Guide to Handling Fud

A Guide to Handling Fud

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A Guide to Handling Fud

What is FUD?

Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt. With the recent market situation, I am sure you’re seeing more FUD than ever. This happens during every down time in the market. With the current negativity in the market’s sentiments, this guide will hopefully lend some clarity into how to effectively dismantle the FUD.

Effects on FUD

FUD-ing in your community can bring a lot of negative impact. It can be seen as a deadly tactic employed by competitors or whales that want to lower the value of a project by persuading investors to support their projects, preventing your project from thriving.

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Guide to Combating FUD

Social media will be your project’s first line of defense when it comes to combating FUD. Your project/organisation should deliver a reliable and trustworthy reaction to counter FUD. Any questions or doubts that the community has should be addressed almost immediately. When dealing with FUD, trolls like to add oil to fuel and you should have line up more content to let your community know that you are still following through the roadmap.
The importance of community managers – The community should be the primary response mechanism in all matters FUD, by having good community managers can help to drive it down to the community. In a situation where a member is FUD-ing the project, the community manager should first of all warn the individual, ban and delete such FUD comments and address issues and proof value of the project to the user.
Communication is extremely important as users feel impatient and everyone in the community demands answers as they want to be constantly updated on each and every step of your project’s progress. In times of uncertainty, organizations should plan to reach stakeholders more frequently to reduce anxiety.
Projects should uphold honesty and transparency. Organisation can learn from Axie Infinity’s approach of handling FUD. Organisations should as much as possible be honest and transparent to their members, this helps to combat FUD to a large extent, as there is nothing hidden. An example would be Axie Infinity where the play2earn game started during the bear market and large attention only drew to them in the previous bull run. After $SLP price tumbled, there was a lot of FUD in the community. With a notable influencer constantly FUD-ing on and off.
But the Axie team did not remain silent. Jiho who constantly tweets about Axie Infinity (although he constantly gets slammed by the community) still continues to have faith in what he is doing and constantly provides updates within the gaming ecosystem.
Also to add, not all FUD are a bad thing. Azuki’s trading volumes spike after its creator admitted to failed projects and users claiming that the creator FUD-ed his own project.
After this saga, some users are still buying Azuki NFTs because the floor price has dropped. Believing in its future and the potential of the project which the project has instilled into their community.

Handling FUD in Your Organisation

In many situations, and particularly when FUD is based on certain cognitive biases, relevant debiasing techniques can be used in order to reduce those biases, which in turn could reduce the FUD that’s being experienced. Identifying the situation causing FUD. FUD can be positive or negative, as such the situation causing FUD should be identified so as to know how to offer a solution or handle FUD. Ask others for their perspective on how they would solve the situation. In handling FUD, the opinion of others should be put into consideration, this will enhance taking a proper step without being biased.
Engage users who are “negative or toxic” and get their perspective as well. By taking an all-rounder feedback can help you look at things with an overview.

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