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Your Guide to Understanding Crypto & NFT Funding Rounds. From Seed and Pre-sale, to Public Token Launch IDO and Series A.

What is a Public Sale versus a Private Offering?

A public sale is a listing on a launchpad, exchange, or open NFT mint. There is mostly like a whitelisting process that takes place.
A private offering is a not open to the public, and is typically done within a small group of VC, angel, or strategic investors. It is also where friends & family invest that know the founding team intimately or through referral introductions.

the most common stages of Crypto & NFT fundraising


This round of funding typically comes before a product or platform is built. It’s nothing more than a white paper, an idea, or a founding team wanting to start a project. A deck should be present and overall vision for the company. Average funding for Pre-Seed will be $3mm to 5mm.


This is when an MVP or concept has been built. This round of funding gives resources to the company to further build out it’s product, services, or platform offering. Sizing of investments will range from $10K to $250K per check size. Average funding for Seed rounds will be from $5mm to $15mm.

SAFT or SAFE - Venture Round

  • This is a venture round by angels, VCs, early enthusiasts, high net worth individuals.
  • SAFT – Simple agreement for future tokens. This is the funding round before being listed on Launchpads, or exchanges like Binance.
  • SAFE – Simple agreement for future equity. This is the funding round in exchange for equity in the company.

Pre-sale before Token Generation Event - TGE/IDO/STO/ICO/IEO

This private funding round is for investors to get in right before the public round. The purpose of this round is to typically bring on strategic and value add investors that will be able to help promote the public round, and/or provide the resources for the company to hit certain milestones before the public launch.

Token Sale/NFT Mints - IDO/STO/ICO/IEO (Public Sale)

This is a public funding round. The goal is to get listed on:

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Series A

This is where most Venture Capital firms invest. There is less risk compared to earlier seed stages and where companies have found product market fit.
Average funding size for Series A rounds will be from $15mm to $50mm.

Series B

Average funding for Series B rounds will be from $30mm to $100mm.

Series C

Average funding for Series C rounds will be from $100mm to $200mm.

Series D

Average funding for Series D rounds will be from $125mm to $250mm.


Average funding for Seed these rounds will be from $500 million to $20 billion.

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