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How to Grow an NFT Community

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This guide will explain how you can create an online marketing plan tailored around your NFT project focused on growth and sustainability.

What is an NFT Community?

The word “community” is an important aspect to consider when researching or looking to invest in an NFT project. The owners of an NFT project are typically referred to as “the community”. Community is a larger word that refers to individuals interacting with the project on social media and those wishing to mint before an NFT drops.
After the NFT reveals, the Post Mint community NFT project owners would frequently connect via private Discord discussions and discuss topics like roadmap, floor prices and daily check-ins with GMs (Good Morning).
What is an NFT Community

NFT Community

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Examples of NFT Communities

Here you can find the top NFT communities to join. What exactly makes a good NFT community?
Other than just focusing on floor prices, good NFT communities have real-life utilities, discuss other topics, hang around Discord and engage in real life meetups. Just like how you would when you join a club, except with NFTs you gain ownership.
Below are some examples of how NFT communities hang out and interact with each other in the space.
Doodles and their merch.

NFT Community

NFT communities also hang out on Twitter spaces for casual chats and virtual parties.
Machi Big Brother is well known within the NFT space, owns a lot of BAYC and gave JJ Lin (Singer) a BAYC.
Party Horses have a dedicated meet up channel for real-life meetups. Although this NFT project is relatively small scale and not your typical BAYC, the community is pretty small and tight. You actually feel like you’re making real friends in this community.

Define Your NFT Purpose and Vision

Social dynamics are the foundation of effective NFT projects. Demand and social status are influenced by exclusivity. The real strength of NFT communities, however, resides in the immense marketing force that can be unleashed on social media when members become brand advocates.
Talk about thinking of your Twitter feed as a way to showcase your brand narrative over time. Share current and past blog posts, positive brand news, industry events. The content you’re producing can be strategically repurposed with your Twitter audience in mind. Fresh happenings and revisiting evergreen topics creates an interesting mix for audiences following your brand.

NFT Community

Create Unique and Viral NFT Content

Memes are one good way of creating viral NFT contentMemes are a significant part of our lives, especially in online communications. They entertain us and define how we experience pop culture, political moments, and everyday struggles. The occasional jokes reduce stress and improve the emotional connection between friends, colleagues, and even random Internet users.
Today, memes are widely used in advertising, on social media, in brand communication. They make a low-cost way to create content that gets shared widely, which is a great tactic to promote your brand and products. Take Goblintownwtf for example which took the NFT world by surprise during the recent bear market. The NFT world has never seen such content before and it’s unique and definitely captured the attention of many.

Collab & Strategically Partner with other NFT Projects

Plug Pass is a virtual NFT plug. Once you have the pass, you are granted access to exclusive NFT Discord servers, the Kosher Crew. There are 969 passes available for minting, meaning 969 opportunities to reap the rewards.
It’s called network effects. When Bored Ape Yacht Club and CryptoPunks merged their businesses, people were asking why? Well, sometimes 1+1=5. If you have an NFT project, you should be strategically partnering and collaborating with other projects to share audiences to help each other grow.
First, what is a collab? There’s different types known as white list collab giveaways, there’s sharing of resources collabs, there’s joint project collabs, and more.
Here are examples of how Web2 companies have been collaborating in the past. Bored Ape Yacht Club x Adidas –
Bored Ape Yacht Club x Adidas
So how do you actually get these collaborations done?
  • First, you need to research who is in charge of marketing or collaborations at the company that you want to work with.
  • If it’s a small startup, that’s typically the founder.
  • If it’s a large organization, they would have a person in charge of strategic partnerships or marketing specifically. Here is an example of somebody at Adidas –
Link to Tweet about NFT collabs and partnerships –

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NFT Community

Overview of NFT Community Growth Marketing Strategies

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See how our marketing agency can help your business grow. Since 2014, we’ve worked with hundreds of businesses across multiple industries to help them with marketing. From startups to billion dollar brands, we share the strategies that’s working and what you need to know.


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