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Crowdcreate cares about your data privacy.

We have strict policies in place regarding the protection and use of your data that allows you to benefit from the products and services provided by Crowdcreate. Protect your brand by staying aware and compliant of new policies. Our company follows all GDPR, CAN-SPAM, CASL, and CCPA regulations. 

To request a removal from our database, simply email us at info at with subject line “REMOVE MY EMAIL CONTACT INFORMATION”.

To request and obtain a report detailing the information Crowdcreate has collected on you, simply email us at info at with subject line “REQUEST FOR MY DATA COLLECTION”.

Crowdcreate helps you promote your business, and increase your network with valuable connections that can help you grow. These opportunities and valuable relationships are intended to benefit you. We respect your decision for removal from our database and privacy concerns.