. From this point, the dapp maintained a good level of growth, steadily climbing to where it now sits with around 60,000 active wallets a day.
Players can select various tools to grow crops and harvest them. Additionally, players can attack other farmers while they wait for their harvest period. The game also has a membership system through a cards-based solution that allows users to equip more tools, energy, among other elements. Players need access to one tool before playing the game that can be acquired from the FarmersWorld Collection marketplace.
Farmers – as the players of this game are called – can buy NFT game cards in the secondary markets but in addition to that, they can also create a lot of new NFT game cards with the “Craft” function. NFT game cards include tools, weapons and artifacts.
Moreover, the team wants to provide a free-to-play element as well as the popular play-to-earn mechanic. Drawing inspiration from the once-famous Happyfarm Facebook browser game, the team behind the dapp is building a similar world where players can grow plants, chop wood, fish, and raise livestock and poultry.
The play-to-earn mechanic arrives through fight-to-earn games. While players wait for their harvest, they can go to other farms and battle other players for resources. Therefore, players also have to stand guard and protect their own farms from intruders.
There are 3 main resources in Farmers World: Wood, Food and Gold, which are obtained through different mechanisms: mining, farming, cultivating or stealing.
Guild Of Guardians is a multiplayer RPG where players earn epic rewards. The project has top tier partners such as Ubisoft and one of the largest and most well-funded, VC-backed teams building NFT games. The developers have big ambitions for disrupting the $100 billion mobile gaming industry by creating a quality experience that is both fun to play and allows everyone to earn real money.
Inside Guild of Guardians, players take teams of heroes through challenging dungeons to collect resources. These resources are used to create NFT items and heroes which can be sold for real money.
They can use these resources to craft items or summon heroes which can be traded for real money. Players will also be able to build their dream team and will work with their Guild to earn leaderboard-based and seasonal prizes. The graphics in the game are stunningly charming and can compete with any current leader in the genre.
There will be a deep and sustainable economy within Guild of Guardians where players can play for free and earn both NFTs and tokens. Just like the real world economy, you can choose how you want to specialize or play within the Guild of Guardians Economy. They utilize the gas free powers of Immutable X as the marketplace where users can go and trade and exchange assets.
Guilds play an important role within the game economy, as it is the only way to craft items as well the only way to access Guild-only game modes. Ownership of a Guild requires a player to own a “Guild Token” which was sold during the Founder Sale. The focus around Guilds and social cooperation is critical to the games long-term success, and we believe will make the playing experience more enjoyable over the long-term.
To be more specific, Guilds offer players access to Game Modes that are only accessible to members. These game modes will provide players with avenues to show off their best heroes, fight the strongest enemies in the game, and earn unique and rare rewards. Social cooperation is, naturally, vitally important as a result to the long term progression of a Guild and its members.
GOG (also called guild token) is an ERC-20 token for the game used when players want to perform “premium” actions that involve creating new blockchain assets. Its use cases will be:
  • For minting gaming NFTs
  • To buy assets from a primary sale or trading on the secondary market
  • Distributed back to players via an “Active Staking” Rewards Pool
  • Used for Governance and Voting
They are very bullish with the implementation of Gems, essential for the long-term sustainability of the game and its community. When they planned the distribution they decided to dedicate more than 60% of the total GOG supply pool to community rewards. This ensures that incentives are aligned, and that their economy is regulated.
Since starting development in mid 2020, Guild of Guardians has attracted a passionate community of over 240,000 followers across email and the social networks. The game has already gone viral multiple times – getting 100,000 emails from a referral program and 30,000 new members from an airdrop. As part of their mission to give back to the community, the developers have also already rewarded members with over $150,000 worth of NFTs and more than $260,000 in referral rewards.
Unlike most “Play to Earn” games, Mist decided to be hosted on the Binance Smart Chain Network. But… is this good or bad? Well, this is not good, this is AMAZING, the big problem that Ethereum has is solved, the fees within this network are minimal, almost non-existent.  We also must keep in mind that Binance is the largest cryptocurrency platform in the world, so Mist has a global reach within the industry! 
Any gamer, any person with a minimum knowledge of video games knows the famous “Steam” platform. This is a platform that stores thousands of video games and supports them so that people who access Steam can also access this wide range of video games. Mist is on Steam as well so it will not only reach an audience in the crypto market with Binance but also traditional gamers by hosting on Steam.
By this decision they generate the necessary interaction that every “play to earn” will have to do to ensure abundant success: crypto and gaming.
