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The blockchain and cryptocurrency industry has seen tremendous growth in recent years, with startups developing new applications and use cases for these emerging technologies. To support this growth, various incubators and accelerators have emerged across the United States. These programs provide early-stage blockchain startups with access to funding, mentorship, and specialized resources to turn their ideas into successful businesses.

In this list, we’ll take a closer look at the top crypto incubators and accelerators in the USA. Whether you’re a blockchain developer, entrepreneur, or investor, these programs can help you take your project to the next level. From Silicon Valley to New York City, these organizations offer a range of benefits and support to help you succeed in the fast-paced and constantly evolving world of crypto.

Top Crypto Incubators and Accelerators

OnePiece Labs is the premier incubator that supports Web3 startups through a program that includes networking, mentorship, and access to resources. Our focus is on results-driven outcomes and the success of our portfolio companies. OnePiece Labs was founded by experienced Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and community leaders with the goal of building the next generation of Web3 unicorns.

OnePiece Ventures is an early-stage crypto fund focused on investing in the best founders in North America. We write the first check and have a dedicated team and resources to make them successful.

Boost VC is a venture capital firm that invests in early-stage startups in futuristic technology such as aerospace, VR/AR, energy, climate, robotics, crypto, bio, AI/ML, and deep tech. They invest $500k in startups raising $2 million or less in funding, and offers a 3-month virtual growth program which has helped hundreds of companies raise billions of dollars.

a16z crypto is a venture capital fund that specializes in investing in crypto and web3 startups, and has raised a total of $7.6 billion, including a recent $4.5 billion fourth fund. They also run Crypto Startup School (CSS), a twelve-week accelerator program designed for web3 startups, which offers funding, mentorship, expert lectures, and the opportunity to collaborate with a community of fellow founders. Participants also have access to the a16z crypto’s extensive network of potential customers, advisors, and investors to help develop and scale their companies.

Celo Camp is a program designed to help developers and entrepreneurs build decentralized applications (dApps) on the Celo blockchain platform. The program provides resources, mentorship, and funding to help participants create and launch their dApps.

It is run by the Celo Foundation, a non-profit organization that aims to promote financial inclusion and empower individuals by making it easy for anyone to access and use digital assets.
Celo Camp is a fully remote program, it provides education, resources and mentorship to developers, entrepreneurs and builders around the world. The program is focused on creating a community of builders who are committed to creating decentralized solutions for global challenges.

dLab is a venture capital firm that provides funding and resources to web3 and crypto projects. It focuses on projects that aim to create more open, transparent, and participatory systems using blockchain and decentralization technologies. dLab offers up to $250k in funding to pre-seed and seed-stage startups through its remote program. It also provides support through scheduled reviews, mentor interactions, and hands-on help in areas such as product development, UX, business development, and fundraising. With a network of mentors, founders, investors, and ecosystem partners, dLab is committed to collaborating with early-stage startups.

Stacks Accelerator is a venture fund with a $4M investment portfolio that focuses on startups that are creating decentralized applications (dApps) on the Bitcoin blockchain using the Stacks technology. The fund’s goal is to support the development of a new decentralized internet where users have more control over their data, digital assets, and online identity. The fund provides resources, mentorship, and funding to startups working on building this decentralized internet of the future via the Stacks blockchain.

FinTech4Good is a global network that uses FinTech and Blockchain technology to develop solutions for a better world. They work with start-ups, industrial leaders, NPOs, and investors to create a sustainable future. Since 2017, they have built an impactful ecosystem, working with mentors and advisors to deliver acceleration programs and launching cross-border initiatives. They also host events on emerging tech and sustainability.

Draper Goren Holm is a venture studio and fund that specializes in incubating and accelerating early-stage blockchain startups from around the world. The company was founded by Tim Draper, Alon Goren, and Josef Holm, who have a track record of creating successful blockchain conferences such as LA Blockchain Summit, Global DeFi Summit, and Security Token Summit. In 2019, they joined forces with Tim Draper to establish a next-generation blockchain venture studio and fund with a global focus.

