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blockchain fundraising
Jeffrey Maganis

Blockchain Fundraising Guide

INTRODUCTION Blockchain Fundraising Blockchain Fundraising – What is it? And how to do it? During the 2017 cryptocurrency boom, Initial Coin Offerings, or ICO, had

startup investors
Jeffrey Maganis

Find the Right Startup Investors

As an entrepreneur, you always want to make sure that you are picking the right investors for your startup just like investors are looking for the right businesses to invest in.

how fundraising work
Jeffrey Maganis

How Fundraising Works

What is Fundraising? Fundraising occurs when entrepreneurs and companies want to raise capital for their brilliant ideas. It is turning ideas into reality through receiving

biotech investors
Jeffrey Maganis

Top European Biotech Investors

Investing in the biotech or biopharmaceutical industry involves extensive research by investors to determine the nature of the products, the company’s strategic advances, and the

KOL Influencers
Jeffrey Maganis

Top China Crypto KOL Influencers

In almost every industry, KOLs play an important role for a business’s marketing efforts. Support from these individuals/official accounts can easily determine the success of

crypto investment funds
Jeffrey Maganis

Top VC Crypto Investment Funds

Venture Capital (VC) firms are investment firms that invest in disruptive and industry changing startups. They specialize in providing financial backing to entrepreneurs from early

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IDO Marketing Agency

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