The game universe connects to the MIST native token as the in-game currency, allowing you to farm and stake tokens to earn in- and out- of game rewards.
If you are really interested in participating in this video game, you can do it in the following way:
  • Collect, farm, and earn NFTs in-game.
  • Buy NFTs that are functional in-game items that bring players bonuses.
  • Farm and stake tokens to earn rewards.
  • Trade and swap NFTs in-game and on 3rd-party platforms.
  • Play the immersive in-game experience.
Mist is made up of a combination of 3 types of NFTs: NFTs that you can buy, NFTs that you can buy from other players and NFTs that are given away for free.
The NFT tokens in Mist are extremely dynamic, useful, and functional in the in-game universe. While many NFTs currently in the crypto space are strictly collectibles or simple “artwork”, the NFTs in the Mist NFT Framework serve multiple uses.
Some NFTs are strong weapons that increase your attack damage or add special effects to your attacks. Other NFTs are defensive or wearable items that protect your character in special ways. Some are things like in-game pets that follow you around, or mounts your character can ride to increase their movement speed.
The NFTs in Mist are much more than just collectibles. While they do look cool, they are also fully functional and beneficial to your character in-game.
Mist is an open-world, action role playing game with a dynamic combat style that is unique in the world of MMOs.
Whether you love completing quests, raiding, player-versus-player battles, or just exploring a world full of possibilities, Mist has you covered.
This is just starting, actually is inside the Top 10 projects under 10M market cap, so if you recognize potential here is the time to jump in!
Alien Worlds is an NFT Metaverse where you can play with unique digital items as NFTs. They have many features. Some of which are now prevalent in many other NFT and crypto-based games, some of which are new: Staking, the introduction of DAOs, Trading of Game Cards and Cross-chain bridging.
There are six different levels of rarity for Digital Items in Alien Worlds. These are Abundant, Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary and Mythical. There are also 4 different levels of shininess – Stone, Gold, Stardust, Antimatter and XDimension.
Launched in beta form during late 2020, the community of players has grown Alien Worlds to almost 3.6 million registered game players and NFT enthusiasts. Early adopters were attracted by the ease of joining Alien Worlds, which unlike other blockchain games did not require cryptocurrency or the installation of a Metamask wallet to begin.
In Alien Worlds, players quickly discover the appeal of a play-to-earn game that they build and govern for themselves, while exploring seven planets across the metaverse. Daily activities include creating Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), meeting other gamers in user forums and selecting land and tools for a chosen playing strategy.
Trilium (TLM) is an ERC-20 token that works across the metaverse as the game’s native currency. Currently, it spans across Ethereum and WAX Blockchain, enjoying the benefits of both. Similarly to AXS from Axie Infinity, the biggest play-to-earn game, you can earn the Alien Worlds native token, Trilium, in various ways. Reportedly, Trilium has a finite supply of 5 billion.
Trilium has lots of uses. You can use it to buy NFTs or exchange it for fiat currency. Or, you can stake it to get voting power in a planet’s activities or to participate in Nebula events and more.
Alien Worlds is spread across seven planets, each of which is a decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO). Essentially, this means that each has its own elected government, represented by Planetary Councilors. As each planet is independent, it can have its own games as well as NFTs. Additionally, daily Trilium is allocated to planets from the central metaverse.
Furthermore, planets on different blockchains offer distinctive mechanisms. For instance, while people can mine Trilium on WAX planets, BSC planets offer missions for the players.
This is a “play to earn” game so how can you earn money?
You can earn Trilium by mining. The rewards you get for said mining will depend on the land, setup and the tools you use.
If you own Land, you will earn a rental commission every time someone mines on your digital property. Not unlike digital real estate. Essentially, this commission is part of the Trilium mining rewards the miner earns. By default, you get 20% of the rewards but you can adjust this percentage as you like. Furthermore, there’s something called the Land Fund. Basically, it’s an Alien Worlds crypto fund from the collective commission of unopened lands. This crypto stash is distributed to Alien Worlds landowners, in an effort to share some wealth.
You can also participate in various missions and battles to win TLM and NFTs.
The Alien Worlds community of developers are now completing the design of a mobile-native UI which provides greater functionality on a single screen – including tabs for Notifications and Events – and makes it easier for players to access a fuller range of community activities.
The game raised over $2 million in a TLM sale to private investors in March this year. Some of its prominent investors include Animoca Brands, China’s Meitu app creator Longling Capital and Digital Assets Group.
“Alien Worlds started with a vision to make the most of NFTs and blockchain technology by building a social and economic structure that gamers could explore and enjoy in many different ways,” explains Kevin Wang