Ethereum Classic Labs (ETC Labs) supports and develops key tools and solutions for the Ethereum Classic ecosystem through its accelerator program and development team. It invests in blockchain projects promoting economic inclusion and social impact. ETC Labs also partners with organizations to address blockchain development challenges and funds research through its grants program. Additionally, it is committed to using Ethereum Classic to improve people’s lives through donations to organizations such as UNICEF.

GBIC (Global Blockchain Innovative Capital) is a global hub for blockchain technology that promotes the development, acceleration and launch of blockchain projects. It comprises of three core fundamentals: Strategic Investment, Global Community Building, and Best in Class Partners.

Outliers Fund, founded in 2016 by a team of research scientists, angel investors, and venture builders from MIT, has had successful returns of 16x and 11x for its first two funds (Outliers Fund I and II, respectively). Through its incubator, Outliers Lab, the company has helped to launch 10 Web3 startups that have raised a combined total of over $100 million, with three of these companies being acquired and two going public. The company’s third fund, Outliers Fund III, is being deployed on the Ethereum blockchain via a Syndicate, allowing it to operate as a venture DAO while maintaining a traditional GP/LP structure. Outliers Fund is known for its investment strategy, which incorporates scientific research and input from its community of over 100 members.

MouseBelt is a company that is dedicated to improving the blockchain industry through a range of services including a full-service accelerator, engineering services, media, and educational programs. As the only full-service blockchain accelerator and startup studio in the world, the company goes beyond providing cash investments to its projects.

They offer the necessary resources and workforce needed for development, growth and real-world adoption. Each project receives an investment of up to $250k in resources or cash, ensuring that they have everything they need to create a company that will change the world. The 16-week program guarantees freedom and success, with the only requirement being total dedication to the project.

Aves Lair is an organization that endeavors to add value and catalyze growth for projects and founders in Web3.0. The company launched its inaugural Accelerator program in 2020, and since then it has launched 3 accelerator cohorts, 5 incubation programs, a flagship VC fund, a liquid token fund, and a mining fund. By leveraging its network, expertise, and range of capabilities, Aves Lair aims to support projects and entrepreneurs within the Web3.0 space.

Cipholio Ventures is a research-driven investment firm specializing in blockchain projects with potential to reshape trillion-dollar markets. They connect people, technology, and capital in the decentralized world and seek opportunities in Web 3.0, DeFi, GameFi, Metaverse, and Layer 2. The Accelerator program aims to create a holistic incubator for champion startups in the blockchain industries by working with partners to facilitate knowledge exchange, case study presentations, and institutional connections.

FutureBlock is a global blockchain venture studio and ecosystem that brings together the world’s leading experts and companies in the field. The company creates customized 4-6 month acceleration programs for each of its startups, tailored to their unique needs and stages of development. FutureBlock’s joint venture in New York allows them to provide exceptional consulting and software development services, while also giving its partner Def Method access to its extensive network of startups and partners, enabling them to expand their reach and services globally. This collaboration ensures high-quality technical services and elevates the level of the products of the startups in the FutureBlock’s network.

Tachyon is an organization that supports the most ambitious builders in the web3 space, providing them with practical advice, easy access to capital, and connections to top-tier talent and mentorship. They give founders the tools, talent and network they need to build the future. The team at Tachyon understands the struggles of building a startup, and they are dedicated to sharing in their success. They are not just onlookers, Tachyon is made up of founders, mentors, advisors, legal experts, investors, builders and designers who are working together to accelerate the web3 ecosystem.

Launch House is a membership-based community for entrepreneurs and startups. It provides a supportive environment and resources to help members level up and achieve their goals. By connecting with other ambitious founders and having access to top investors and operators, members can grow their network and businesses.

The DeFi Alliance is a Web3 accelerator that aims to bring 1 billion users to Web3 by 2025. Founded by a team of crypto experts and supported by top tier trading and venture firms, it mentors DeFi protocols, helps them partner with liquidity providers, and has expanded its scope to include games. The DeFi Alliance prioritizes founders, focusing on delivering impact, being open to innovation, and leveraging community to achieve success in Web3. Its mission is to accelerate the transition to Web3, which promises lower costs, better coordination, and novel use cases that will benefit billions of people.

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