NFTs are the future of digital collectable

Interview Joel Comm

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NFTs are the future of digital collectable

These thought leaders and influencers share their insights on many of the most frequently asked questions in the industry

How did you first learn crypto and NFTs?

What's next for Joel?

What are your top NFT projects?

Why WAX blockchain is superior for NFTs?

Why NFTs will tokenize experiences and events in the future.

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Show Transcript

NFTs are the future of digital collectable

Ivan:  This is Ivan. I’m one of the co-founders here at crowd create and stay. We have Joel from bad crypto, a really well established thought leader in the crypto and Ft space, excited to learn more about we’re heavy, just travel to and where you see, you know, blowing up in the space. There’s a lot of things going on. So just to kick things off, you know, tell us a little bit about you, Joel, about your channel. Yeah. How you got there.

Joel Comm:  Yeah, well, I’ve been an internet entrepreneur, my whole adult life. I built my first website back in 1995. I’ve written 15 books, some in New York times bestseller, I sold a site to Yahoo. I’ve had a number one iPhone app most recently, four years ago, almost four years ago. I started the bad crypto podcast with my buddy Travis. Right. He was a leading marketing technologist. And now we’re in the top 100 of business shows on iTunes. We’ve we’re hundreds of episodes in. We also have another podcast called the nifty show that we started before NFTs blew up back in September of 2020, because we’ve been following the NFT world since a crypto kitties in December, 2017. And so the nifty show was twice a week and also very popular. We’re also creators of our own NFTs. We’ve got multiple series that we’ve put out.

We’ve retailed over a million dollars in NFTs with over four and a half million dollars in secondary market sales. And we advise and consult with other brands and companies that want to enter the digital collectible space.

Ivan:  Wow. You come from so much experience and it’s so interesting because yeah, I ever since I’ve met you, I think it was at South by Southwest. You guys are always, it’s like years ahead of everyone. Every time you guys were talking about something, I would expect for it to come out or happen later in the future, you guys are such futurists. I love it, but it’s really stemming from your experience like you in the front.

Joel Comm:  It it’s, you know, I’m an accidental futurist. I like to play with the toys, you know, that’s I see the new technology and I’m like, Oh, what can we do with this? And then I try things and often no results. And I’m like, Hmm, not for me. But sometimes I’ll see results and I’ll be like, that’s cool. Let’s do some more of that. And then you do more of that and you’d find yourself succeeding with it. And invariably, what happens is people come to you and they ask, how did you do that? And now you’re positioned as a thought leader in the space. So it’s, you know, not trying to intentionally be a futurist. I’m what I call a functional futurist. I do stuff before a lot of other people do it because I don’t mind taking risks. I don’t mind facing the consequences of failing. Failure is just a part of trying new things. And it’s how you find the really cool stuff.

Ivan:  Yeah. And you, you guys put yourselves out there and you do it, like, for example, the nifty show, I really want to make that difference because there are a lot of futurists evangelists that have become very famous simply on talking about the future. But the big difference here is that you guys are executing. You guys are building the nifty shows. Exactly. You know, and you’re, you guys have a presence outside of just a corporate, you know, evangelists or a futurist.

Joel Comm:  Yeah. I don’t like, I don’t like the corporate world. That’s not my world. I’m a t-shirt and shorts guy. And I get on a high level meeting. I’m going to be wearing a t-shirt. I’m not dressing up for anybody to put on a pretense. It’s like either you value me for my experience and what I know and how I can help, or you’re more interested in, you know, style over substance in which case I really, don’t not interested in working with those people.

Ivan:  think that’s why a lot of people are gravitate towards you because you have that personality and Yeah, no, I love what you do and thank you for what you do. I do want to dive into, I know you just recently published an episode on the Snowden at Ft. I like to hear from you, like, what are you seeing being, so not just are you talking about it, but you guys also have products and selling NFTs. You guys have collections, like where do you see.

Well first, where do you see bankrupt or positioning in this entire change in markets to, you know, brands accepting NFTs and digital currencies going? Like, what, where do you see you and where do you see the trends going?

