How to Mint an NFT

How to Mint an NFT | Beginner’s Guide

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    How to Mint an NFT

    Decide on the concept

    When NFTs first started, they were focused on digital art, positioning themselves as the best way to market art digitally. All the news portals were talking about NFTs and the gigantic figures they were reaching, the most shocking was the sale of Beeple for 69M after an auction at Christies.

    NFT auctioned by Christies and sold for 69M
    NFT auctioned by Christies and sold for 69M
    However, over time the market has grown and what started as digital art is now also a utility, vip passes, tickets, music, among others.
    Thinking about NFTs in terms of collecting is the best way to do it, any industry that can follow the laws of scarcity can succeed on a large scale using this technology.
    Now, the question you have to ask yourself at this point is: What do I want to create my NFT about?
    The answer to this question will determine the next steps, especially in the commercialization and marketing of your project.
    To make it simpler, since you are most likely new to this world, you should initially choose whether you want to base your NFT on Art or Utility.
    This is very important, since art often needs nothing more than itself. On the other hand an NFT created around utility does not need to be aesthetically pleasing or follow certain parameters, it could even be a black image that gives you access to something.
    A good example of a project focused on Art is Art Blocks. On the other hand, one focused on utility is Vee Friends.
    Vee Friends & Art Blocks
    Vee Friends
    Art Blocks

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    Decide on the platform

    At this point you have already decided the topic of your NFT but a fundamental part of this article is to help you to mint your own NFT..
    Although now there are tools that can facilitate the development of your own code to create your own minting system, it’s better to use a marketplace that facilitates it.
    Developing your own minting system requires minimal knowledge and carries a BIG risk: the insecurity of your lines of code. Since you are not an expert, you will be more vulnerable to hacks, something that is becoming more and more common, and both you and your buyers can lose everything.
    We will do this example using a Marketplace because they make it easy for you to mint (the creation of the NFT) and they have a minimal user base that browses for new NFTs for their collection.

    The best known is OpenSea but we can also find others that are described in detail in another article:

    Connect your wallet

    In order to mint your first NFT you must have a crypto wallet. The most known is called MetaMask and is very trusty, you can open an account in seconds without revealing your real identity.
    Once you have your digital wallet downloaded, you can click on the wallet symbol in the upper right corner to connect it to the marketplace, in this case OpenSea.
    Once connected, you should proceed and organize your profile in the best possible way. With a good profile picture, a description of yourself and links to give credibility your profile is perfect.
    Connect your wallet

    Create your first item

    From the home page of the marketplace, click the “Create” button in the upper right corner. From there you’ll be prompted to upload a digital file and give your NFT a name.
    OpenSea supports different types of files so ensure that you have the digital design in a supported format and with a high resolution. Also work on the name of the NFT, is highly recommendable to put a SEO friendly one. For example, if your NFT tries to highlight the different soccer players a good name would be “Today’s Best Soccer Players”.
    Inside the optional fields you can find a box to put the description of your NFT, an external link to more info (you should focus on giving more credibility here), and which blockchain to base the NFT on.
    Here you can also set up the royalties of your NFT. This is a fee that goes to the creator ones the NFT sells in the secondary market. 5% to 10% is considered a standard royalty payout.
    Create your first item

    List your NFT for sale

    Once you’ve minted your NFT, you’re ready to sell it on the open market. Click on the “Sell” button in the upper right corner within your NFT’s description page.
    Now’s the time to pick the type of sale that you want. In OpenSea you can choose between a fixed price based on your cryptocurrency of choice or a timed auction. You should also know that the service fee of OpenSea is 2,5% of the NFT selling price.
    Next, click “Complete Listing”. The marketplace will calculate the gas fee based on the cryptocurrency network’s activity level at the time of listing and request payment from your crypto wallet (the fees will vary from minute to minute). Once the gas fee is paid and you approve the final terms, your NFT will be listed and available for purchase on the marketplace.
    List your NFT for sale
    NFT Minting Guide

    Sell your NFT

    The work doesn’t end here, now it’s time to promote your NFT within the community to find a potential buyer of it. Thinking that just by having the NFT in the marketplace you will sell is a very erroneous thought.
    Nowadays the NFT market suffers from a supply much bigger than the demand and it’s very difficult to stand out in the market. As the creator of your NFT you have to start by identifying the reasons why a person should buy your NFT.
    The main places you should spend time trying to promote your project are Twitter and Discord. There are hundreds of groups on Discord that focus on promoting projects and also hundreds of Twitter Spaces where you can join and start talking about your project.
    Hopefully you will find a buyer and you will succeed!
    How to Mint an NFT

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    How to Mint an NFT

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