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We’ve worked with some of the largest companies in the world to raise
investor funds, increase sales, create buzz, acquire users, and grow their online community.

We Get you In Front of Your Ideal Investors, Customers, & Thought Leaders

We've grown one of the largest professional networks that can help grow your business. We can help you reach them faster, and save you hundreds of hours of time.

We've sent thousands of email outreach messages and understand that it's both an art and science. Our secret? We tap into industry experts that thoughtfully help you create a message your target is actually interested in. We send the right message, to the right contact, at the right time.

Become a Thought Leader People Can Trust

Content is king, but most businesses don't know what actually works. We've developed a unique 25-point video framework after speaking to thousands of investors that break down exactly what they want to see in a marketing video.

We can also create you 10-20 videos in the same time that it takes most businesses to create just 1 video. We optimize these videos for search engine optimization, and understand the exact keywords sophisticated investors search for.

Because Digital Marketing is Always Changing

Marketing moves extremely fast. It's not as simple as putting up a website. You need to create a design that engages, excites, and converts your visitor in less than 10 seconds. You also need to constantly check conversion rates, website traffic, keyword optimization, and optimize the entire marketing funnel. We handle everything for you with convenient weekly reports that give you the most important information you need to know.

Watch our webinars where the Crowdcreate team breaks down marketing in a simple 30 minute presentation.

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Our Capabilities To Help You Raise More Funds

We've raised over $130 million dollars across 80+ projects and have framework and proven system that's used by the best companies in the world. We help you develop the roadmap to achieve your goals.

The Crowdcreate difference? We're investors ourselves and shoot video knowing what they want to know. Videos are the most impactful way to engage and educate your clients about your vision, track record, and strength of your company.

Content is king. We establish you as a thought leader by answering frequently asked questions in your industry that help with SEO, writing content that educates and frames you as an expert, and collaborating with other thought leaders.

We connect you with qualified investors that can provide the needed capital for your business. We 100x your reach, and get responses straight to your inbox. We have a full data research team dedicated to finding your ideal contacts and give you access to our network.

Influencers are more effective at engaging your audience than traditional marketing. Why? Because they're trusted and have an existing following. We get you connected by reaching out to them on your behalf.

Prospecting for leads is time consuming . We drive growth for your business by reaching out to your ideal target market through expertly crafted outbound sequences with a hook that get's them interested. Our data research team searches the largest databases in the world.


Get Connected to
Investors & Thought Leaders in these Industries

Get Connected with Consensys and LiteCoin

Get Featured on Kickstarter and IndieGoGo


Get Connected with General Catalyst and 500 Startups

Get Connected with Play Ventures and First Round Capital

Get Connected with Benzinga and MJBizCon

Get Connected with IMN and Qualified Investors


Some of the Projects
We’ve Grown… and 65+ more

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  • Blockchain
  • Cannabis
  • Crowdfunding
  • Gaming
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  • Startups
  • All
  • Blockchain
  • Cannabis
  • Crowdfunding
  • Gaming
  • Real Estate
  • Startups
saratoga group

Saratoga Group

Saratoga Group views real estate development as much more than pushing dirt and construction.
USD raised


Anker is the global leader in charging technology. This includes wireless charging, car charging, and our best-selling portable and wall chargers.
USD raised

INK Games

INK Games -CHANGING THE WORLD OF GAMING. We are here to help inform gamers of new available ways to enjoy gaming and make money while doing it.
500+ Investors

Calm By Wellness

Calm By Wellness | The Most Recommended Hemp CBD Oil in the World
300+ Influencers
moka 360


The World’s Smallest 360 Camera – Moka360 | Relive every moment from every angle in full 360 degree or LIVE streaming immersive experience
USD raised


Alpha – The World’s Smallest 4K Action Camera. Alpha is the smallest and most powerful action camera designed to capture your next adventure.
USD raised


Liberty+: The First Zero-Compromise Total-Wireless Earphones
USD raised

Roidmi F8

Roidmi F8: Lightest &Most Powerful Cordless Vacuum | Powerful Suction & Filtration| Detachable | Lightweight | Quiet | Long Battery Life | App Analytics
USD raised


The Wirefree Security Cam with 365-Day Battery Life.
USD raised


Acteon Compression Packing Cubes. Save space with two compartments to keep your clean and dirty clothes separated.
USD raised


A soda-can size smart projector with high-contrast, a 360° speaker, Android 7 and extended playtime.
USD raised


Ultra compact action camera with a unique modular battery and simple intuitive user experience.
USD raised
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The world’s largest tech companies choose Crowdcreate to raise more investor funds and grow their online community. We’re experienced growth marketing experts and have the case studies to prove it.

Meet The Team

We’ve worked with some of the largest companies in the world to raise investor funds, increase sales, create buzz, acquire users, and grow their online community.


We Attend The Biggest
Investor Conferences In The World


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Some of the world’s largest companies choose Crowdcreate to raise more investor funds and grow their sales. We’re experienced marketing experts and have the case studies to prove it.