Joel Comm:  You know, bad crypto would never try to position itself as anything. It was Travis and I having conversations in the way that we converse and not being financial advisors or experts in any of this, we built the branding into it were bad. You know, we tell bad jokes. We often don’t know what it is that we’re talking about, but we’re learning. And we invite people to come along with us. And so I think that people connect with that. And we’re just going to keep doing that as far as the nifty show, you know, we’ve, we started by just having one guest on a live show on YouTube once a week, and now it’s three or four guests because there’s so many cool projects coming out in the show. We’ll go an hour and 15 minutes. We, we broadcast live every Friday at five o’clock eastern @nifty.showford/youtube or nifty.showford/data for those who like their live video decentralized, but we that’s recorded. And that goes into the podcast feed that you can find in all the podcast places. And then, We expanded to do a nifty news show of the nifty show, which we release every Tuesday and that’s to cover all of the NFT news for the week that we find interesting. And, and the amount of news is growing this whole space. There’s just so much, I don’t think we can have any more shows or episodes. Cause there’s so much other stuff. We’re busy building our own content. We just did a sale today of a unique art piece for our Bitcoin collection that sold out in like 20 seconds.

And so we’re creating, We’re covering the space, We’re advising on projects. People are coming to us all the time. Can you help us? And so, you know, we, we try not to even take sponsorships for the show. You can’t sponsor the nifty show. We don’t want to be giving shout outs and thanks to Casper mattresses. We don’t do that. We don’t do that on bad crypto either. We’ve never taken an audible ad or any non crypto or blockchain related ad for bad crypto, because we want to target our audience and, and meet their needs. You know, it’s not about us. It’s about them and they want to learn crypto. They want to learn blockchain. They want to learn NFTs. They want to meet cool people. They want to know how to get this stuff. And so we’re here to help facilitate that.

Ivan:  Oh, that’s awesome. So tell me about that piece you created, what was, what was kind of thinking and what started it at all?

Joel Comm:  We started the Bitcoin collection series, which we sell exclusively on the wax blockchain, which is so superior to Ethereum because there’s no gas fees and it’s instant transactions. I think the rest of the art world has just not yet discovered wax, you know, a theater, I call a Ethereum inferium.

Ivan:  We had this chat last time. I remember.

Joel Comm:  Yeah it’s great for smart contracts, but it’s horrible for NFTs. And those that, you know, hate to see the amount of power that it uses are really, especially, you know, if you want to be environmentally friendly, it’s not, it’s, it’s environmentally hostile. And so there’s no reason to be publishing NFTs on Ethereum, except for the fact that it’s on. It’s like McDonald’s, it’s on every corner Right. That’s why people do it. They don’t know any better. And so part of what we do as, as being on the wax advisory council, which were invited to, after we had succeeded using the chain is to tell people, Hey, it doesn’t have to be this way, gang there’s there’s better ways. And so the piece, this is the, the fourth sale we’ve done for the Bitcoin collection.

And what we’re doing is we’re commemorating the price of Bitcoin, every Bitcoin anniversary. So the first piece commemorated the price of Bitcoin on January 3rd, 2009, which was of course zero what’s the Genesis block. So the one we just released was done by an artist that we’ve met, who goes by Puma Ayanna. His name is, he’s a French artist. And he created a, a unique piece that we minted 20. One of it sold for $999. And I’ll actually be able to show that piece to you because I’ve got one right here in a, a, a wallet for you to look at. So I’m just going to pull up the screen share on here, and you can get a look at this. Absolutely. This is in my wax wallet. I’m going to share the sound so you could hear it too, and I’ll go full screen with it. Can you see this Okay?

Ivan:  Yeah, yeah. Oh yeah. I saw that. Oh, YouTube.

Joel Comm:  Check this out, So that is, you know, a really envision of a Bitcoin being minted, right? And this, this is a really unique art piece. That’s going to look incredibly beautiful on a display when, you know, people put them up and we did the sale today and people purchased in wax. So, like I say, all 21 of them went and in 20 seconds, you know, we’re in we’re, you know, we’re making sure that artists are getting compensated for their work. We’re featuring quality work. We’re looking for more artists to do unique pieces for each year that we’re going to be featuring like every two months. So the next one will be 2011.

