NFT Derivatives
Andrés Tole

A Guide to NFT Derivatives

Introduction Lately in the market, one of the things that was spreading noise and opinions were the proclaimed “Derivative NFT Projects”. This is a new

Music NFT
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Marketing Strategies for Music NFTs

Introduction It’s brutally hard for most musicians to make money in the streaming era. Artists get paid fractions of pennies per stream, with many struggling

Andrés Tole

NFT Real-World Utility for Your Business

How to Add Utility to an NFT Forget about static websites, read-only dynamics, corporations taking control over the things you own and being spied on,

Movie NFT Marketing
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Film and Movie NFT Marketing Strategies

How Movie NFTs will change the Film Industry Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have already begun taking over multiple of the most important industries such as the

Business Influencers
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Top Spanish Business Influencers

When it comes to consulting something, when we are interested in learning something, we go to the internet and we search about it. At the

DAO Projects
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Top DAO Projects

Crypto trends and blockchain technology are driving new innovations and opportunities for businesses and individuals all over the world. As more and more people realize

Crypto Games
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Play To Earn Crypto Games With More Potential

Introduction Remember when cryptos were not popular? When early adopters spoke about cryptos, Bitcoin, blockchian, the future they imagined and people thought they were crazy

NFT Project
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Most Successful NFT Project Launches

Introduction We all know that NFTs are booming, thousands of people are making millions, conferences that bring hundreds of people flying from all over the