How Crowdcreate Helped Bezant Reach a 17 Million USD Hardcap

By Crowdcreate Team

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We could not have met our 17 million Hardcap and sold out our 4 million Bonus round without Crowdcreate. They helped us when FUD and spam were getting the best of our Telegram room. They also advised me during peak panic hours.

Eric Youn - Community Manager, Bezant

Crowdcreate Results

An ICO with Crowdcreate managing your Telegram community is 2x more likely to sell out. This is because an ICO community management team is equipped and experienced in the sheer panic that occurs during sale dates.

With Bezant We responded and deleted over 9000 messages in 24 hours. Interacted with 3000 messages in 1 hour, resulting in a sold out presale of 17 million in two hours with an additional bonus round days later raising 4 million in 10 just minutes.

Grow An Organic Community

Having thousands of members in a Telegram room is a good indication of interest in a blockchain project. Often, VC’s and other investors look at the size and genuine activity within a Telegram room to gauge how strong a project will be. It’s social proof that leads to success.

By leveraging our network of Crypto Influencers and crypto specific community groups such as Reddit, Bitcointalk, and Bitcoin Pub, Crowdcreate organically grew the Bezant telegram group from 0 to 4500 members in months. Growing organic groups who are truly interested in the project is significantly more challenging, but the level of engagement and investors is clear when they reached their hard cap in less than a total of 2 hours.

Under 1 Minute Responses

Speed is Everything – Crowdcreate staffs full-time team members around the world in multiple time zones that speak multiple languages to be able to respond within just 1 minute. Investors and community members want to be quickly responded to; it minimizes fear, doubt and uncertainty or FUD.

We assigned specifically selected blockchain experts who also understand borderless payments systems, with an extra team member for redundancy. Crowdcreate focused on the community engagement so the core team can better focus their time on developing their platform and reaching their goals.

Proactive Answers

Especially in the days prior to the ICO, the number of engagements can easily 100X. Most companies only think about FAQs, and miss a big opportunity to understand their customer on a deeper level.

Specifically for Bezant, our community team’s strategy was to focus the disseminating announcements focusing on platform development updates and team member highlights. Our data-driven approach identified that the majority of questions asked by the community was related to the core team and partnerships.

Working closely with the Bezant team to refine their messaging on the top 50 most frequently asked questions, we were able to reduce the number of questions significantly and keep the community constructive.

Rules And Controls

Posting Standardized Rules not only keeps the room in control, but it also protects your investors. Legitimate community members like following the rules. When you get complaints from trolls on why they got banned, you can point to the community rules which should be on all of your social media sites.

By standardizing the message, we were able to address the most pressing concerns while handling individual requests. During the rush of an ICO main sale, saving time and being efficient can make or break your sale. Standardized Messages can help your investors and team members discern trolls from community members.

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