Where Bitcoin was probably around a buck or something. And so, but you know, it’s a different artist and a different piece each month and it’s kind of a passion project, you know, it’s not the most profitable thing we do, but it’s, it’s a lot of fun people like it and we like creating them.

Ivan:  It’s cool. It’s, it’s just a cool piece at the end of the day. Like it also can remember it’s and I love how you’re kind of tying because you guys are so deep in this space, like you’re tying it back to the history of Bitcoin and, and like what better to commemorate. Yeah.

The history of Bitcoin. So I love that. And that’s, that’s pretty cool. And wax token. It’s so interesting because yesterday I had a chat with Niko Matsumura and it’s like, actually, a lot of people are kind of thinking the same thing where different chains are built for different, different applications. And to say that if home was the one that was supposed to do everything is actually the fallacy, right. It was actually more of a experiment to, you know, show the centralization and not necessarily the fastest of transactions in a lot of these other tokens are coming in. I know you mentioned wax, but I know a lot of people are looking into Salata as well for the Asia side. So pretty exciting time. Like it’s almost as if the entire industry is reinvigorated, but I also have to point out, you know, there’s another flip side that is kind of trending right now.

That’s, Coins like doge coin. Like I want to hear from you, like, what are your thoughts on this? I hear a lot of theories and Mico for one had a really interesting one, but what, what do you think?

NFTs are the future of digital collectable

Joel Comm:  I’m curious what Mikko had to say too. We’ve we’re friends with him and interviewed him a couple of times and bad cryptos. I’m always anxious to hear his, his thoughts. Look, if it weren’t for Elan Musk right now, you know, tweeting as much as he has is about doge coin. It wouldn’t have the kind of movement it has. I think it’s great. I have no problem with, you know, community coins.

Being used to transact between people and if wants to put a literal doge coin on the literal moon, I’m on board with that. I say, go for it. You know, put one on Mars too while you’re, while you’re at it. So I’ve, I’ve had some doge for a long time and it’s fun. You know, I don’t hold big bags of it, but it’s fun to see it going up. And if Eli wants to keep pumping it to the moon, love to see it, get to a dollar. As far as, you know, my theory, is it possible that something like doge coin could become the people’s money? Sure. It is. You get enough people interested, invested in something really it’s the practical applications of using it, right? You have to make it easy to access, which means it needs to be on exchanges are easy for people to swap out for USD to get doge. And then people, then there needs to be mechanisms to transact with it, right? It needs to be included in the various crypto payment services where people can buy and sell with it.

So I would love to see the people’s money trot over dirty Fiat, because it is dirty and it’s criminal. What they’re doing. They just make more and more of it. And then they tax us. I’m like, why don’t they just print enough to collect taxes with that? As long as they’re printing this abundance of it, just make enough to stick in the, the fake federal reserve bank. And, and you’re good to go, you know, go corrupt over there, leave the people alone.

Ivan:  And, and you’re good to go, you know, go corrupt over there, leave the people alone. That’s so funny. I was actually thinking that the other day, because a lot of people were saying that, Hey, dojo, there’s no cap. And then a lot of, I forgot I was listening to Bloomberg and they’re like, Hey, there’s no cap to it. So it doesn’t have the same value that Bitcoin has. And I’m like, Hey, just look at, look at Fiat. Like there’s no Callaway, there’s no cap there.

Joel Comm:  They don’t even use the word cap when it comes to Fiat. It’s it’s, it’s an anathema doesn’t exist. There is no tie. And there there’s no bottom in terms of what they’ll do to further their own goals of enslaving a population and keeping them captive to their broken and corrupt financial system and decentralization. And the people say, nah, we’re not too good with that.

