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CASE STUDY - How Influencers & Reviews Helped this CBD Oil become the Most Recommended in the World

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CBD Marketing with Influencers


How Calm by Wellness became the most recommended CBD oil. The results? The highest converting website in the industry, 6 figures in revenue, and over 100+ influencer videos calling it the best CBD oil they’ve ever taken


The Challenge

  • Working with influencers is time consuming and costly. Most brands don’t know who to work with, or how much to spend.
  • How do you market your CBD company when Google and Facebook ads aren’t allowed?

The Solution

  • Leverage Crowdcreate’s network of influencers, years of experience, and industry know how to get connected with the perfect influencers at the right price.

How did we do it?

Technique #1 : Build a Highly Targeted List of Influencers
  • Create a targeted list of influencers, press & media journalists, affiliates and reviewers for your company
  • Email Outreach
Technique #2 : Host one-on-one video calls with influencers, introduce your brand, and explain what makes you different. Have them share your story.
Technique #3: Follow-up every week
  • Review the content with the influencer and optimize to make it evergreen
  • Ask them to place SEO titles and keywords
  • Use messaging that convert into Sales
  • Focus on the call to action

Re-share this content through different social channels.

The Results


  • Crowdcreate helped Calm by Wellness establish themselves as an industry leader in the saturated market of CBD. In 2019, CBD companies were popping up left and right because of the hemp plant being touted as the next health craze.
  • Most of these fly-by-night companies focused on short-term marketing efforts rather than building a true that people can trust. You can’t fake real reviews from real people. That’s what has made Amazon.com such as trustworthy and buyer focused platform. You can read what people are saying, good or bad, and see their first hand experiences.
  • Consumers are increasingly more savvy and trust real reviews, from real people.
  • Getting people to talk about your brand is both an art and a science. By leveraging influencers and having your customers share their story and testimonials, you’re able to create social proof and ultimately sell more product.
  • Building processes for reaching out to influencers is time consuming, schedule a call with Crowdcreate today for a proposal on how we can work together.

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