Crypto Games

MonkeyBall is a fast, turn-based, play-to-earn arcade soccer game that can be described as an intersection between FIFA Street and Final Fantasy. In the game, each user controls a team of four monkeys with the objective of winning matches against other teams. Users are able to earn tokens for each victory, though they can also be gained by buying stadiums, hosting games or even by cheering for winning teams while attending other games.
“When a match ends, the in-game currency token, MonkeyBucks ($MBS), is split between the winning team, the stadium owner, and the spectators who rooted for the winning team,” the official game website explains.
MonkeyBall offers a high production value, AAA-grade gaming experience and is being developed on the Unity game engine, allowing it to deploy on both Desktop and Mobile. The game is being developed by a team with unmatched experience in both game development and crypto.
The company behind MonkeyBall has now collected the funds necessary to complete and launch the game, with a $3M investment round from a list of angels, crypto-native and “traditional” venture funds, and exchanges. Specifically, the investment was made by Solana Capital, Republic, NFX, iAngels, Longhash, CMS, Jump Capital, Youbi, Morningstar Ventures, Banter Capital, Ascentive Assets, MarketAcross, Node Capital, ZBS Capital, Metaversal, Collider, BFF and 6th Man Ventures
Gigi Levi of NFX added: “As an early-stage investor in some of the most successful mobile/casual gaming start-ups in the world, we at NFX have been looking at the booming play-to-earn market for a while now. We believe that the space will only continue to grow, and that the winners will be those teams that combine the best of blockchain know-how with amazing game-design capabilities, that know how to utilize and unite the best of both Blockchain and “traditional” gaming sectors. MonkeyBall is the best one we’ve seen yet!’
Monkeys are the teams’ players, introduced by NFT assets owned by game players. The Monkeys serve as an income generator, allowing a player to earn MonkeyBucks ($MBS) by winning matches.
Monkey NFTs are more than just a beautiful collectible. Each Monkey NFT has a unique DNA composed of his cool Appearance, Trainable Abilities (Accuracy, Passing, Strength and Control) and Special Elements, unique to his role (Scorer, Defender, Midfielder or Goalkeeper). A Monkey’s DNA and rarity affects the player’s ability to play and win matches.
Generation zero of Monkeys will be limited to 5000 Monkeys out of nearly 4 Billion permutations possible, dictating the rarity of each NFT.
Holding an original Monkey gives you special perks such as:
  • Airdrop of game tokens
  • Advance your player in a pre-game training camp
  • Early Breeding season
  • Early access to Stadium (land) sale
    (NFT drop is planned for December 2021)
MonkeyBall combines high-production value, multiplayer gaming with Solana blockchain, NFTs, and decentralized finance to deliver an exciting, turn-based, play-to-earn soccer game that’s easy to learn yet hard to master.
You can play in 3 modes:
  • Player vs Environment: Training mode to increase your Monkey’s overall abilities
  • Player vs Player: Classic game where each player controls the entire team
  • Team vs Team: Each team is being played and controlled by multiple players

Summary of the Top Play-to Earn Games

The play-to-earn model has stolen the spotlight from traditional games because of the built-in incentives that shift power from game publishers and toward players.
Along with this article, we were seeing a list with the Top Play To Earn Crypto Games, How you can earn money with them, Why they have potential and What is the Community or Experts saying about them.
The rise of NFT-powered blockchain games has transformed the gaming industry by making the players the primary financial beneficiaries and decision-makers in the ecosystem. Stay tuned and close to this industry because if you are smart enough to take advantage of this moment, you will change your life and the lives of many others.

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