Ivan:  So people are given an option now and before I think I didn’t, I don’t think they had an option. And so I think fundamentally, I do think that decentralization and the blockchain has kind of opened, it’s kind of unlocked the human brain a little bit and now people are actually thinking it’s possible. And I’m kind of curious, Joel, is that, is that one of the reasons for your recent move?

Joel Comm:  To Puerto Rico. Yeah, actually I was supposed to move to Puerto Rico last April or may, and then COVID hit, nobody could go anywhere and everything got locked down. So, but I’ve been intending to move here. I’ve lived, you know, I’ve lived in Illinois. I grew up in the cold and snow and I’ve lived in Texas and Oklahoma. So I know the heat I’ve lived in Colorado and enjoyed the Rocky mountains for, you know, the last 14 years. And I’m ready for beach. I’m ready for ocean. And plus there are legitimate tax advantages for businesses to operate here. And so it’s, it’s time, you know, for a change. You only go around once and you got Carpay the DM, because life does go quickly. I’m going to be 57 next month, which blows my mind. And you know, life is short.

So, Do things you want to do take risks. It’s not all about the money. You know, it’s about the experiences that you have and the people in your life. So surround yourself with people that you care about that care about you and take risks and do interesting things nobody’s ever going to hit their death bed and say, I wish I’d made, you know, another buck that’s just doesn’t happen.

Ivan:  Yeah, no, I love, I love that thinking. And I, I got to head out to Puerto Rico soon myself. So hopefully a bit of catch up in person. But I do, I do want to head over to our next topic, which is actually before I get there, I’ll be publishing Nikos. I had an hour chat with Nico. He calls it the inhalation index. I think you’re gonna, you’re gonna love it, but I’ll share with you. He has a real interesting take on these, I guess you’d call it poo coins is what?

NFTs are the future of digital collectable

Joel Comm:  Oh yeah. The boot point, I picked up a little blue coin. Why not?

Ivan:  Why not right. Why not? But yeah, I know. I don’t wanna take up too much of your time, Joel, but I do want to jump into a lot of people are asking like, Hey, what kind of insights do you have your super deep in the space? What are the most exciting projects? And like, what are you investing in? Like, I know you’re in Puerto Rico and you probably have a different perspective just moving there alone. What’s what’s exciting to you right now.

Joel Comm:  Well, NFTs are what’s most exciting to me. I’m spending more time on that than anything. I don’t talk about my, my investments because I’m not a financial advisor and I definitely don’t want anybody falling. You know, what are they bad? They’re bad. I don’t even tell, like, you know, even with friends and family, I’m hesitant to say, buy this or buy that because you never know, but I am totally vested in NFTs. They’re here to stay. It’s not a fad. Anybody who’s saying it is, is totally out of touch. It’s probably, they probably write for a publication and they’re clueless about what’s actually going on. They’re the same people that said Jeff Bezos was an idiot for selling books out of his garage, that the web would never succeed. That e-commerce would never be a thing. They’re not, they’re not visionaries. They don’t understand. They don’t see where the ball is going.

And the ball is clearly glow going to digital collectibles. And so we just want to play in that space and we want to do our own projects that we find interesting that our customers like, and we want to innovate in the space, come up with new mechanics and ideas. And we want to work with brands that, that are fun to work with. You know, there’s, there’s, we’re talking to bands, we’re talking to Hollywood producers. We’re, we’re talking to other brands and, and we’re turning away some that just, aren’t interesting to us because again, it’s not all about the money there’s money. There’s plenty to be made in this space. So spend your time doing the things you want to do to make that money.

Ivan:  I like that. And also because you do talk to a lot of people in the NFT space, so this is not like an isolated opinion. You’re literally constantly talking to the people that are movers and shakers, and you have the unique perspective of being a creator of NFTs. So, you know, I, I truly think you’re from the future, Joel. And if you said I I’ve, I’ve got to look into its NFTs, but I really want to thank you for your time. Joel, thank you for spending your afternoon with us. Enjoy your time in Puerto Rico. Definitely need to catch up in person and excited to have you in our upcoming blockchain conference on May 18th.

NFTs are the future of digital collectable


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